New Manga Of Samurai Girl Real Bout Sora Inoue Launched

The New Manga Of Samurai Girl Real Bout High School’s Sora Inoue will be launched! A new romantic comedy manga titled Boku no Kanojo wa Sasuga desu (As Expected of my Girlfriend) will debut on Hakusensha’s Manga Park website on January 31. Moreover, this was revealed on Twitter by manga creator Sora Inoue on Friday. The manga fans are excited!

The Reisui to Shakunetsu no Aida (Between Cold Water and Scorching Heat) manga was first published in 2021 by Inoue and writer Namiry Takano in the Young Animal magazine of Hakusensha. Additionally, the first volume of the manga’s collected book was released by Hakusensha in April 2022.

Samurai Girl Real Bout

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Inoue first published the Mai Ball! manga in Young Animal in July 2012. The comic then transferred to Young Animal Arashi in October 2017, where it remained until the publication’s closure in May 2018. Moreover, after that, the serial was relocated to the Young Animal magazine and the Manga Park website. 2019 saw the end of the series.

Samurai Girl Real Bout High School is a manga that Inoue co-wrote with Reiji Saiga. The English-language releases of the anime and manga were made by Tokyopop. Zeroin, an ecchi martial arts series, was finished by Inoue in 2011. Additionally, the character designs for the Vandread anime were also created by Inoue.

PLOT Samurai Girl Real Bout

Samurai Girl Real Bout

The plot centres on a school that grades fights rather than intervening to break them up. 16-year-old Sophomore Ryoko Mitsurugi a popular student at school. And also the current K-Fight Champion at Daimon High and self-described Samurai Girl is introduced in the narrative. They also introduced Shizuma Kusunagi, a street fighter who travels and has enigmatic abilities.

The manga, which starts out lighthearted, turns serious as Ryoko and Shizuma. At this point, they are entangled in the schemes of multiple student councils and a street gang. Ryoko joins forces with a group of female fighters who go by the name of the historical Shinsengumi as they become embroiled in these plots.

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Is there a light novel for Samurai Girl Real Bout High School’s Sora Inoue?

The Reiji Saiga light novel series serves as the inspiration for both the manga and the anime. Contrary to the manga and anime, the original title is Shoukan Kyoushi Real Life High School, and it centres on a teacher who works at Daimon High School.

Where can I watch anime for free?

You can watch free anime on Crunchyroll.

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