Sonic the Hedgehog and TOEI Animation Team Up to Produce CG Animated Film ‘Hypergalactic’

Toei Animation recently announced that the company and Sonic The Hedgehog designer Naoto Oshima will be producing a new CG animated film titled Hypergalatic. Oshima is confirmed to co-write the story and design the characters while Lord of the Rings director Joseph Chou and Shrek 2 director David N. Weiss will be the film’s directors.

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According to an early report by Deadline, Hypergalactic follows the adventurous teenage girl and her baby brother in the not-so-distant future. They release the forgotten protector of Earth named Ohkan with the hope the he can reunite them with their missing parents. The three main characters of the film find out the meaning of family along the way.

For the cast of characters, the confirmed named names that will be part of this film are the voices of Adam Devine, Elsie Fisher, J.K. Simmon, and Same Richardson. Fisher will be playing the girl protagonist while Devine is confirmed to voice Ohkan.

Yoshi Ikezawa is confirmed to be producer of the film. Katsuhiro Takagi, Kozo Morishita, and Tim Kwok are credited as the film executive producers. The movie will be distributed worldwide by Charades and is expecting to launch sales at the European Film Market this month in Berlin with Iwashina Corporation founder and Toei Animation advisor Kevin Iwashina.

Naoto Oshima is an artist and video game designer popular for designing the characters Sonic and Dr. Eggman from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog Series. During his early years in his career, his credits are under his nickname “Big Island” which is a direct English translation of his family name.

Oshima is not only involved the Sonic the Hedgehog series, he is also involved in the productions of the popular game series such as Phantasy Star Blue Dragon, Hey! Pikmin, Yoshi’s Island series, Wii Play: Motion, and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to name a few.

Source: Deadline

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