Etorouji Shiono’s Fantasy Manga Übel Blatt Gets TV Anime Adaptation

Fantasy manga readers must be over the moon right now; the popular Ubel Blatt gets an anime adaptation. The fact that readers have grown up reading this manga makes this news super fascinating. The manga was first published in 2004, and after completing a decade of winning hearts, it’s all ready to spellbind the TV audience. 

The manga has around 24 Tankobon volumes, so there’s a lot of source material for the anime. The announcement just came a few days ago, so there are no details regarding the release date and staff as it is too soon. 

Wait a few more days; hopefully, there will be something good to hear from the higher-ups. 

About Übel Blatt Manga

Ubel Blatt Key Visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Not just manga fans but also the author, Etorouji Shiono, is also excited. He said he had never expected the manga to receive an anime adaptation after a decade. He happily looks forward to it and expects the fans to do the same.

It’s an action fantasy that revolves around a sword wielder, Koinzell. People fear him, believing in the rumours that no one can run free from his black sword if it comes across. Whoever dares to be a hurdle for Koinzell gets eliminated. However, the truth about Koinzell and his identity will emerge with time. 

Let’s wait and watch to know the reason behind the fearsome image of the mystery guy. We can expect a lot of suspense, thrill, and remarkable sword fights!

Source: Crunchyroll

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