Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga – Review

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga delivered an emotional rollercoaster for fans in its official release. After the last chapter’s (Chapter 4) shocking cliffhanger of Sasuke Uchiha being trapped within a Divine Tree, this installment finally reveals how it happened through an intense flashback.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga
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Masashi Kishimoto continues introducing major twists, making the story thrillingly unpredictable. The four new villains have created immense challenges for Boruto Uzumaki. Sasuke’s dire fate leaves fans desperate to know how he’ll be freed and what Boruto Uzumaki’s next steps will be.

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While questions remain, this chapter balances action, revelation, and emotion for a satisfying payoff. Just what will Boruto do now against these fearsome villains? The possibilities leave fans hungry for more.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Plot

After Omnipotence distorts memories, Boruto becomes an outcast in his village, hunted by those he once called friends. With nowhere left to turn, he escapes with Sasuke, also falsely seen as a traitor.

Though his path remains unclear, Boruto holds the key to revealing the truth. Despite the tragedy, a glimmer of hope lives on within him. The destiny of the Hidden Leaf rests on Boruto overcoming this trial.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga Review

The flashback

Chapter 5 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex focuses on Boruto’s emotional homecoming to the Hidden Leaf Village. He is overjoyed to reunite with his loved ones, including Sarada and Sumire. This heartwarming reunion delights fans. However, new enemies lurk on the horizon – the Divine Trees, created from the sinister Claw Grime. One even resembles Sasuke. The chapter also reveals Sasuke’s intense battle against Code, a Divine Tree member, adding depth and setting the stage for future conflicts.

The previous chapter ended on a cliffhanger, with a Claw Grime trapping Sasuke in a tree.

Opening with a flashback, we see Sasuke mentoring Boruto in the Uchiha style of fighting. In just one year, Boruto masters it all, showcasing his genius. Sasuke swells with pride at his student’s passion, reminding him of how Naruto once saved Sasuke from darkness. Boruto even surpasses his master, creating his jutsu, Rasengan: Uzuhiko. This demonstrates Boruto’s immense growth and potential.

Bonding with Boruto helps Sasuke resist the memory-altering Omnipotence of Shinjutsu. New memories with Boruto override the false belief that Boruto killed Naruto. Sasuke realizes something sinister is happening which only Boruto and Sarada can stop.

The flashback culminates with Sasuke and Boruto battling Code and Claw Grimes. Sasuke injures Code’s left eye but is outmatched. He orders Boruto to flee and survive, entrusting him to protect Sarada. Sasuke valiantly charges Code so Boruto can escape.

The flashback ends with Boruto vowing vengeance upon seeing the entrapped Sasuke. He takes Sasuke’s sword and promises to defeat their enemies.

While this flashback satiates curiosity about Sasuke’s fate, I wish we could have seen the full Code battle instead of it happening off-panel. Still, the revelations and emotional moments of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga propel the plot forward at breakneck speed.

The Claw Grimes

In the present day, the newly awakened Claw Grimes struggle to process their newfound awareness. The theory that the female Matsuri resembles Moegi is confirmed – Moegi is trapped in a tree, linking her to Matsuri’s appearance and thoughts. Despite being in another dimension, Matsuri senses the anger from Konohamaru, Inojin, Shikadai, and Chocho upon seeing Moegi’s dire state.

The chapter’s title refers to the Claw Grimes’ next steps – they feel drawn to certain people based on their emotions. Matsuri targets Konohamaru due to his history with Moegi, Jura (resembling Isshiki) aims for Naruto, Hidari (Sasuke’s likeness) wants Sarada and the Bug one focuses on Eida.

An intense moment occurs when the Bug Claw Grime detects Eida spying with her Senrigan, slowly approaching her. His ability to sense Eida is impressive.

If the Claw Grimes follow through, it allows the supporting popular characters to finally shine – Konohamaru, Inojin, Shikadai, and Chocho can showcase their growth against Matsuri. Eida has Daemon as protection but may need more to defeat the Bug. Hidari could bring Sarada and Sakura together. Jura may target Kawaki to reach Naruto, with Kawaki sacrificing himself to protect him.

Intriguingly, the Claw Grimes want to explore their emotions before completing their mission. Hidari questions their draw to certain people. I hope the villains remain evil and don’t turn good. Overall, the awakened Claw Grimes in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga add intensity and emotional depth as they chart their path.

Boruto X Sarada

The chapter reveals more about resisting Omnipotence’s effects. We know Sasuke’s analytical mind and love for Sarada help him fight it. Sumire tests Amado – since Boruto has Karma, needed for Akebi’s resurrection, she expects Amado wants to protect him.

Shockingly, Amado doesn’t care about Boruto. As a genius, Amado sees through the deception – Kawaki’s Karma holds Akebi’s data. Amado recognizes his scientific handiwork on Kawaki.

Hopefully, Sai and Shikamaru also realize their memories are false. The walls are closing in on Kawaki.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga ends with a touching reunion – Sarada embraces Boruto, childhood friends reunited. Boruto tells her he promised Sasuke he’d protect her, linking to his dream of being Sarada’s Shadow Hokage.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga
Credit: MAL

Of course, BoruSara shippers see this as confirmation of their bond. But BoruSumi shippers call it platonic, like when Sakura hugged Naruto after Pain. Sumire kept her distance like Hinata.

Regardless of endgame ships, Kawaki’s reaction to Boruto’s return will be dramatic. Perhaps Boruto can expose the truth, with Eida’s help. And with Mitsuki’s bloodlust toward Boruto, their reunion will be intense!


Boruto’s abrupt return after just one chapter away feels incredibly rushed. For readers, it’s only been a few months, but in-universe it’s a jarring 3-year time skip. This speedy pacing undermines the story’s flow.

The power scaling also suffers from this rapid acceleration. Code was hyped up as stronger than Jigen, yet now Boruto can suddenly overpower him with no logical buildup. It strains credibility and makes even Dragon Ball seem balanced by comparison.

We’re told there’s a time skip but shown little of Boruto’s growth within it. Eida still lacks basic knowledge of the Omnipotence situation. Code wasted 3 years doing seemingly nothing. Everyone allegedly trained extensively, yet all other narrative developments skipped ahead. It’s a missed opportunity to enrich the world and characters.

Rather than thoughtfully depicting Boruto’s journey, the time skip feels like a contrived plot device to power him up quickly. After a single chapter away, he returns overpowered. This rushed handling wastes narrative potential and strains suspension of disbelief.

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More care should have been taken to plausibly establish Boruto’s new strength through training montages, character development, and worldbuilding during the time skip. As is, the abrupt acceleration undermines both power scaling and emotional investment. A bit more patience in the pacing would have benefited the narrative tremendously.


While not perfect, Boruto Chapter 5 succeeds in its goal of reestablishing emotional bonds after intense hardship. Despite lingering threats, Boruto’s heartwarming homecoming provides a touching respite. Reconnecting with loved ones reminds readers why we care about these characters in the first place.

The chapter may feel transitional, but the groundwork is being laid for an epic saga ahead. The brisk pace suggests Boruto’s ascension to Hokage may even happen within just a few chapters, thoroughly kicking off the next phase.

Much like how Shippuden escalated Naruto Uzumaki’s trials, Boruto Two Blue Vortex promises to push its hero to even greater heights. We are witnessing the formative journey of a boy into a legend.

Boruto still has much to learn and endure before getting there. But by overcoming the increasingly imposing obstacles ahead, he will emerge stronger, wiser, and more ready than ever to shoulder the burden of Hokage. This was an amazing setup chapter so the stage is set for Boruto to truly step out of his father’s shadow and cement his heroic legacy.

Boruto’s brightest days are still ahead, for both him and the fans. The adventure continues. Stay tuned for more anime & manga updates! Will there be an anime adaptation? Wait and see. 

Frequently asked questions

Who are the new villains introduced in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Manga?

The Divine Trees, created from the Claw Grime. They turn people into trees. One resembles Sasuke.

How has Boruto grown over the time skip?

He has surpassed Sasuke, mastering his teachings and creating his jutsu in just 1 year.

How can some characters resist Omnipotence?

Strong intellect and emotional connections help characters like Sasuke, Amado and potentially Sakura see through the deception.

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