Girls Band Cry Reveals First Trailer

Rock n Roll, it’s time for Toei Animation’s original anime Girls Band Cry. Get ready to let this upcoming music anime hit your hearts and bless your ears. It’s an original anime, which means it doesn’t have a prior manga or a novel. 

Well, the good news is we already have the exact release date, staff details, some key visuals, and the brand new TRAILER! The 1-minute 40-second video speaks nothing but QUALITY and Aesthetics. Indeed, it will be a masterpiece when it comes to music-themed original anime. 

Girls Band Cry Release Date & Trailer

April 5 will be the lucky day for the anime fans, so it’s just a few months for us to wait. We will be presented with the finest key visuals with the best character designs each week. We can also expect some teaser videos soon. 

The fact that it’s not an anime adaptation of a manga or a novel makes the fans even more curious. Otherwise, we always have a choice of water or curiosity by giving the reading material a shot. 

After unveiling its first trailer, fans are filled with excitement. The animation quality is extraordinary and very unique. The character designer, the animation director, and the whole team have done an outstanding job. 

Girls Band Cry Cast & Staff Details

The credit for the artistic direction goes to Mr. Kazuo Sakai, whereas Jae Hoon Jung has done the CG direction. Jukki Hanada worked as a series composer, while Kenji Tamai and Yusuke Tanaka were responsible for the music production. We can not forget the majestic work of the character designer Terashima.

The higher-ups have also highlighted the talented movie cast. Miss Rina voices the gorgeous Iseri Nina. Meanwhile, Shuri, Natsu, Mirei, and Yuuri voice Rupa, Ebizuka Tomo, Awa Subaru, and Kawaragi Momoka, respectively.

Girls Band Cry Synopsis

Girls band cry key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The story is very emotional and heart-touching, making the anime series more special. It revolves around the five girls dealing with their life challenges alone. All had had enough of the bad experiences and learned the greatest life lessons. All five of these, by putting their troublesome life behind them, join each other to form a band. Because MUSIC is what keeps them together!

It will be fun to watch how these young rock stars deal with the problem while keeping their passion alive!

Source: Crunchyroll

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