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Video Game lovers might already know details about Fate Samurai Remnant. After all, they are the ones who dive into the game world. Not just them; if you are an anime fan and have watched Fate/Samurai, then you should be familiar with this one. It’s a recently released video game that made the month of September memorable for many last year. 

Thanks to Koei Tecmo Games for creating this stellar action RPG. The fact that TYPE-MOON wiki worked as a supervisor speaks a lot about the quality and entertainment. Those who dived into it found it quite enjoyable, mainly because it has many endings. So, one is not bored easily. 

Fate Samurai Remnant-Plot

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The game introduces us to a historic Japanese era taking place from 1648 to 1652, famous as the Keian Era. The story follows Miyamoto Iori, a ronin adopted by one of the strongest swordsmen in history. His simple life takes a sharp turn when he finds himself entangled in a Waxing Moon Ritual. His encounter with Saber highlights a lot of things for Iori. The ritual is actually the Holy Grail War, as seven masters summon their servants to fight and win the Waxing Moon. So action and thrill are easily expected when one starts the game.

Fate Samurai Gameplay

Basically, there are two Gameplay Systems; one lets you explore, and the other lets you do some Action. In short, Battle and Exploration. It has challenging action RPG gameplay. During the battle, you can play Iori, and he fights with double swords with some epic moves making his combat style interesting. While playing, you should know that his attacks won’t work on all the powerful enemies. So, to make them work, you can either use Megacraft or Saber’s Affinity technique.

I personally enjoyed exploring the game more, which allows Saber and Iori to move here and there. Exploring different areas, learning new techniques, meeting people, or playing with animals. This gameplay system is more enjoyable and fun if you want to feel at ease.

Fate Samurai System & Modes

The game gives Iori’s character three choices, and choosing them can change the outcome of the game. The game also focuses on the master-servant relationship between Saber and Iori. The gameplay is cool, and the gamers get some great tools and numerous abilities. 

Multiple exciting systems make the game worthy to play. Thanks to the magic systems that allow multiple kinds of magic spells to be used, which allows one to play both offensive and defensive spells. There are many great elements in the game, and above all, the visuals and animation are simply fantastic. Many found the Spirit Font Mode extremely entertaining. 

The appealing visuals of this mode are also a solid reason that forces one to play till the end. It gives  unique and engaging action adventure experiences to the players, especially while playing different characters. Undoubtedly, some things are similar to any other action RPG. Still, at the same time, you will get a rewarding experience.

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Additional Details

Things can get complex yet intriguing when multiple dangers and threats bombard the players on the battlefield. You will get to fight hordes of enemies and you should easily expect enemy varieties. In the Spirit Font Mode, players will find the areas divided into minor and major font nodes. It’s a great way to get great stats because catching up to them will give one a great boost.

While some nodes are so special that if one gets them, one will get impressive special abilities. There’s another system called the Link Strike System, which allows one to combine the attacks of servant and master together, resulting in remarkable combo moves. Sounds fantastic, right?


  1. Miyamoto Iori and Saber 
  2. Zheng Chenggong and Archer 
  3. Chiemon and Lancer 
  4. Yui Shousetsu and Rider
  5. Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro and Caster
  6. Dorothea Coyett and Assassin
  7. Takayo Dayu and Miyamoto Musashi

Overall Review

One thing I can guarantee is that you won’t feel bored while playing the game. It gives one a lot of options, leading them to different endings. The attractive character portraits and the appealing places make it more fun to play. All of them are remarkably well written making one completely engaged in the game.

It’s overall a decent game and Fate Stay Series fans should try this at least once. Not gonna lie; the sound makes it even more fun to play. Keita Haga and Daisuke Shinoda have done their best to compose the music most attractively. There is so much more to it, and you just need to give it a go! 

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Fans’ Reaction

Fans have absolutely loved the game and found the servant master interaction the most entertaining. The majority of the fans weren’t expecting the game to be too good, as they found themselves completely into the story. They enjoyed the Musou-Style combat, especially Iori’s, and also enjoyed exploring the district. Everyone who played the game liked something different, but the reviews are all impressive. 


How many chapters in Fate Samurai Remnant ?

There are 6 chapters, with the sixth having different versions.

Does Fate Samurai have multiple endings?

Yes, it has multiple endings.

Is Samurai Remnant worth it?

For anyone who loves action RPGs, it’s worth giving a try!


I hope you are clear about thighs related to Fate Samurai Remnant. I have tried to highlight every detail of it in depth. Like the majority, my opinion about the game is positive. I highly motivate you to try it out at least once. You won’t regret it!

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