10 Upcoming Winter 2024 Anime List

Guys, your otaku friend is back again with a fantastic 2024 anime list. There are plenty of anime coming next winter, and I will list the top 10. Thanks to the Japanese creators for presenting us with anime each year. Otherwise we would have been living very bland lives. 

Let’s discover what the upcoming year holds for us, fellow otaku! Without any delay, let’s begin!

P.S. The list is subjective!

10. The Dangers In My Heart Anime Season 2

the dangers in heart 2024 anime list

Credit: IMDb

Everyone’s favorite school comedy romance is returning with a second season in winter 2024. The anime got so popular this year that fans couldn’t wait to watch its 2nd season. The story revolves around an apparently shy boy, Kyoutarou Ichikawa. No matter how shy and sweet he may look, deep down he is just eager to kill Anna Yamada. He wishes to see her in pain, but the tables turn when he learns more about the girl’s personality. Thus, unwillingly, he finds himself falling for her despite the fact he wants to kill her. He falls for her hard enough to go to any lengths to protect her. Their chemistry was very well received by the fans, as it is rated 8.24/10 on MAL!

9. Mashle Anime Season 2

mashle season 2 2024 anime list

Credit: Crunchyroll

Mashable is an epic anime that introduces the fans to magic and muscles. People with no magic in this wild world of magic are considered a shame. Thus, the higher ups don’t waste their time in keeping these people in the magical society. Unfortunately, or say, fortunately, Mash lacks magic skills completely. However, his strength is impressive, and nothing can beat him in raw strength. Trouble knocks on his door when the higher-ups learn that he lacks magical powers. They give him some time to prove his worth to stay in the society. Thus, the boy enrolls in a magic academy filled with all the odds one could imagine. The second season of this phenomenal story is all set for winter 2024. The next season is anticipated to adapt the Execution Arc, the third story arc from the manga.

8. Doctor Elise: the Royal Lady With The Lamp

dr elise 2024 anime list

Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story follows a gorgeous lady doctor, Song Jihyun. She is an impressive doctor who has gained fame for successfully treating patients. Now, she is a lifesaver, but in her past life, she was the reason many lives were lost. Hence, she pledges not to repeat the same mistakes and live her second life differently. However, her life changes all of a sudden when a fatal plane crash leads her to open her eyes to her past self. She is lucky enough to be given a chance to amend the mistakes of her previous life. She vows to use her knowledge of medicines to help save lives. The surprises keep hitting her hard as romance starts to enter her life. It’s one of the best romance fantasies on this 2024 anime list.

7. The Weakest Tamer Began A Journey To Pick Up Trash

the weakest tamer began a journey to pick up trash

Credit: Crunchyroll

This anime is going to be an isekai adventure fantasy that is going to make you fall in love. Ivy is our cute female lead who is born starless in a world where stars matter a lot. In other words, a person without stars will have to go through danger. Thus, to save her life, she starts her journey towards the forest, where she ends up befriending a slime. She decides to tame him, and the rest of the story depicts their subsequent adventures.

6. The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil

the foolish angel dances with the devil

Credit: Crunchyroll

Imagine a sweet love story between an angel and a devil. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? The anime is gonna give you butterflies, and trust me on that. Akutsu Masatora is a demon who enrolls in a high school to complete his mission. The mission is to find suitable members to join him in hell to defeat the angels of heaven. However, things begin to get challenging when he finds himself attracted to his next seater, Lily. The girl is not a simple, sweet student but is a mysterious lady who can cause great trouble for the boy. 

5. My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered, No One In This Other World Stands A Chance Against Me

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Credit: Crunchyroll

My Instant Death Ability is one of the most awaited anime adaptations on this 2024 anime list. Yogiri Takatou is our male protagonist, who is a school student. The narrative unexpectedly shifts when he and his classmates embark on a school trip. He learns that all of a sudden, they have been isekai’d. All of the students had some impressive supernatural powers except him. Thus he and other classmates were degraded and abandoned. However, none of them knew that our boy had the best ability. Any guesses? He got the instant death ability that is such a GOD LIKE power. The journey of Yogiri in a new world exploring his newly obtained secret power makes the story compelling. 


4. Fluffy Paradise Anime

fluffy paradise

Credit: Crunchyroll

Akitsu Midori was one of those people who couldn’t enjoy their life properly due to the burden of overwork. Thus after dying due to the same cause, she opens her eyes to a second life. I’m the life; she is blessed to get the love of all nonhuman beings. These nonhuman beings include fluffy animals, white tigers, dragons, and a lot more. She found this life enjoyable and full of fun. However, all fun and no problems make it boring, right? Thus, ups and downs start shaking her peaceful life, but our girl is determined to live the best! It’s a cute anime famous for its extremely cute animals. So don’t you guys miss a chance to watch it!

3. A Sign Of Affection Anime

a sign of affection

Credit: Crunchyroll

It’s going to be the best shoujo anime, so mark your calendars for winter 2024. The anime introduces us to Yuki Itose, a sweet girl who cannot hear. The inability to hear has impacted her in some ways. Thus, she hardly interacts with people and her friend circle is very small.

Rin is her closest companion, and spends most of her time with her. However, her life undergoes a dramatic transformation when she encounters Rin’s friend, Itsuomi Nagi.

He is a handsome, tall boy with attractive silver hair. Above all, he is multilingual but, unfortunately, can’t understand sign language. His encounter with our heroine inspires him to learn sign language. It was just a matter of time before our female lead started losing her heart to him. Thus, it marked the beginning of their cute and romantic love story! Consider this 2024 anime list full of heart-touching love stories. 

2. Chained Soldier Anime

chained soldier

Credit: Crunchyroll

Just imagine what will happen if some mysterious entrances appear that lead us to different dimensions! Don’t rack your brain hard, and wait for this epic anime to clear all the confusion. The anime is based on a similar story where different entrances start to appear in the human world. These events led to the women obtaining some superpowers. 

Yes, only women were able to get the powers. It’s all because of the mysterious resources called Peaches. The problem was that these incidents led to the emergence of monsters. And only women were able to fight them off. 

Thus, the government gathered all the women and formed an elite group for them called the Anti-Demon Corps. Yuuki Walura is the main character who finds himself lost in one of the entrances. Thanks to Kyouka Uzen, who helps the boy. 

However, in return, she asks him to be her slave. So expect some entertaining twists and turns in this upcoming action fantasy. Undoubtedly, the 2024 anime list is filled with one of the best fantasy anime.

1. Solo Leveling

solo leveling

Credit: Crunchyroll

Solo Leveling manhwa has kept the readers on their toes. Fans were so thrilled to hear the exciting news of it getting an anime adaptation. It’s almost going to be two years since the anime’s official confirmation came. It was even before the confirmation that people started praying for this epic masterpiece to hit the big screens. 

The story introduces us to a world where the opening of a mysterious gate changes everything. The once peaceful human world is now threatened by Monsters and Magic. Of course, for a mere human, fighting off these powerful beasts was impossible. They got lucky enough to obtain some superpowers that allowed them to fight these beasts off. 

These superhumans became famous as “HUNTERS ” after hunting monsters. Not all hunters are the same and are differentiated on the basis of rank. Sung Jin Woo is the protagonist who starts from the lowest rank, called E Rank. Solo Leveling is his journey of going from a weak MC to a powerful MC. It’s all worth it! Undoubtedly, Solo Leveling is the most awaited anime on this 2024 anime list.


What is the top 1 anime?

There are many, but Dragon Ball, Naruto, Attack On Titan, Bleach, and One Piece can be considered top-ranked. 

Who is the big 3 of anime?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are the big three.

Is Bleach better than Naruto?

The answer is subjective, but many believe Naruto is better.


Finally, we are done with the 2024 anime list. I am sure many of you guys are eagerly waiting for this anime season. It’s forever been hard to wait for our favorite stories to hit the big screens and the same goes this time as well. 

For more anime updates, stay connected. 

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