Bleach Filler List Episodes Unskippable

Bleach Filler List Episodes Unskippable

Hello, my friends. I am back again with a new discussion which is about Bleach Filler List Episodes Unskippable. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc has brought a thunderstorm in anime. People are going crazy for it, and it’s obvious many want to watch and rewatch Bleach.

Bleach Filler List Episodes Unskippable

So it doesn’t matter if you are a starter or want to rewatch it; this guide will help you. Below, I’ll tell you which episodes are skippable and which aren’t, so stay with me till the end.

Before diving in, let’s first differentiate between Filler episodes, Canon episodes, and Mixed.

Filler Episodes

Filler episodes, as the name suggests, are those that simply fill the story; they are not important to watch. In short, they are not linked to the manga, so feel free to skip them anytime. 

Canon Episodes

Canon episodes are unskippable. They are adapted from manga, and skipping them means a huge loss. 


Mixed is a combination of Filler and Canon; you can’t miss them. Half of an episode is adapted from manga, and half is a filler. 


Let’s begin with our list of Bleach fillers that are unskippable. The mentioned-Below are those episodes which you must watch.

Episode 8June 17, Memories In The Rain
Episode 27Release The Death Blow
Episode 32The Star And The Stray Dog
Episode 46Authentic Records! School Of Shinigami
Episode 109Ichigo And Rukia, Thoughts In The Revolving Sky
Episode 111Shock! The True CHaracters Of The Fathers
Episode 116The Evil Eye, Aizen Again
Episode 119Zaraki Division’s Secret Story! The Lucky Men
Episode 120Hitsugaya Scatters! The Broken Hyorinmaru
Episode 124Collison! Black Bankai And White Bankai
Episode 141Goodbye…, Kurosaki
Episode 143Grimmjow Revived
Episode 146Her Name Is Nel! The Appearance Of The Strange Arrancar
Episode 156Ishida And Pesche, The United Attack Of Friendship?
Episode 160Testament, Your Heart Is Right Here…
Episode 161The Cruel Arrancar, Ulquiorra’s Provocation
Episode 190Hueco Mundo Chapter Restart!
Episode 193Irresistible, Puppet Show Of Terror
Episode 206The Past chapter Begins! The Truth From 110 Years Ago
Episode 20712th Division’s New Captain, Urahara Kisuke
Episode 209Muguruma’s 9th Division, Movies Out
Episode 222The Most Evil Tag? Sui Feng And Omaeda
Episode 223A Miraculous Body! Ggio Releases
Episode 267Connected Hearts! The Left Fist Prepared For Death!
Episode 268Hatred And Jealousy, Orihime’s Dilemma
Episode 274Hitsugaya, The Suicidal Frozen Heavens Hundred Flowers Funeral!
Episode 276One Hit Kill, Sui Feng, Bankai!
Episode 285The Hundred Year Grudge…Hiyori’s Revenge
Episode 288The FInal Trump Card! Ichigo , Towards The Decisive Battle
Episode 290For The Sake Of Justice?! The Man Who Deserted The Shinigami
Episode 291Desperate Struggle With Aizen! Hirako, Shikai!
Episode 295It’s All A Trap… Engineered Bonds!
Episode 310Ichigo’s Resolution! The Price Of The Fierce Battle
Episode 342Thank You
Episode 3433rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, And A New Chapter Begins!
Episode 345Uryu Is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near The Friends!
Episode 347A Creeping Danger In The Kurosaki Family?! Ichigo’s Confusion
Episode 351Fullbring, The Detested Power!
Episode 357Creeping Menace… Tsukishima’s Ability!

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Below mentioned episodes are pure canon episodes that should not be missed.

Episode 1 to 7
Episode 9 to 26
Episode 28 to 31
Episode 34 to 45
Episode 47 to 49
Episode 51 to 63
Episode 110
Episode 112 to 115
Episode 117 to 118
Episode 121 to 123
Episode 125 to 127
Episode 138 to 140
Episode 142
Episode 144
Episode 145
Episode 150 to 155
Episode 157 to 159
Episode 162 to 167
Episode 191 to 192
Episode 194 to 203
Episode 208
Episode 210 to 212
Episode 215 to 221
Episode 224 to 227
Episode 269 to 273
Episode 275
Episode 277 to 283
Episode 286
Episode 289
Episode 292 to 294
Episode 296
Episode 297
Episode 300 to 302
Episode 306 to 309
Episode 344
Episode 346
Episode 348 to 350
Episode 352 to 354
Episode 356
Episode 358 to 366
Episode 367 to 380

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All of them can be skipped without a second thought since they are not linked to the manga. However, watching them will provide entertainment. 

Episode 33
Episode 50
Episode 64 to 108
Episode 128 to 137
Episode 147 to 149
Episode 168 to 189
Episode 204
Episode 205
Episode 213
Episode 214
Episode 228 to 266
Episode 287
Episode 298
Episode 299
Episode 303 to 305
Episode 311 to 341
Episode 355

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to skip Bleach filler?

Yes, it’s completely fine to skip them.. But if you have time then you should watch them. They are entertaining and fun to watch.

Which anime has the most filler?

It’s believed that Detective Conan has the most fillers.


So, I hope you find the Bleach Filler List Episodes Guide Helpful. I tried my best to make it easy for you guys. So begin watching NOW!

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