Live Action Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku – Review

Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku

Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku, also popularly known as Mr. Tsukuyomi’s Forbidden Midnight Snack. It is a popular food drama manga series created by Nikki Asada. She is also the original character designer of the Euphonium franchise.

Two years after its online manga comic release, the officials finally released its live-action series in 2023. Their dedicated expansion of the series from manga to live-action drama works well for the franchise.

Just as manga fans appreciated its manga series, this newly released Japanese drama is also receiving a good response from viewers. In today’s review, we will discuss its overwhelming and underwhelming factors to help you decide whether it’s a good pick for you or not. So, let’s get started! 

Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku – Plot 

Source: TV Asahi

This is a wonderful Japanese drama with a twist of forbidden love. This romantic comedy manga centers around Tsukuyomi, a foodie and an expert chef with several certificates related to food. He lost his mother at a very young age and his brother raised him, with whom he shares an unbounded sibling bond.

One night, he suddenly meets Soyugi, a beautiful personal gym trainer who is so popular that people wait for three months to hire her. Being a gym trainer, she is very strict and believes in taking only the necessary nutrition.

Since their first meeting, Soyugi has been meeting him on a regular basis to re-energize herself with Tsukuyomi’s food. However, they made an agreement that forbids any romantic activities between them. Now, it’s very interesting to see how long they can hold themselves back from getting too close to each other and how far the agreement will work. 

Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku – Review 

Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku review
Source: TV Asahi

Let’s start with the overwhelming factors that make this gourmet romantic series worth watching. It did a great job of capturing viewers’ attention through its forbidden love story between a foodie and a gym trainer. It maintains a light mood and brings us a bunch of comedic moments as well, which make Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku more engaging.

Moreover, the food items presented in the series visually look so appealing and delicious. The officials also did a great job in choosing the Japanese cast of characters: Riku Hagiwara and Reina Triendl. They both did commendable acting, especially Reina, who stole the show with her charm and captivating acting.

Their characters are well-written and developed and will totally hook the viewers till the end. The soundtrack of the series is also quite appealing, especially Yonaki, the ending soundtrack performed by Band Breimen. On the other hand, the series not only focuses on their forbidden love story but also brings us a bunch of life lessons.

It also excellently explores the boundaries of desire and how far someone can go for it. Now moving forward to the underwhelming factors of the series. The limited length of the drama did not allow the story to develop organically. It also halted the proper character development of the main cast.

Its ignorance of details in creating the depth of emotion and rushed ending are the major underwhelming factors. As a result, these factors holding back the series from being a masterpiece in the food genre. Aside from these points, Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku is all good and a must-watch for food lovers.

So, let’s go and taste its delicious story, featuring talented casts. See you in the next review; till then, stay tuned with us for more manga & anime reviews and upcoming anime adaptations. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Is its manga counterpart finished?

No, it’s an ongoing food manga on Be Love, a popular Kodansha Comic magazine, and currently has a total of 4 book volumes. Its 1st volume debuts in October 2021, and Kodansha USA publishing its newest yet 4th volume on October 13, 2023.

2. On which anime streaming sites can we watch this drama series?

It has a total of 9 episodes, which you can watch on TV Asahi with English subtitles. However, the series is not available on any anime streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or HBO Max.

3. What are some other dramas to watch similar to Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku?

If you are looking for the same enjoyment as this food drama, then you can watch several recently released food dramas. Tonight Is U-Shaped, Missing Love, A Warmed Up Love, Katakoi Gourmet Diary, and Evening Drink Style are some of the best picks for you.

Source: TV Asahi

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