Date A Live Season 5 What We Know So Far

Date A Live Season 5
Credit: Date A Live | Tsunako

Although Date a Live Season 5 has been formally acknowledged as being in production, its release date has not yet been announced.

The sci-fi romantic comedy anime television series Date A Live, also known as Deto A Raibu in Japanese, is based on a Koushi Tachibana light novel series of the same name. Fans of light novels, comics, and anime television series loved the animation right once, and it quickly rose to popularity.

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What’s the Story of Date a Live?

Date A Live Season 5
Credit: Date a Live | Studio AIC Plus+

Shido is an average-looking lad who all girls desire. He was concerned because several space quakes were taking lives. During a potentially fatal incident, Shido learns that Kotori is the leader of an intelligence organization.

Shido discovered that powerful ladies known as Spirits are responsible for every space quake attack. A military organization by the name of AST initiates defenses against these spirits. In order to control Spirits, Kotori seeks to charm them into falling in love with her brother.

Shido was helped by experts in love to control the spirits. Shido gains Tohka as his first spirit ally. Kotori implores Shido to kiss her so that she can contain her strength. After that, Tohka’s brilliance was halted. At this moment, Shido’s life’s work was to kiss spirits and seal their abilities.

Kotori was also a Spirit, as we later discovered. Your amazement at the sudden turn of events is justified. Shido has control over the spirits he imprisoned. Lesbian singing idol Spirit also made an appearance. Shido also changed into a female in order to vanquish the spirit.

Together, they make the decision to save Tohka. The WET gang kidnapped her. They used her as their research test subject. Shido rescued her when they transformed her into a demon king. As many spirits appear during the course of the series, Shido seals them. Strength varies from person to person.

Is the Date a Live Season 5 Officially Confirmed?

It’s a done deal! In the future, Date A Live will show its fifth season. Tsunako, the show’s character designer, also released brand-new artwork in conjunction with the renewal news. As Shown below.

Date A Live Season 5
Credit: Date A Live | Tsunako

Does Date A Live Series Worth Watching?

Date A Live Season 5
Credit: Date A Live | Studio Geek Toys

The audience assesses a series before starting to watch it based on how well it has been scored and what reviews it has received. Since Date A Live has received many positive reviews and great ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes, if you’re interested in viewing it, don’t wait and get started.

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date?

The new season of Date A Live is quite popular and getting a lot of attention. Since season 4 of Date A Live has been so fantastically entertaining, interest in season 5 has increased.

Additionally, people are far too curious to learn what will happen in the upcoming season based just on the episode teaser after watching it. The fifth season is anticipated to be very captivating and has a tonne of intriguing plot twists.

The fourth season of Date A Live was planned to debut on October 2021 as part of the Fall 2021 anime season, but owing to unanticipated delays, it debuted on April 8, 2022. The last episode of Date A Live Season 4 premiered on June 24, 2022.

So there is no announced release date yet for Date A Live Season 5. It’s anticipated that Date A Live’s fifth season will premiere in 2023. Maybe Crunchyroll will have it as they did with the previous season. Watch to see what happens next.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Date a Live Season 5 Trailer?

As of now, only a teaser has been released which only confirms its production is in progress so there’s still a trailer and a release date has to be announced.

2. How many will there be in Season 5?

From the start of the series, we can see that every season has a total of 12 episodes so we can expect to have 12 episodes in the fifth season as well.

3. How many Seasons are there of Date A Live?

There are a total of 4 Seasons of Date A Live with 12 episodes each and 2 Movies as well.

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