Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4 – Review

In a world where high school girls pilot World War II-era tanks as a competitive sport, a new team arises to take on the sensha-dō (the way of the tank) martial arts tournament. The Japanese television anime Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4 depicts riveting tank warfare between academies aboard massive Academy Ships.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4
Credit: MAL

When a ragtag group of novices joins forces to represent their school in the upcoming match, they have a lot to learn about teamwork and tank operation. Led by the determined Miho Nishizumi, the crew faces an uphill battle to become champions. This quirky sports anime series has also garnered a dedicated fanbase for its unique premise and exhilarating action sequences. Now buckle up and load the ammo, because we’re about to dive into this review of Girls und Panzer…

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou Plot and Summaries

Miho Nishizumi, haunted by past trauma in the prestigious world of sensha-dō (tankery), sought escape at Oarai Girls High School. However, the student council soon upended her hopes for a quiet school life by announcing the revival of a tankery program – and tapping Miho, with her experience, to join. Though initially reluctant, Miho soon warmed to her crewmates’ enthusiasm. Together, they dove into the national championships, pitting Oarai against rivals in matches that gained new urgency when Miho learned the school would close absent a championship win.

In the film series of the story, Oarai’s upstart tankery team rolls on under Miho’s leadership, now demoted to vice-commander so arrogant Momo Kawashima can take the helm. The squad prevails against BC Freedom Academy and Chihatan Gakuen, advancing to face formidable Keizoku High School in the quarterfinals. Additionally, Miho and her mates must again rally together and draw on their bond if Oarai is to stay alive and its students’ shared dream of victory realized.

Part 1

As winter descended, determined Momo Kawashima sought Oarai’s elusive ninth tank to complete their squad for the Winter Continuous Track Cup. But rumors swirled that with no university acceptance, Momo might repeat a grade. Sensing a chance to get their friend into university alongside Anzu and Yuzu, Miho and her angular fish teammates named Momo commander, hoping to showcase her skills.

Descending below the deck, the friends unearthed the missing Mark IV, overcoming challenges from Ogin’s gang. Learning of Momo’s plight, the grateful delinquents formed a new Shark Team to help win the tournament and also save Momo’s academic hopes.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4
Credit: MAL

Facing favored BC Freedom Academy first, Yukari’s reconnaissance revealed an academic divide undermining BC’s unity. But Oarai’s direct flag tank assault encountered unexpected coordination, trapping the team on a bridge in a crossfire. Shark Team’s tank became their escape bridge to fight another day. Though ambush ambitions fell short, together Oarai still floated on in pursuit of victory and Momo’s university dreams. More heated battles await, but the friends’ bonds strengthen with each narrow escape.

Part 2

Escaping BC Freedom’s ambush fueled Oarai’s creative counterattack. Disguising Mallard Team’s Char B1 tank among the bocage hedgerows, they impersonated BC Freedom, sowing confusion and discord between academic factions. Seizing the opportunity, Oarai eliminated Marie’s flag tank for a hard-fought opening victory

During a respite before their next match, Saori accompanied Momo home, meeting her four siblings and ailing mother, deepening the friends’ bonds. Meanwhile, top contenders including Chihatan, Pravda, Saunders, Kuromorimine, Gloriana, Anzio, and Keizoku advanced as expected.

Oarai next faced clever Chihatan, who had studied their tactics and now unleashed amphibious hit-and-run ambushes. But luring them into a trap of their own, Oarai forced their retreat, overcoming the onslaught through cleverness and camaraderie. More cunning opponents await, but the friends grow only more unified with each narrow triumph.

Part 3

Regrouping, relentless Chihatan resumed their hit-and-run barrage, targeting the Anglerfish Team to crush Oarai’s morale. In the chaos of skirmishes, Oarai’s tanks scattered. To unite them, Miho daringly turned on her headlights, drawing the Chihatan tanks. As they celebrated disabling Anglerfish’s tank, Turtle Team’s flag tank emerged, ambushing Kinuyo for a cunning victory.

In other bouts, Erika eschewed Kuromorimine’s frontal attacks for Maho’s tactics, outwitting Pravda. Gloriana breezed past Anzio while tenacious Keizoku upset Saunders. This pitted Oarai against Keizoku’s guerrilla warfare, and also Kuromorimine versus Gloriana in the semis.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4
Credit: MAL

Keizoku’s relentless strikes again divided Oarai. Defending Anteater’s flag tank, Anglerfish was disabled by the “White Witch’s” astonishing long-range shot. Oarai’s unity faces its toughest test yet to overcome these ruthless opponents and advance. But Miho and her comrades have only grown more resolute with each narrow triumph.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4

The “White Witch’s” lightning strike on the Anglerfish Team crushed Oarai’s morale, sending shockwaves. Anzu took command, rallying the reeling teams to defend Anteater’s flag tank by digging snow trenches. Discovering an escape aqueduct, she appointed level-headed Azusa Sawa commander after Jouko eliminated Turtle Team too.

Sawa strategically weeded out Jouko through baiting tactics. Outnumbering Mika’s flagship tank, Oarai plunged into her trap – both teams careened down the mountainside, the avalanche leaving just Anteater, Mika, and two Keizoku. In a village chase, Oarai’s diversion lets Anteater finally eliminate Mika for a hard-fought victory.

Meanwhile, Kuromorimine and Gloriana dueled in the semis. Darjeeling fragmented Kuromorimine’s units, nearly cornering them before Erika regrouped under the cover of a sandstorm. But Gloriana’s ace transfer student Alice Shimada struck decisively, winning the match.

Oarai’s grit and Sawa’s wits carried them through by the narrowest of margins into a final with seasoned Gloriana. Outgunned but undaunted, the friends must tap every ounce of skill, creativity and solidarity to seize the championship.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4 Review

Girls und Panzer’s latest white-knuckle installment delivers nonstop armored action and dazzling animation. With camerawork rivaling the best of ufotable and Mappa, the physics-defying tank battles are the most outrageous and entertaining yet. From the jaw-dropping fidelity to the over-the-top brawls, this is tank warfare perfected.

Picking up right where we left off, the brisk plot puts pedal to metal on battle after breathtaking battle. Seeing fan favorites return in all their glory, unleashing trick shots and also tactics galore, is a delight. Additionally, each school’s unique flair makes every clash distinct. This is tank combat distilled to its raw, unadulterated essence – an hour of the finest frappe-fueled warfare around.

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The sublime settings and also ambiance immerse you on the front lines. Lush animation overflows with obsessive details sure to please enthusiasts. The smooth framerate amidst the chaos keeps the adrenaline pumping. While not completely accurate, the exaggerated speed and pyrotechnics make for wicked fun. Most importantly, experiencing the crew’s joy and fear makes you feel part of the crew.

For great action, stellar animation, and the triumphant return of beloved characters, this breakneck installment fires on all cylinders. It’s a brisk, blazing rollercoaster proving Girls und Panzer remains top-tier entertainment by going all out on armored mayhem.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4 Cast and Staff

Girls und Panzer has an impressive production team behind its success. The original series was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, written by Reiko Yoshida, and featured original character designer, Fumikane Shimada. Isao Sugimoto served as chief animation director and character designer, overseeing stunning visuals.

Takaaki Suzuki provided invaluable historical research and supervision to portray tank battle realism. The team also included talents like Takeshi Nogami, Takeshi Itou, and multiple others handling critical animation, art direction, and technical roles. Studio Actas animated the series, with distribution by Showgate.

Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4
Credit: MAL

The Japanese cast is led by Mai Fuchigami as Miho Nishizumi, Ai Kayano as Saori Takebe, and Mami Ozaki as Hana Isuzu. Margaret McDonald, Jessica Calvello, and Caitlynn French voice the protagonists in the English dub. The supporting cast includes talents like Yuka Iguchi, Misato Fukuen, and Kana Ueda.

With experienced creators across writing, design, animation, and sound, Girls und Panzer assembles an impressive roster. Their collective talent creates an authentic and exciting portrayal of tank warfare. The capable voice casts further bring the characters and action to life. This production team’s dedication shines through in the series’ unique premise and thrilling execution.

About Girls Und Panzer


Girls und Panzer exploded onto the scene when its TV series first aired in Japan from October to December 2012. Propelled by its unique premise of high school girls competing in tank warfare sports, the franchise expanded with two bonus episodes in March 2013 and an OVA in July 2014. Media Factory fueled its popularity through nine manga adaptions and a light novel.

Riding this momentum, an animated film debuted in Japanese theaters in November 2015 to great success. With a growing fanbase clamoring for more, a sequel project was greenlit in August 2016 – first teased as a film, then unveiled as a six-part series starting in December 2017. Undaunted by COVID-19 delays, production pressed on for the third film’s 2020 release. The fourth film began production in April 2021, wrapping in September 2023.

Spanning TV, OVAs, film, manga, novels, and merchandising, Girls und Panzer has grown into a multimedia juggernaut. Its films have grossed over $20 million worldwide, earning prestigious nominations. Through passion and perseverance, this unlikely hit about tanks and teamwork continues rolling out new adventures to the delight of fans.


The Girls und Panzer das Finale film series has featured popular musical talents performing its opening and ending theme music.

Sayaka Sasaki, known for her anime theme songs, was revealed in July 2017 as the vocalist for “Grand Symphony” – the opening for the first three films. ChouCho, who performed themes for the 2012 TV series and 2015 film, returned for the final three films with “Never Say Goodbye” – a song about graduation rather than goodbye as the franchise concludes in the anime finale.

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For the ending themes, voices from the original cast sing new arrangements of “Enter Enter Mission!” – Mai Fuchigami, Ai Kayano, Mami Ozaki, Ikumi Nakagami, and Yuka Iguchi reprise their roles energetically

Composer Shirō Hamaguchi scored the series, with the first three films’ soundtrack released in May 2021. ChouCho’s single for “Never Say Goodbye” arrived in October 2023, including her cover of “Grand Symphony.”

Popular singers and the original cast ensure memorable, thematic songs open and close each film. These passionate performances compliment the series’ spirit, from Sasaki’s triumphant “Grand Symphony” to ChouCho’s bittersweet “Never Say Goodbye” ballad. The music matches the franchises’ emotional journey.


Girls und Panzer’s popularity spawned numerous manga spinoffs and adaptations. The main manga illustrated by Ryohichi Saitaniya serialized in Monthly Comic Flapper from June 2012 to March 2014. Additionally, its four compiled manga volumes published from September 2012 to April 2014.

North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment also licensed the manga in July 2013, releasing the English editions from June 2014 to June 2015. This brought the tank warfare adventures to western audiences.

Among the most notable spinoffs is Girls und Panzer: Little Army, chronicling protagonist Miho Nishizumi’s sensha-dō exploits in elementary school alongside friends Emi, Hitomi, and Chihiro.

From the original manga series to supplemental stories like Little Army, Girls und Panzer’s manga adaptations help expand the world and cast beyond the anime. The manga broadens the franchises’ reach and longevity through these engaging official manga spin off starring fan favorite characters.


Despite the unusual subject matter of cute girls driving tanks, the team behind Girls Und Panzer: Saishuushou 4 delivered an engaging story blended with impressive attention to historical tank detail. The cast is endearing, and the tank battles are executed with riveting choreography and visual effects. This rare combination struck a chord with viewers, launching a lucrative media mix franchise spanning anime, print, music, and beyond.

The committed anime fans have kept Girls und Panzer rolling for over a decade thanks to the creative team’s passion and skill in delivering exciting new content. From unlikely beginnings, Girls und Panzer has cemented itself as a one-of-a-kind anime success story through memorable characters, kinetic action, and an earnest spirit that resonates with audiences. Stay tuned for more anime news and updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Girls Und Panzer anime adaptations are there?

The Girls Und Panzer anime franchise includes a 12-episode TV series that aired in 2012, two bonus episodes in 2013, a 2014 OVA, and a 6-part film series from 2017-2023. There is also a 2015 animated film.

Are there any Girls Und Panzer manga or light novels?

Yes, the franchise includes 9 manga adaptations and a light novel series. Notable manga include the main Girls Und Panzer adaptation and the prequel series Girls Und Panzer: Little Army. These expand on the anime’s story and characters.

How does the Girls Und Panzer anime compare to real tank history and combat?

While not completely realistic, the anime aims to portray tank battle mechanics accurately and consulted military historians. The action is exaggerated for entertainment with faster pacing and physics-defying maneuvers. But details like tank models, shells, tactics, and terrain strategy mirror real-world tank warfare.

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