Chainsaw Man Author Getting banned From Twitter

Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man Author was recently banned from Twitter for breaking the age restriction rules. He had an additional account by the name of Koharu Nagyama. He portrayed as his little sister in 3rd grade.

Who would’ve guessed someone pretending to be an elementary school girl would get in trouble. The new set of rules by Elon Musk are not a joke.

While it was obviously a joke account by Fujimoto to promote his two great mangas, Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch. Still, it doesn’t authorize pretending to be an elementary school girl on Twitter.

The editor of Chainsaw Man manga addresses that they’re working with Twitter to resolve this issue as soon as possible. They were soon able to get the account online.

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Why Twitter Banned Tatsuki Fujimoto?

Chainsaw Man Author Getting Banned From Twitter

The official editor for the Chainsaw Man manga tweeted later that the fake little sister account Koharu Nagyama wasn’t banned for impersonating Fujimoto’s little sister. But because Twitter doesn’t allow account anyone under the age of 13 to create an account.

Fujimoto created a new Twitter account to reply to his editor’s tweet. And he requested him to get the account back.

Fujimoto himself created the whole misunderstanding. He pretended to be his little sister to tweet his reactions to the anime series. He kept his identity secret which led him to experience serious consequences.

Koharu Nagyama, the supposed little sister account has the following description “My name is Koharu Nagayama and I am in the third grade of elementary school. I made a Twitter account in Class. I like Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man. thank you.

Twitter banned this account a while back but it is currently live with all the former tweets and episode reactions.

Editor Shinhei Lin tweeted about the current situation regarding Tatsuki Fujimoto’s little sister and that they are currently conversing with Twitter to get this issue resolved: “We have been informed that Tatsuki Fujimoto’s younger sister Koharu-chan (@nagayama_koharu) has been locked due to her age. My brother is currently in contact with Twitter.”

Tatsuki Fujimoto and his new Twitter Account

After getting his official account banned due to the breach of age-related violations. Tatsuki Fujimoto created a new account by the name of Ashitaka Eva (@Ashitaka_Eva). He later went live to clear the issue about his account.

While Fujimoto Tatsuki, Chainsaw Man Author, created the new account to address the issue. No one believed that was really him. He had to post the old concept art for the series, Chainsaw Man to prove that it really was him.

And much like hundreds of others, I also find the whole situation hilarious how Tatsuki Fujimoto had to jump hoops to prove it was him.

However, after his old account (Koharu Nagyama) was back to live Tatsuki Fujimoto deleted the new account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Twitter Banned Chain Saw man author, Tatsuki Fujimoto?

Twitter removed Fujimoto sensei’s account as he was using a fake account. Koharu Nagyama, and pretending to be his little sister in elementary school. He used this account to post episode reactions.

Did Tatsuki Fujimoto create a new account?

After all this confusion. The manga creator created a new account as Ashitaka Eva and accumulated over 150k followers in a couple of days.

Does Tatsuki Fujimoto have a Twitter account?

Yes, our favorite manga creator created a New Twitter Account.


The anime community was shocked after the sudden news of his Twitter account getting banned. However, the manger creator has successfully created a new account so we can say everything is back to normal. For similar anime updates, keep following us!

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