35 Strongest Anime Characters of all Time

Even though anime is really awesome on its own, interacting with other anime fans online or in person may significantly improve the experience. Which characters are more powerful than others or who would prevail in a fight are some of the anime fandom’s oldest debates. Here’s the list of the 35 Strongest Anime Characters of all Time.

As long as there are new seasons of anime, these discussions will probably never end. Moreover, people always argue about who’s the strongest. We can’t decide that, can we? So my list is just a listing and not a rank listing. With that being said let’s dive into 35 Strongest Anime Characters of all Time.

1. Goku

Goku Strongest Anime Characters
Goku, Credits – Game Rant

He is the most powerful anime character and the hero of all heroes. It has been established from the start of the Dragon Ball anime series that the majority of the characters are capable of destroying entire worlds.

After Dragon Ball Super ended, Goku’s strength was almost incomprehensible. He has repeatedly thwarted the terrible schemes of vindictive androids, deadly djinns, and alien overlords. His Ka-me-ha-me-ha is perhaps the most recognizable signature move in anime, and it has sent countless enemies to their knees.

2. Luffy

Luffy, Credits – CBR

In One Piece, Luffy, the carefree leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, is actually a man of amazing strength. His Rubber Human Devil Fruit was initially regarded as one of the series’ weakest fruits. He does, however, unleash the enormous potential of his force after lengthy training.

Due to his rubber body and exceptional strength and speed, Luffy is immune to the majority of attacks. The fact that Luffy is a member of the Worst Generation only strengthens his position. These eleven infamous, strong, and inexperienced pirates are wanted for crimes against international governments.

3. Saitama

Saitama Strongest Anime Characters
Saitama, Credits – CBR

In One Punch Man, Saitama is the primary character. Saitama stands out among the other superheroes and people with abilities in a world full of them. He is so strong, in fact, that he constantly struggles with the existential problem of being too powerful to appreciate being a hero. 

The epic conflict with Lord Boros is where he made his only significant attack. A strike from Boros that has the potential to destroy a planet is neutralized by Saitama’s powerful punch. Saitama’s true potential is considerably greater, according to Boros, who goes on to say that this was not even near to his entire power.

4. Ezra Scarlet

Ezra Scarlet
Ezra, Credits – Adargio Teas

She is hands down, the coolest character in Fairy Tail. Erza’s preferred style of magic, Requip, is a branch of spatial magic that she has a strong command of. Erza is a masterful practitioner of Sword Magic in addition to her trademark Magic, Requip.

She’s great at Telekenisis, an expert archer, enchantment, hand-to-hand combat, and even a keen intellect. You name it, she’s got it.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki Strongest Anime Characters
Ichigo, Credits – Pinterest

In Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, a Soul Reaper, is in charge of ensuring the safety of spirits passing between this life and the afterlife. Every Soul Reaper carries a Zanpakuto, a sword with the ability to sever spiritual bodies, making them one of the only beings capable of killing hollows.

Ichigo possesses a Zanpakuto named Zangetsu that is exceedingly strong. Zangetsu increases Ichigo’s strength and speed to superhuman levels when it is released in its full form. Ichigo possesses more spirit energy than many of the Soul Society commanders, despite the fact that he is a novice Soul Reaper. Ichigo is a contender for the strongest anime character ever because of his capacity to repel otherworldly foes in defense of human spirits.

6. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha
Madara, Credits – FandomSpot

A major villain in the Naruto series was previously the famous head of the Uchiha clan. He was born with an extraordinarily high amount of chakra, just like Naruto. Even though he mainly employs ninjutsu, he is a master at hand-to-hand combat.
Some of the strongest characters in the Naruto series are the tailed beasts.

So, when Madara encloses Ten-Tails, the source of chakra, inside of his body, he practically becomes unstoppable. He can hypnotize any living thing on the planet after reclaiming both of his Rinnengan. Madara is now a strong contender to be named the most powerful anime character ever as a result of this.

7. Zeno

Zeno Strongest Anime Characters
Zeno, Credits – Reddit

Next on the list of strongest anime characters is Zeno. The monarch of all and the god of gods in the Dragon Ball universe. He is also known as the Omni-King. His innocent and naive attitude conceals how strong he actually is. Zeno possesses the power to immediately destroy everything he desires, including people, planets, galaxies, and even whole universes. Zeno is without a doubt the strongest anime character to have ever appeared in the anime universe.

8. Akame

Akame s
Credits – Fandom

Akame is frequently regarded as one of Night Raid’s strongest members because she can easily defeat even the toughest foes. Secondly, she is incredibly quick, agile, and quick to react. She is also excellent in hand-to-hand combat and can dodge and counterattack with lethal accuracy. Additionally, she fights with almost no lethal intent, making it impossible for the opposition to detect her.

9. Simon

Simon Strongest Anime Characters
Simon, Credits – Fandom

He starts out the novel as a young, quiet, and lonely boy but develops into a strong, adored man. Our hero was praised for having the qualities of a drill. And becomes to be known as a legendary hero who overcame insurmountable challenges on both a personal and a global level. Simon now serves as an enduring lighthouse for the benefit of all man and Spiral kind.

10. Gon

Gon, Credits – Reddit

Our, Gon is a monster who is unstable. He isn’t this upbeat lead character. It’s intriguing to observe the complex dynamics of his personality. Regardless of his perspective, he is strong. He will go to tremendous efforts to find out more about anything that interests him. He actually goes much further than is necessary.

I don’t want this cat to die of curiosity. I don’t want to release that energy into the universe, but gosh, with the rate he’s moving — never mind.

11. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki Strongest Anime Characters
Tatsumaki, Credits – Pinterest

I have no doubt that Tatsumi would assume the lead part if it weren’t for our bald pal.
Considering what the anime has covered, at least. Tatsumaki has a psychokinesis kit that is typical but exaggerated.

She can pick you up and launch you into space, or she can grab asteroids out of space and toss them at her foes. Tatsumi has a good attack radius that extends as far as the eye can see. She also has excellent defense and quickness.

12. Gojo

Gojo, Credits – Game Rant

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo is a Grade One Sorcerer. Gojo is the most potent sorcerer in the show, although he’s just in his 30s. He can easily defeat adversaries thanks to his Cursed Techniques.

Furthermore, due to excessive overstimulation, Gojo’s Domain Expansion, Unlimited Void, confines foes inside and restricts their movement. From there, Gojo can confront them with all of his strength. Gojo is a powerful sorcerer who is practically otherworldly and has more power than all other sorcerers together.

13. Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura Strongest Anime Characters
Kenshin, Credits – ComicBook.com

The little Kenshin Himura from the Rurouni One of the greatest and most renowned swordsmen to have ever lived was Kenshin. During the Meiji Revolution, Kenshin killed numerous people before hanging up his sword and swearing never to kill again. He roams the country, a roving samurai without a master, looking for retribution for the deaths he has taken.

From his master, Kenshin receives the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu sword technique, a kind of kenjutsu designed to let a single samurai take down several foes at once. It’s impressive how many foes he can eliminate while still remaining non-violent.

14. Lain Iwakura

Lain Iwakura
Lain. Credits – CharacTour

Continuous Experiments The central theme of Lain is her introduction to the Wired, a vast virtual reality environment akin to the internet. She is a computer program that is autonomous and conscious and has been given a physical, human shape so she may fit in with the real world.

Lain is an omnipotent, omnipresent virtual creature with a variety of reality-altering abilities. Lain is one of the most distinctively powerful anime characters since she dwells everywhere and within everyone, both in the Wired and the real world.

15. Yato

Yato Strongest Anime Characters
Yato, Credits – CosplayFU

The lead character and titular “stray god” of the anime/manga series Noragami is Yato. He is a minor deity who longs to be revered by the masses one day. He works as a delivery god and accepts any task offered to him for 5 yen in order to do this.

Yato has exceptional swordsmanship skills, which is unusual for a god in anime or manga. Yato also possesses a skill known as severance, also known as Zetsu, which allows her to break relationships with practically anyone of any aptitude.

16. Edward Elric

Edward Elric
Edward, Credits – Reddit

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric distinguishes out from the other alchemists for a number of reasons. The youngest State Alchemist in recorded history is him. Edward is one of the very few alchemists who does not require these circles to be drawn, which contributes to his incredible potency.

Edward can instantly transform while fighting without the use of a transmutation circle by merely putting his hands together. Ed frequently transforms his steel arm into various weapons, such as a blade, using transmutation.

17. Mirko

Mirko Strongest Anime Characters
Mirko, Credits – ComicBook.com

The No. 5 Pro Hero, Mirko, is next in line. She is the season’s MVP. That they just introduced her is unbelievable. The coolest Pro Hero there is without a doubt. Her combat prowess and quickness are quite exceptional.

Rumi is courageous enough to stand up for what is right and loves those who do, even if it causes friction. By entering the Doctor’s lair and kicking the crap out of them, she exemplifies her heroism and courage.

18. Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro, Credits – Nintendo Everything

Star Platinum, is one of the strongest Stands in the series, with superhuman power, stamina, accuracy, and speed. Star Platinum, like other physically strong (or close-range) Stands, has a limited range of activity; it is only active around Jotaro by a distance of about two to three meters.

It resembles The World from DIO and, as it turns out, has the same capacity to freeze time, which was revealed at the very end of his battle with DIO.

19. Ryūko Matoi

Ryūko Matoi Strongest Anime Characters
Ryuko, Credits – Fandom

In the anime Kill la Kill, Ryuko Matoi is on a quest to find the person responsible for her father’s murder. After some investigation, Ryuko acquires a Kamuy—a garment or wholly constructed of Life Fibers—that improves her fighting skills. As Ryuko and the Kamuy – Senketsu – synchronize further, the two start to combine, turning Ryuko into an invincible force.

Senketsu was designed for Ryuko. Ryuko can cut through even the strongest Life Fibers holding the evil Ragyo Kiryuin together with Senketsu’s assistance. Ryoku frequently defeats foes with her power, fortifying herself and Senketsu in the process.

20. Whis

Whis, Credits – CBR

The strongest being in Universe 7, Whis serves as Beerus’ attendant and teaches martial skills. Whis is much stronger than Beerus, according to Beerus. Whis defeated a raging Beerus with a single chop to the neck, although Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan God Goku could only handle Beerus at half of his full strength.

21. Sakuna

Sakuna Strongest Anime Characters
Sakuna, Credits – Crunchyroll

. Yes, I hear everyone screaming, I mean without Sakuna our list of strongest anime characters would be incomplete. Sukuna is a cursed spirit of a specific degree. Sukuna has the greatest amount of cursed energy of any cursed spirit in the whole series.

Shibuya was filled with the presence of Sukuna once he was awake. His cursed energy is enormous, like Satoru Gojo’s, but different in that it is extremely malevolent. Sukuna is a close-range combatant who possesses exceptional skill and strength. He is shown engulfing Megumi in strong physical blows on his own.

22. Shinichi Izumi and Migi

Shinichi Izumi and Migi Strongest Anime Characters
Shinichi, Credits – Reddit

Next strongest anime character is Izumi. He is one of the most distinctive in anime history. In the anime, Parasyte, parasitic aliens that feed on human flesh gain control of human bodies. Shinichi is an ordinary youngster who depends on the parasite Migi to protect him when they initially become close. Migi can alter its structure and appearance. He is also remarkably intelligent and powerful for his size.

After another alien attacks Shinichi and comes dangerously close to killing him, Migi disperses 30% of his body into Shinichi’s. Shinichi gains significantly better mental abilities in addition to increased strength, speed, and durability. Migi serves as the two’s combat strategist in addition.

23. Son Hak

Son Hak Strongest Anime Characters
Hak, Credits – Anime Amino

Princess Yona is under the protection of Son Hak in Yona of the Dawn. No matter the opponent Hak meets, even after the Koka Kingdom is overthrown, he always prevails. Hak resists being hit by a poison dart from some guards.

Hak is an outstanding fighter who hasn’t yet faced off against a challenger. Yona remains in Hak’s care even after the Koka Kingdom is toppled; he takes her to his hamlet and goes in search of the four Dragon Warriors together.

24. Guts

Guts Strongest Anime Characters
Guts, Credits – CBR

Berserk is one of the darkest anime series. But sorrow can also result in incredible power. Guts is no exception to the rule. Also known as the Black Swordsman, is a former mercenary who was unfortunate enough to receive the Brand of Sacrifice, which makes flesh-eating monsters chase him.

Guts had been a combat soldier since he was nine years old. When he was a mercenary, Guts beat a squad of 100 troops by himself. Even many apostles, former humans who have advanced to join the ranks of demonkind, can’t stand a chance against him because of his strength.

25. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman Strongest Anime Characters
Mikasa, Credits – CharacTour

One of the few well-known shonen animes where the female characters are equally valuable, complex, and strong as the male characters is Attack on Titan. Strong and formidable Mikasa Ackermann defends Eren and the people she loves.

She is incredibly resilient from an early age and develops into the second-most competent Scout in the world, immediately behind her older relative, Levi. Mikasa rarely sustains wounds, has a high kill total, and is constantly on hand to help those in need.

26. Mu Jin Park

Mu Jin Park Strongest Anime Characters
Mujin, Credits – Crunchyroll

Okay, so Mori, his grandfather, and the Naruto parody could potentially unseat Mujin for this position because they haven’t yet demonstrated abilities on par with his. But up to this point, Mujin has only been seen slapping an entire island (remotely, I may add) and slaughtering its inhabitants like flies.

Additionally, we’ve seen him abuse Q, the reputedly strongest commissioner. Likewise, remotely hold back a huge sword that was propelled by god. Not only is his power incredible, but even if you can’t see him, he still has the ability to defeat you.

27. Natsu

Natsu Strongest Anime Characters
Natsu, Credits – CBR

Natsu’s role as the shounen protagonist, in my opinion, is his greatest asset. Whatever you throw to the man, he will consume it, deliver a Nakama speech, and burn you to a char. We’ve seen how out of control his fire can be.

Simply being in his immediate presence for a brief period of time will give you the Tanacon sensation. You have to wonder if anything will be able to stop this little dragon youngster given the number of beatings he has endured over the years.

28. Lucy

Lucy Strongest Anime Characters
Lucy, Credits – IGN

In the anime Elfen Lied, Lucy is a novel species of human known as Diclonius. She is therefore adopted by human scientists who subject her to abuse and experiment on her. When Lucy escapes the lab and begins to slaughter anybody who stands in her way, however, she reveals her real evolved strength.

Being a Diclonius, Lucy has the ability to use telekinesis to defeat foes. She quickly dispatches a large number of humans who want to keep her locked away with simply a flick of her head. Amazing and terrible, Lucy’s power is especially terrifying for someone who only wants to survive.

29. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman Strongest Anime Characters
Levi, Credits – CBR

He could wing a fight in his human form; a titan form would simply slow him down. He could have easily killed Eren and Zeke before the rumbling even began if he hadn’t been hurt in his most recent fight with Zeke.

All of the best fights on the show concentrate around Levi. Levi defeats any foe, titan or human, with ease, from flying Kenny’s squad to one of the countless victories over the Beast Titan.

30.  Maki Zenin

Maki Zenin Strongest Anime Characters
Maki, Credits – ComicBook.com

In my opinion, she is really underrated. The list of strongest anime characters would be incomplete. Even though she can’t detect the curses, She has come a long way. All her hard work to make her name is without a doubt paid off.

The best of Maki was showcased in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, but there’s still more to come. the fiery young lady who strives to succeed on her own, without seeking anyone’s help. She is immensely strong-willed, capable, and determined to surpass the standards set for her by her “so-called” family.

31. Mob

Mob Strongest Anime Characters
Mob, Credits – Entoin

Although Mob from Mob Psycho 100 lacks physical strength, he has great latent psychic powers. Because of something that happened to him as a child, he unconsciously stored much of his power. But his entire psychic powers are unleashed when a specific emotion, like wrath, grief, or courage, reaches 100%.

He has unfathomable telekinetic abilities that enable him to disassemble/reassemble matter at the molecular level, fly, move whole buildings, and generate impenetrable force barriers. In addition, he has the ability to absorb energy from both the environment and other espers. Mob is a serious contender to be the strongest anime character of all time because of this.

32. Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani Strongest Anime Characters
Naofumi, Credits – Pinterest

He has crazy willpower and mental fortitude. Yes, Naofumi suffers from acute depression the entire time. His disappointment stretches far beyond the conclusion of season one. This makes perfect sense in light of what the public and the royals did to him.

But it is so admirable of him to keep going despite all the horrifying, untrue stories that I had to feature him in this blog. I would give up if I had to live his life. I would give up and live alone in the forest. Naofumi is an incredibly resilient person, both in conflict and in everyday life.

33. Asta

Asta Strongest Anime Characters
Asta, Credits – CBR

If we know anything about shounen protagonists, It’s the hard work and passion that helps them achieve their goals and dreams. Every combatant in Black Clover uses magic and locates their adversaries either directly or indirectly through the use of magic.

Asta, however, entirely negates magic with his swords and is undetectable because the young man has no magic ability at all. Additionally, his abilities’ entire demonic nature is a factor. Everyone is aware that he will continue to develop his strength.

34. Light Yagami

Light Yagami Strongest Anime Characters
Light, Credits – CharacTour

Yagami also makes this list not just cause he owns a powerful book, it’s because he is intelligent. Knowledge can be powerful too. You know what they say, “A pen is mightier than a sword”.

The Death Note, a mystical notepad used to end human lives, gives Light Yagami her power. A Death Note is dumped in the real world by Shinigami Ryuk, and Light ends up with it. Light uses the Death Note to exact vengeance on those he believes should not have lived. Nevertheless, he turned into a ruthless man. Reminds me of Dr. Faustus.

35. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki Strongest Anime Characters
Kaguya, Credits – Crunchyroll

Lastly, we have Kaguya. Well, as I said, this list might have a major spoiler for someone who’s watching Naruto. This is the Major spoiler, I couldn’t have left her while making the list cuz he is the strongest character in Naruto.

Kaguya Otsutsuki, the supreme celestial entity from the Naruto universe, first used chakra and subsequently changed into the Ten-Tails. Kaguya gained unparalleled chakra and strength after eating the fruit from the God Tree. She almost has no weaknesses now that she has the ability of Ten Tails. 

So, Who is the strongest according to you? Let us know in the comments. Click here for more anime news.


Where can I watch Anime for free?

You can watch free anime on Crunchyroll.

Who is the most powerful anime character?

This is a very tough topic, it is debatable though. We can’t decide on the strongest character. Our characters belong to a different universe, so it depends on that.

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