Romance Blooms in New A Condition Called Love Anime Trailer

Shoujo fans never say NO to the anime adaptation of a high school romance manga. This time, it’s the popular manga series “A Condition Called Love” which is receiving the adaptation. The anime is preparing to debut in the anime industry on April 4.

The announcement came with a one-minute, sixteen-second-long trailer that will make your heart beat a little faster. This time, as well, our favorite platform, Crunchyroll, will stream the series. 

About A Condition Called Love  Anime

In the new teaser video, apart from some breathtaking moments, we could also hear the beautiful opening theme song. Sexy Zone’s “Kimi No Sei” makes the romantic moments even more special. 

Tomoe Makino directs the anime at East Fish Studio, while Hitomi Amamiya manages the series composition. Character designs are always a crucial part of any anime, especially if it’s the anime adaptation of a manga. Thanks to the character designer Akiko Sato for beautifully designing the characters. Yamazo handles the overall music production, so keep your standards high!

A Condition Called Love Anime Plot

A Condition Called Love 

Credit: Crunchyroll

The story highlights the lives of gorgeous first-year High School Student Hotaru Hinase. Her simple life changes the moment when she sees her handsome schoolmate, Hotaru experiencing a heartbreak. She couldn’t withstand the sigh without helping him. After all, it happened to be raining that day. So, our caring lady shadowed him with an umbrella like a knight in shining armour. This sweet act of hers was enough to melt the man’s heart!

Source: Crunchyroll

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