Contra: Operation Galuga Reveals New Character Trailer

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! Big news from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct – brace yourselves for Contra: Operation Galuga! This ain’t your typical run-of-the-mill sequel; it’s a full-on reimagining of the classic Contra series. Picture new stages, fresh enemies and bosses, and also a bunch of snazzy mechanics to keep you on your toes.

The Galuga Islands are in a bit of a pickle, thanks to those Red Falcon terrorists. They’ve invaded the place, turning it into a battleground, and now it’s up to the Contra soldiers to swoop in, fight off enemy forces, and also restore some peace and order.

Contra: Operation Galuga
Credit: Konami Digital Entertainment

Fast forward to September, Konami announces that they’re taking Contra back to its 2D roots in the form of Contra: Operation Galuga, a revamped version of the NES original. Developed by Wayforward, this game introduces six playable heroes, each with their bag of tricks. Additionally, a new trailer breaks down the who’s who, what they’re bringing to the pixelated table, and also some eye-popping screenshots introducing the game.

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Building on the OG Contra’s story and protagonists from the ’80s, Operation Galuga is set to feature six heroes in Story Mode. Bill Rizer takes the lead as the field commander, and Lance Bean shows off his expert marksman skills.

Operation Galuga isn’t just a copy-paste job of the first Contra game. Sure, it retells the classic tale and throws in some familiar scenery and bosses, but it’s a whole new ball game.

Now, mark your calendars – Operation Galuga is expected to hit the scene in early 2024. Fingers crossed for a solid release date soon, but at least we’ve got an idea of when we’ll be diving into the action.

Contra: Operation Galuga Story

So, Contra: Operation Galuga isn’t just some run-of-the-mill sequel. it’s diving deep into the roots of the OG Contra game from the arcade and the good ol’ Nintendo Entertainment System. They’re taking us back to where it all began, building on the story and protagonists that started this whole Contra craze.

Everything kicks off after a meteor shower hits the Galuga Archipelago, and the Red Falcon terrorist group decides to gatecrash. Total invasion mode. When all else fails, who do you call? The Earth Marine Corps, of course! And not just any soldiers – the creme de la creme, the elite duo: Bill Rizer and Lance Bean from the Contra unit. These guys are on a mission to investigate the chaos and neutralize any threats.

Now, let’s break down what we can pick up from the sneak peek footage. One thing that caught my eye is the analog aiming – looks like you’ll be pointing and shooting with the right stick. I’m crossing my fingers that the eight-way aiming vibe from the OG versions makes a comeback as an alternative. You know, for that classic Contra feel.

Playable Characters and Trailers in Contra: Operation Galuga

A fresh trailer just dropped, and it’s spilling the beans on what we can expect from Contra: Operation Galuga. Brace yourselves for an epic blend of heart-pounding gameplay and a narrative that’s set to take us on a wild ride – classic Contra style, straight from the ’80s.

The Crew

As the Story Mode unfolds, you won’t just be rolling with the usual suspects. We’re talking about more than six elite soldiers stepping into the limelight. Let me give you the lowdown on this powerhouse crew:

  • Bill Rizer: The big boss, the field leader of the Contra unit. He’s got physical strength, agility, formidable combat skills, and also a mind of steel. Give him any weapon, and he’s good to go – military science? He practically wrote the book.
  • Lance Bean: The sharpshooter extraordinaire. He was doing the guerrilla fighter thing before Bill Rizer recruited him into the Earth Marine Corps.
  • Ariana: She’s a warrior with skills to spare, hailing from the Galuga Archipelago. After Red Falcon messed with her village, she decided it was one-woman-war o’clock.
  • Lucia: The deputy commander in the Earth Marine Corps and a talented field operative with serious chops.Additionally, she’s got combat missions and covert intel covered.
  • Lt. Stanley Ironside: A true veteran leading an armored platoon. He’s rocking a powered Hercules exosuit, taking combat skills to a whole new level.

Oh, and for our pals in Europe, remember Probotector? That was their version of Contra, featuring cybernetic characters instead of the usual humans. WayForward’s even throwing a nod to that legacy by sneaking Probotector in as a secret character in Contra: Operation Galuga.

  • Probotector: These are no ordinary autonomous training robots – they’re the Contra Unit’s secret weapon. High-tech, versatile, and also ready to kick some butt.

Extra Things

Contra: Operation Galuga isn’t just a one-trick pony. Alongside the Story Mode and Arcade Mode, we’re getting a Challenge Mode – 30 missions designed to test your gaming mettle. Speedrunning, battling with limited ammo, and also facing relentless enemy hordes – it’s a gamer’s dream (or nightmare).

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Now, let’s talk perks! Head over to the Perk Shop, where you can use in-game credits (no microtransactions here) to buff up your character. Think of upgraded abilities, starting with specific weapons, and even a dose of invincibility after respawning. You can equip up to two perks per player, so you’ll be packing some serious heat.

Contra: Operation Galuga
Credit: Konami Digital Entertainment

Contra: Operation Galuga Will be Available On

Hold onto your controllers because while we don’t have any fresh release details just yet, Contra: Operation Galuga is all set to rock the gaming platforms you love. Whether you’re on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or cruising on PC, it’s coming your way in the early months of 2024 through Steam. And hey, if you’re a fan of physical copies, there’s good news – a physical version is in the pipeline and will drop shortly after.

And there you have it – the lowdown on Contra: Operation Galuga. It’s all about the characters, the challenges, and also the perks to keep you coming back for more.

So, as we gear up to relive the Contra magic, keep your eyes glued right here for more anime news and all the juicy game updates. Get ready to dive into the pixelated mayhem!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Contra: Operation Galuga single player?

The game will offer support for up to two players in its Story Mode and additionally, four players in its Arcade Mode. 

When was it originally released?

Contra was developed as a coin-operated original arcade video game in 1986 and released on February 20, 1987. However, a home version was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, along with ports for various home computer formats, including the MSX2.

Will Contra: Operation Galuga be out on Nintendo Switch too?

Yes, it will also be available there.

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