SK8 the Infinity Season 2 Confirmed|Release date

The Fans can finally rejoice as the 2nd season of SK8 the Infinity is officially confirmed. The SK8 project is now in development, according to Studio Bones and No Border Animation Studio. SK8 the Infinity Season 2 will be released in the Winter of 2023.

Sk8 the Infinity anime series’ official Twitter account has announced a second season and an OVA episode. There is an OVA episode in the works too. The official website will provide more details regarding the forthcoming season.

SK8 the Infinity Season 2

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SK8 the Infinity Season 2

SK8 the Infinity is an original Japanese sports anime TV series. This show’s first twelve episodes were created by Studio Bones. This project was directed by Hiroko Utsumi, one of the best. The 1st season was a huge hit with the audience. They even decided to produce the manga version of the anime too. For all those who prefer reading.

Anime Yuku teased the fans with an announcement on youtube with an Official Announcement Trailer.

Release Date

The second season of the anime is already in production, so it shouldn’t be long until the new episodes are released. The second season of SK8 The Infinity might air in the winter of 2023 if production goes off without a hitch. When the precise release date is announced, we’ll update this area.

The news that Studio Bones and No Border Animation Studio are collaborating on a new SK8 project was ultimately announced on July 4. According to rumors, it is SK8 The Infinity Season 2. Additionally, other sources suggest that this new endeavor might be a film. They also published a teaser that contains all the characters in order to further promote this new initiative.

I can’t wait for the 2nd season, What about you?

The plotline and What might happen next?

Before we talk about what happens next, let me fill you in on what’s down in the 1st season. It chronicles the tale of Reki, a skateboarding-loving second-year high school student. He gets caught up in “S,” a deadly skateboard race that takes place in an underground abandoned mine with no set regulations at all, something more like freestyle.

SK8 the Infinity Season 2

The other person caught up in S with Reki is Langa, a half-Japanese, half-Canadian lad who only recently moved back to Japan from Canada and has never skateboarded before. As the result, Langa had to compete in a race against unorthodox people like dirty racers and AI racers.

We witness a very beautiful friendship between Reki and Langa as well. We all know an Extrovert and an Introvert makes the perfect duo The comical scenes are hilarious and on point. The characters introduced are very unique too. It’s fun watching the two bond over similar interests.

SK8 the Infinity Season 2

Now can we expect in 2nd season of SK8 the Infinity We witnessed Langa win the event after overcoming Adams in the final moments of the spectacular skateboarding anime’s first season. He also eventually reminded them of the latter’s primary objective for skating. The boys were really passionate when it comes to skating.

SK8 the Infinity Season 2

Langa will travel to Tokyo with his teammates for the S Downhill Skating competition in SK8 The Infinity Season 2. Additionally, they will encounter skaters in Tokyo who are on a completely different level. In the new season, Koyomi’s skateboarding voyage will also get underway. So, the viewers can anticipate a snowboarding-specific episode.

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Where can I watch SK8 to Infinity?

You can watch SK8 to Infinity on Crunchyroll (dub and sub).

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