Quality Assurance In Another World Release Date

There’s some good news and some bad news for the popular isekai fantasy manga’s fans. The release date of the anime adaptation of Quality Assurance In Another World is no longer the same. We all know we were eagerly waiting for April 2024 for it to hit the big screens. 

However, the anime is postponed with a different release window for specific reasons. The good news is, we won’t have to wait longer, as it’s just a matter of months. It is now getting ready to smash hit the screens in July 2024.

The exact release date is not out, but we can guess it will be at the beginning of the month. The ear blessing announcement filled our hearts with happiness back in March 2023. Since then, fans have been on their toes waiting for this coming isekai fantasy. 

Quality Assurance In Another World Teaser Trailer & Key Visuals

Thanks to the higher-up for staying kind enough to present us with high-quality key visuals and trailers. They speak a lot about anime and help us imagine our experiences watching it. 

Studio Palette and Studio 100 are managing the animation production. The official trailer is out; all we can see is Quality, aesthetics, and neat visuals. Kudos to their phenomenal work! The character designer, Shigeo Akahori, has made sure that the manga fans shouldn’t be disappointed with the character designs. So, there’s no chance anyone would dislike anything about the anime!

Staff and Cast 

Quality Assurance In Another World

Credit: Crunchyroll

Kei Umabiki is responsible for lending his magic as a director, while Kenichi Tajiri works as the art director. Shogo Yasukawa handles the series composition, and Ayako Otsuki is the DOP. Time to know the details of the sound director and music, which is the most significant part of every anime. Well, Daisuke Horikawa, Seima Iwahashi, and Yuta Kasai are working on the music production. Meanwhile, Takeshi Takadera is working as the sound director. 

I am sure fans always imagine the characters’ voices while reading the manga, or else they have a rough idea. So, learning about the voice actors is always interesting. Well, nothing to worry about as Hinaki Yano is voicing Nikola, the female protagonist. On the other hand, Kaito Ishikawa, Reiji Kawashima, and Rie Takahashi are voicing Haga, Amano, and Akira, respectively.

Anime Plot

The story centers around Nikola, a simple and sweet girl who lives in the Kingdom Of Bayle. She lives a simple life and is used to gathering firewood as a part of her routine life. One day, her sudden and chaotic encounter with a dragon changes everything. Before the dragon can make things messy, the male lead, Hiraga, enters the scene and takes care of everything. His profession intrigues our sweet Nikola. Therefore, she vows to step out of her simple life and step into thrilling adventures!

Source: Crunchyroll, ANN

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