Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History

Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime in the world. It has been broadcasted around the world for over two decades. Even then, we still haven’t touched the depth of the story.

Oda brilliantly uncovers the mysteries little by little to keep the curiosity at maximum. That’s one of the reasons why millions of viewers wait patiently for a weekly brand-new episode.

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If we’re talking about mystery, we should talk about the main selling point of One Piece which is the bounty system. The anime has broadcasted over 1000+ episodes so far. Many legends have been mentioned in the story. Yet, Oda only reveals the bounty of a few of them.

With the Wano Arc closing to the climax, we make a list of the 10 highest bounties recorded in history. Beware that the number is based on pre-Wano Arc and the bounty is undoubtedly changed in the future knowing that both King and Queen have been defeated in the latest episode.

10. Marco

Marco Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Marco the Phoenix – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 1.374.000.000

Marco, also known as the Phoenix, is the former 1st division commander in Whitebeard Pirates. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix which turns him into a flaming immortal bird. He is also the first mythical zoan user which is appeared in the series.

As the right-hand man of Whitebeard, his power is on par with Admiral. After the Whitebeard Pirates disband, Marco works as a doctor in Whitebeard’s home village on Sphinx. Later, he also participates in the Wano Rebellion after Nekomamushi asked him.

9. King

King Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
King the Conflagration – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 1.390.000.000

King the Conflagration is one of the three All-Stars in Beast Pirate. He is also the first crew Kaido recruited after saving him from the horrible experiment. He was born as Alber, a near-extinct lunarian race from Read Line which has the ability to create fire.

As the Beast Pirate, he is also a devil fruit user with the power of Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon. Even though he has that power, he mainly uses his sword skill and his innate ability to create fire. With that multi-source of power, it makes him holds the highest bounty among the pirate who is officially never been a leader of their crew.

8. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Strawhat, Monkey D. Luffy – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 1.500.000.000

Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece. He ate Gomu Gomu no Mi which enables him to turn his body into a rubber. He gets his first bounty after defeating the strongest pirate of East Blue, Arlong.

Throughout the story, his bounty is skyrocketing at a fast pace. Based on the One Piece timeline, he only spends one year from his first sail to Marineford War which makes him the fastest bounty earner recorded in the story. His bounty after the war is increased to 400 million.

But the highest jump happens when he confronts Big Mom and successfully flees from her. The bounty jumps from 500 million to 1.5 billion in a single arc. Who knows how much can he get after Wano ends? Can he surpass the King of Pirate’s bounty soon?

7. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Boa Hancock, The Empress of the Sea – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 1.659.000.000

Also known as Pirate Empress, he holds the title of the most beautiful pirate ever. He ate Mero Mero no Mi which enables her to turn anyone to stone IF they are interested in her. If you think once again, she is lucky that her devil fruit ability matches his unparalleled beauty.

Even though it is a great combo, it has a weakness. Someone who has no dirty thought (such as Luffy), a blind man, or someone who alter his feeling (such as Momonga who stabs his hand to feel pain instead of attraction) isn’t affected by the power.

6. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 2.247.600.000

As One Piece fans, we can all agree that Marshall D. Teach is the main villain of the series on the pirates’ side. Known by his epithet, Blackbeard, he successfully enters four emperors of the sea after Whitebeard’s passing.

He has the ability to control darkness after eating Yami Yami no Mi. Though it sounds simple, his ability is pretty complicated. Thanks to his ability, he can nullify every ability that touches his darkness. In exchange, it amplifies the pain he receives from the blow.

Not only that, he also obtains Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi which makes him the first two devil fruit user in the series. He is a man of full mystery. There is no explanation so far about why he can extract other devil fruit abilities from the deceased.

5. Shanks

Shanks Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Red Hair Shanks – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 4.048.900.000

Speaking of mystery, Shanks is probably the character that arouses many questions from fans. The fact that he can stand in Mariejoa with five elders, the world government leader, is a sight to behold.

To be fair, he has an amazing record. Starting as an apprentice in Pirate King’s ship, he rises to the position of Four Emperor of the Sea. One thing for sure is his power is wild enough that Marineford can’t afford to fight him after defeating Whitebeard.

He also is the only non-devil fruit user among the Four Emperors. Not only that, his crew doesn’t have devil fruit users either. Maybe he is inspired by his former captain, Gol D. Roger?

4. Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Big Mom, Charlotte Linlin – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 4.388.000.000

Born as a disaster, no one really knows where Linlin comes from. She was raised by Carmel in the Sheep’s House along with other children who will be sold to World Government.

But, a certain “incident” happens which causes her to inherit Carbel’s Devil Fruit Power. Thus, she obtained Soru Soru no Mi which enables her to take the soul of someone who fears her.

Now, she is known as Big Mom who leads a powerful and large army that consists of her 85 children. In Wano, she assigned an alliance with Kaido to crush Straw Hat Pirate.

3. Kaido

Kaido Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Kaido – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 4.611.100.000

Though arguable, Kaido is depicted as the strongest creature in One Piece. His first appearance is epic even among other Emperors. Jumping from the cloud to “die” is the very definition of badass.

He is one of the four emperors and the captain of Beast Pirate. As the leader, he can turn himself into a dragon thanks to his mythical zoan devil fruit power.

2. Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Whitebeard, Edward Newgate – Source: Crunchyroll


Commonly called Whitebeard, he is widely known as the strongest man in the world. With his power Gura Gura no Mi, he can create an earthquake at will.

Dubbed the man closest to One Piece, he never has a wish to obtain it himself. Instead, he plans to make Ace the next Pirate King. For him, having a family is already the best treasure there is.

There is no arguing that he is the greatest pirate from the previous generation. His death also once again ignites the rookie’s fire to find One Piece.

1. Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece In History
Pirate King, Gol D. Roger – Source: Crunchyroll

Bounty: 5.564.800.000

Gol D. Roger is a legendary pirate. He is the first pirate who sailed around the Greenline and found the last island Laugh Tale where One Piece is.

Because of his terminal illness, he surrendered himself to be executed. But, the Pirate King had something to his sleeves. He revealed the existence of his great treasure, One Piece before he died. Making him responsible for starting the Golden Age of Pirates.

Actually, there is many great characters’ bounty that hasn’t been revealed yet. Take Rock Pirates as an example, Even though he is practically Whitebeard, Bigmom, and Kaido’s former captain, Oda hasn’t revealed his bounty yet.

But, based on Roger’s deeds, it is unthinkable that other individuals beside him will have a higher bounty. Of course, it may change if Luffy managed to be Pirate King as he intended. But, how long it takes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who holds the highest bounty ever recorded in history?

The legendary Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, has the highest bounty in One Piece. He has 5.564 billion in his head.

Who holds the highest bounty alive?

Based on the latest anime, Kaido is the one who holds the highest bounty.

Source: One Piece Fandom

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