Bandai Battle Spirits Saga Card Game – Review

These days, most games are already digitalized into video games. It is easier for the developer to make it on a computer rather than creating a physical game. However, there is one game category that has more popularity in physical copy. It is a Trading Card Game (TCG) and Battle Spirits Saga is one of them.

You may haven’t heard of it. Rest assured, we have gathered the information about the game. So, what this Bandai’s card game have to offer? Let’s dive in!

Battle Spirit Saga is a sequel to the Battle Spirits card game that was developed by Bandai in 2008. After more than a decade, they reinvent a brand-new card game with almost the same mechanics as the old one.

Due to publicity issues, the original game only has five sets in the English version released back in 2009. That’s why, from 2010, the game was only available in Asia and only printed in Japanese.

However, the sequel, Battle Spirits Saga, debuted worldwide in March 2023. With the problem of bad translation being contained, the global fanbase grows larger by the day. The fans’ enthusiasm can be seen in one of the Grand Opening events in Las Vegas.

As of now, Bandai released three booster sets globally along with the upcoming additional cards next month. It includes:

  • Dawn of History (April 2023)
  • False Gods (July 2023)
  • Aquatic Invaders (October 2023)
  • Savior of Chaos (March 2024)
Battle Spirits Saga Roadmap
Battle Spirits Saga Roadmap – Source:

Battle Spirits Saga will also hold a world championship tournament in 2024. However, the official seems delayed the tournament after looking at the 2023 roadmap. Based on the initial plan, the world championship is supposed to happen in January 2024 before the fourth set release. Yet, up till now, the schedule for the tournament is still TBA.

Battle Spirits Saga Gameplay

The gameplay itself doesn’t really stray far from other card games in the market. There are seven steps in one turn. They are:

  • Start Step: Signal for starting the turn
  • Core Step: Take one core and put it on the reserve.
  • Draw Step: Draw a card from the deck
  • Refresh Step: Refresh the card. Then, take cores from the trash and put them back on the reserve.
  • Main Step: Set up your field by summoning, leveling, placing magic, etc. In a nutshell, this step is the only way you can move your cores.
  • Attack Step: There are five actions you can take in this battle phase.
    • Decide which card to attack.
    • Flash timing: The player can use Magic or Swift Summon at this time. Usually, the defender is the one who can use flash first.
    • The opponent can choose to block or forfeit their life.
    • Flash timing: after blocking or sacrificing their life force, they can use flash again.
    • Check BP. The card with the higher BP wins and the lower one is destroyed. If BP is the same, both are destroyed.
  • End Step: Signal for ending the turn.

For more detail on the game mechanics, the developer from Bandai kindly shared how to play the Battle Spirit Saga game on their YouTube channel.

Battle Spirit Saga card game has the potential to be a popular game. In a sense, it already has a decade of perfecting mechanics and whatnot. However, their competitor in the card game industry are giants which had a longer history than them.

Popular ones such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, and Pokemon already planted a huge fanbase in the global market. The real question is, how long they can keep up? As we already mentioned above, the original only released five sets globally and decided to stop English localization. The only way for them to stay alive is by making a ton of publicity.

Fourth Set, Savior of Chaos, Banner
Fourth Set, Savior of Chaos – Source:

Based on Bandai TCG’s website, the game already held several events in February alone in various stores across the United States. It means that the game is doing well despite only debuting for less than a year.

Well, looking at the roadmap, the game should be fine this year, but can it grow exponentially? Or will it end up stopping the production like the original one? Well, let’s wait for a while on how the market goes.

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When did Battle Spirits Saga launch?

The game launched in March 2023.

Who is the developer of  Battle Spirit Saga?

Bandai is the one who develops the game.

How many booster packs have Battle Spirits Saga released?

The game already released three sets. The fourth set will debut in March 2024.

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