My New Boss Is Goofy Episode 7 Preview

People love My New Boss Is Goofy for its comedy, characters, and story. The anime appeared on the big screens in October, and it’s going well so far. Only 6 episodes are out, and fans can’t wait for the 7th already.

This workplace comedy anime revolves around office worker Momose and his work life. He found it challenging to cope,  and faced harassment from the bosses. Therefore, switching jobs for him was nothing new. 

After joining a new job, he ultimately started worrying about the new experiences with the new boss. He feared that his new boss might make his life miserable. However, he got lucky this time as his boss was Goofy and an airhead. Momose was relieved, and his stress and anxiety vanished. 

Undoubtedly, A-1 Pictures has done a fantastic job animating the anime. The decent visual art and character design make it more fun to watch. Thanks to the creators for giving us the best comedy anime this season.

My New Boss Is Goofy Episode 7 Release Date And Preview

my new boss is goofy characters

Credit: Crunchyroll

The anime releases one episode every week on Saturday to make the weekend fun for otaku. Episode seven of My New Boss Is Goofy will be out on November 18. Unfortunately, the preview of the upcoming episode isn’t out yet, so we can’t say much about it. 

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Episode 6 was interesting as we saw Momose bonding with Kinjo. While sharing this past, the duo delves deeper into each other’s lives. We learn Kinjo’s past experiences with his ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend.

Anticipate upcoming episodes to delve into the interpersonal dynamics among the characters. More insights will be given about the character’s personal and professional lives.


How many episodes in My New Boss Is Goofy? 

Only 6 episodes are out yet, and episode 7 will be out soon.

What is the BL manga genre called?

They are famous as Yaoi.

What is BL and GL?

BL is short for Boy Love, and GL is short for Girl Love.


My New Boss Is Goofy brings a new perspective and focuses more on Boy-Boy relationships. The anime is based on the official manga of the same name. If you want to know what happens next, consider reading the manga. For more anime updates, stay tuned with us!

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