Jujutsu Kaisen Finally Bringing Back Saturo Gojo

Before you begin to read, let me warn you of heavy SPOILERS! Many of you have clicked this article because you eagerly want Saturo Gojo to return to the series. Being a JJK fan, I understand your emotions. The recent fight between Sukuna and Gojo has left the fandom with broken hearts, and we can’t do anything but shed tears. Watching Gojo in two pieces was clearly a heartbreaking moment. 

That intense battle took the otaku fandom by storm. It has easily become one of the mind-boggling battles of all time. No doubt, it’s impossible to believe that a legend like Gojo can die, but unfortunately, it happened. 

Manga fans are devastated, but you need not lose hope. Many speculations and fan theories prove that our beloved character will be back. Let’s discuss them one by one and see which has more chances to come true. 

Logical Theories Regarding the Return Of Saturo Gojo

Theory no. 1

I hope we all remember the fight between Gojo and Toji. Of course, none of us can forget the moment when Toji slashed Gojo, and he apparently died. However, thanks to his extraordinary Reverse Curse Technique, Gojo didn’t die. Here, we are not talking about the possibility of Gojo using his Reverse Curse Technique. No, but I want you all to remember what Gojo said to Toji when he returned. 

“The Reason You’re Going To Lose Is Because You Didn’t Chop My Head Off And Because You Didn’t Use That Cursed Tool When You Stabbed My Head.”

JJK Season 2 Episode 4

JJK season 2 episode 4 Geto vs Gojo
JJK season 2 episode 4 Geto vs Gojo


So, that means Gojo could have died if Geto Chopped his Head off. That means there’s a high possibility that Gojo may still be alive because his body was slashed in two and not his head.  

Theory no 2: Saturo Gojo’s Hollow Technique

Many fans speculate that Gojo may use a new technique to come back. They are expecting Gojo to use a White Technique, which is hinted at in the anime during the Hidden Inventory Arc. Moreover, we are all familiar with JJK manga covers. 

We are here specifically talking about the JJK Volume 4 manga cover. One of those covers where Gojo’s hand exudes a white ray of light. This cover also acts well as the proof for this theory. It’s not official, and that may just be a speculation. However, there is still a possibility. 

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I must say that JJK fans have the sharp eyes and intelligence to create these theories. You can consider the following threat for a complete and clear explanation.

JJK Manga volume 4 cover Saturo Gojo

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Theory no 3: Kenjaku Will Save Saturo Gojo

Kenjaku is a curse user who can create the other sorcerers a vessel. He can easily transfer his brain to others to control their bodies. The same is the case with Geto. Fans speculate that Geto can use this technique on Gojo and can control his body the same way. 

This wouldn’t only make him stronger but also make him able to stand against Sukuna. He is a smart brain, and it would be foolish if he wouldn’t have used this ability. Believing that Gojo’s body hadn’t been buried, Kenjaku had ample time and perfect opportunity to use his Innate technique. 


Will Gojo Satoru come back?

Nothing is impossible, and there are 50/50 chances of Gojo’s survival.

Who will defeat Sukuna after Gojo’s death?

Since Yuji is the protagonist, let’s say he will finish the King.

Is Gojo dead confirmed?

It’s official that Gojo Died, yet there are possibilities to see him alive. 


Well, there are countless theories, and they are all logical enough to bring Gojo back alive. I am among those anime fans who believe Gojo will be back. After all, he is the strongest sorcerer and he’s famous as one of the most overpowered characters of all time. It’s still up to Gege sensei to make his fans happy. There is nothing impossible when it comes to bringing dead characters back to life in the world of anime.  So, let’s remain optimistic and look forward to his forthcoming comeback chapter.

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