Anticipated Arrival: Kagura bachi Anime Buzz

Otaku fandom has taken the internet by storm after the new entry into the manga world. Everyone is wild about Kagura bachi anime even before it’s confirmation. Only eight chapters of the manga are out so far, but fans have already started making anime trailers. That’s the magic of a highly successful and epic manga, Kagurabachi. 

Kagurabachi Manga is a shounen revolving around a boy named Chihiro. His father is a swordsmith, and the boy dreams of following his father’s footprints in the future. Tragedy strikes, and things change for the duo. 

The life they thought would forever be as peaceful as ever is no more the same. The story suddenly takes a sharp turn, where Chihiro starts his journey of revenge. Unfortunately, after the brutal murder of his loving father, the boy can’t wait to avenge his death.  In short, if the start of the story starts with tragic deaths then you can expect more character deaths in the future! The plot is all about suspense, thrill, and epic battles. With just eight chapters on board, Kagurabachi can easily be ranked among the best shonen manga.

This is the common question crowding in the minds of all the anime fans. Well, those who have been following the manga know that the answer is quite obvious. It’s because of the outclass manga art, characters, and intriguing plot.

Rokuhira Chihiro

Credit: Wiki Fandom

The manga gives very similar vibes to Demon Slayer and Chainsaw Man. The protagonist with a sword and swords soaked in blood definitely makes one remember these two masterpieces. Kudos to Takeru Hokazono for doing a commendable illustration and writing.

The art is so fine and attractive that fans love to create Kagura bachi Anime trailers. Surprisingly, these fan-made anime trailers are winning hearts as well.

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Kagura bachi Anime Adaptation

Judging from the audience engagement and the hype it’s creating, we can expect an anime adaptation. However, no statement is there regarding its official release. The manga has just started, and it’s releasing a chapter every week. 

It may take a year to hear about the anime as source material is not enough. Kangura Bachi Anime is in demand, and manga lovers can’t wait to watch it on screen. 

Rumours are already circulating that the anime has been confirmed. Unfortunately, as much as we want it, that’s not the case yet.

Kagurabachi manga cover

Credit: Wiki Fandom


Is the Kagura bachi anime real?

No, the anime is not officially confirmed.

Is Kagura bachi really good?

Fans are going wild over its enticing plot, theme, characters, and action sequences.

Who is the main character in Kagura bachi?

Rokuhira Chihiro is the protagonist in Kagurabachi.


Kagurabachi is one of the few manga that are keeping fans on their toes. The anime confirmation news is nowhere to be expected yet. However, there is a 90% chance that a good news will bless our ears soon. Let’s keep our hopes high! 

It would be more than great if the creators were merciful enough to release Kagurabachi anime in 2024. There are many sword-fighting anime released in the coming year, stay tuned to our anime news!

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