Scott Pilgrim Anime Season 2: Everything We Know So Far 

It’s not even a month since its first season aired. Now fans are already demanding Scott Pilgrim anime season 2. Of course, it was quite obvious since the anime grabbed attention right from the start. 

Comic lovers had to wait for almost 20 years to see this anime adaptation. After watching the 8 episode anime on Netflix, fans are eager to know if it’s gonna get a season 2 or not. Thanks to the ending teaser that left the fans impatient, wishing for more.


The following Content may contain Minor and major spoilers.

Will We Get Scott Pilgrim Anime Season 2?

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This question is circulating widely these days, with fans eagerly seeking the answer. Don’t fret; your friend is here to remove any confusion regarding this matter. To put it simply, there isn’t any official confirmation regarding the 2nd season. 

The higher-ups have no plans to create a season 2 as they feel satisfied with the first season. BenDavid Grabinski and  Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creators of the show, have very clearly mentioned that they have created a Self-contained one season. 

Though the creators seem satisfied with the first season now, let’s not lose hope. In the realm of anime, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

So it’s very highly likely that the love of fans for the show might bring Scott Pilgrim anime season 2. I mean, who knows?

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Possible Plot Of Scott Pilgrim Anime Season 2

The ending teaser is something that left the audience with this question in the first place. So, judging from it, it does look like that the anime can be continued. We have seen Gideon and Julie cooking something at the end, hinting to revive the evil exes. 

“Time For The Real Game To Begin” 

This line left the audience impatient. Not gonna lie; it was better for the audience to stop watching it after the post-credits scenes. They wouldn’t have been this impatient! Honestly, if the creators decided to create the first season only then they shouldn’t have teased the fans. It’s a little unfair! So, yes, there is enough room for the story to progress, but HOW is yet to be answered. 

Which Animation Studio Created Scott Pilgrim Takes Off?

Studio Science SARU, a popular name behind many top class anime, has animated the show. The studio is extremely popular for its creativity and unique style of animating. Judging from the studio’s work speed, it is not very quick for it to take tasks. It works at its own pace, so even if the next part is confirmed, it will take some time for it to hit the screens. 

In short, there are high chances for the show to NOT return. But then again, the world lives on HOPE.  Only time will reveal whether we’ll get the continuation of the story.

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Fans’ Reaction To The End Of Scott Pilgrim Anime 

Fans are very satisfied with the Scott Pilgrim anime because it has a proper story. All we need is a proper beginning, middle, and end, and the show has it all. It is not like the creators have left the fans with a cliffhanger ending. 

So, fans are extremely grateful to the higher-ups for presenting them with the best and complete Plot. However, of course, when the story is good, people wish for it to continue. The same goes for the fans of Scott Pilgrim. Though it’s highly unlikely for the anime to continue, some fans believe that the creators might surprise them. Since they never even expected it to get an anime project! 


Is Scott Pilgrim getting a Season 2?

There are high chances it won’t get a season 2.

How many episodes will Scott Pilgrim anime have?

The anime has eight episodes.

What studio animated Scott Pilgrim Takes Off?

Science SARU has blessed the fans by animating Scott Pilgrim!


Let’s see if the story is going to continue to get a sequel season or not. Even if it doesn’t continue, fans should be glad that the end wasn’t a cliffhanger. Thanks to the higher ups for presenting us with a self-contained story. So, let’s enjoy what we have been given and hope for the BEST! I hope any confusion is cleared regarding the anime getting a second season or not. For similar anime updates, stay in touch with us!

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