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best Oshi no Ko characters

Oshi No Ko enjoys popularity in the manga and anime community. The story highlights the realities of Reel-life characters. Otaku loved reading manga as well as watching anime. The anime has an 8.82/10 rating on MAL, which is pretty impressive that describes its likability among otaku.

Similar to the anime, its characters enjoy a massive fandom, and today, we’ll discuss the most popular Oshi no Ko characters. Each entry will include insights about their personal and professional lives, so stay with me till the end.

10. Taishi Gotanda

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Taishi is a talented and very popular Director who has won multiple awards for his work. He is famous for being a father figure to the main lead. Thanks to this man for making Aqua believe in himself, which resulted in him being a top-class actor. 

From a very young age, Aqua has been under the guidance of Taishi. Though Aqua’s life was missing his father’s love, Taishi never made him feel that loss. As a person, Taishi is kind and caring, which makes him loved by the otaku. This is also why he’s one of the best Oshi no Ko characters.

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9. Ichigo Saitou

best no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

It was all thanks to Saitou, who helped Ai become a successful star. He was the one who brought her into the entertainment industry, so he was a very important person in Ai’s life. Saitou loved Ai like a father figure, and her death affected him deeply.

He was so shattered by the incident that he stopped managing Strawberry Productions. His interest in the Idols and industry drastically decreased. This shows how much Ai mattered to him and that he lost the shine in his eyes.

8. Miyako Saito

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Though she married Saito for her own selfish reasons and not for love, she is a kind mother to the twins. When I say kind, that doesn’t mean she was naturally kind; in fact, the twins manipulated her in such a way that she was forced to be kind. 

Otherwise, she is a person who only thinks about herself and doesn’t bother if her actions can be harmful to others. After adopting Aqua and Ruby, she tried her best to be supportive and loving to them. She is talented and a good manager when it comes to managing Strawberry Productions. 

7. Hikaru Kamiki

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Doesn’t matter how beautiful he may look; he is the villain of Ai’s and the twins’ lives. He is a pathetic man who enjoys murdering people, especially successful women. A sadist who thinks in his own way, and there is no way it can be called normal. 

He is cunning and clever; therefore, finding substantial evidence against him is a task. The fact that he is a skillful actor helps him hide his true nature the most. His toxic and psychopathic traits result from being molested by an adult woman when he was just 11 years old. 

It’s believed that this event affected him deeply and made him a villain in people’s lives. 

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6. Mem-cho

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Mem-Cho is a very supportive and loving person whose sacrifices for her family are worth praising. The fact that she sacrificed her dream to become an idol only to support her family makes her a precious person. 

Therefore, she spent the important golden years of her life working hard to make ends meet. When she was finally stable, the entertainment industry didn’t want her because of her age. This is also why she keeps her actual age hidden from others and lies about being a high schooler. 

She is supportive of her family, and the best friend one wishes to have in their life. Because of her cute personality and heart-winning traits, she is one of the best Oshi no Ko characters.

5. Akane Kurokawa

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Apart from being a beautiful actress, she is exceptionally talented as well. As a person, she is timid, and that’s what adds more charm to her personality. She and Aqua faked their relationship for the show’s plot. 

Faking their relationship, she lost her heart to Aqua, but he was more focused on avenging Ai’ ’s death. 

Thus, their relationship couldn’t fructify. Akane is a mature lady who understands loneliness and is capable of understanding the pains of others. She is a caring and very thoughtful person, which makes her one of the best Oshi no Ko characters. 

4. Kana Arima

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: MAL

Kana is a hardworking girl and is very dedicated to her job as an idol. Unfortunately, despite being filled with talent, she is never valued in the industry resulting in her lacking jobs. She is someone who needs to be loved and yearns for someone to acknowledge her. 

Her tough life and sufferings make her relate better to the audience. This is why she is one of the most popular Oshii no ko characters. Due to a lack of love and acknowledgment, she started doubting herself, but thanks to the twins, she started to be positive. 

She used to be a person with a sharp tongue, but over time, she became a kind personality. Kana is very passionate about being the best version of herself, making her a hard worker. 

3. Hoshino Ai

best Oshi no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Ai had to be one of the most popular Oshi no Ko characters because she plays a major role in driving the story forward. This sweet girl lived a toxic life under her abusive single mother till one day, her mother got arrested for robbery. 

These circumstances forced her to live in the orphanage. When her mother was released, she didn’t even bother bringing back her daughter. After a lot of hardships, when she turned 12, she stepped into the entertainment industry as an idol, thanks to Saito Ichigo. 

Her tough upbringing resulted in her lack of confidence, but she grew as a person over time. Characters with a tough past are always well-received by the fans, so the same goes for Ai Hoshino.

2. Hoshino Ruby/ Tendouji Sarina

Hoshino AI no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Sarina, aka Ruby, is the female lead and Aqua’s twin sister. Just like her brother, she was reincarnated as a twin sister to Aqus. In her previous life as Sarina, she never truly enjoyed happiness as she suffered from cancer which took her life. 

After getting a second life, she couldn’t be happier. Ruby is an ambitious girl who can do anything to be an idol, irrespective of the hurdles she may face. She is cheerful, lively, talkative, and doesn’t believe in wasting time  thinking about the past. Her beliefs and interests make her completely opposite to Aqua.  

1. Hoshino Aquamarine/ Gorou Amamiya

no Ko characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Gorou, aka Aqua, is the male lead, so it’s obvious that he had to be ranked at the top of this list of Oshi no Ko Characters. Before reincarnating as Ai’s son, he was the doctor who admired Ai from the depths of his heart. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t die a natural death and was killed by a stalker. He enjoyed his time with Ai as a son until a horrifying event flipped his life. His murderer in the past life, and Ai’s murderer happened to be the same person. 

The tragic loss of his mother changed him, and he became goal-oriented and cold. He was willing to do anything to avenge Ai’s death. Aqua is not just a handsome man but a loving son and a protective brother. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ai Hoshino’s ex-boyfriend?

Hikaru Kamiki is the ex-boyfriend of Ai and the father of the twins.

How old was Ai when she got pregnant?

Ai was pregnant with twins at the age of 16.


This was all about the most popular Oshi no ko characters. All of them enjoy a massive fandom, some for their looks and others for their character. Name your favorite character from the anime and why they have your heart.

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