The Brilliant Healer’s New Life in the Shadows Fantasy Light Novel to Get TV Anime

It’s time for another popular fantasy light novel, the “The Brilliant Healer’s New Life In The Shadows” anime adaptation. Sakaku Hishikawa’s light novel has received immense love worldwide, resulting in over 200,000 copies. 

After receiving immense love from fans globally, the heart-fluttering announcement of its anime adaptation came recently. The announcement came with a promotional video and key visuals/illustrations spellbinding enough to make us excited. 

About The Brilliant Healer’s New Life In The Shadows Fantasy Light Novel Anime

The Brilliant Healer’s New Life In The Shadows anime illustration

Credit: Crunchyroll

There is no official confirmation regarding the release date, staff, cast, and animation studio details. These details will probably take some time to reach our ears as the anime’s confirmation news just came. Even the teaser video has nothing but illustrations taken from the light novel series. 

The author of the novel, Sakaku Sensei, couldn’t believe that the light novel would get an anime. According to him, he had never imagined that his work would get recognized and even become a popular light novel or a manga. The thrilling news did not only surprise the readers but also the author!


The story revolves around Zenos, a boy whose life has been miserable. Unable to enjoy the bare minimum in life living in the slums, his encounter with a Healer changes his life. The Healer inspires him enough to study healing, and soon, he becomes skilled in the field. Unfortunately, nobody believed in him and treated him poorly. Even after receiving horrible treatment from people, he doesn’t give up. This time, he opens his clinic and starts using his incredible magic skills that work for people. It didn’t take him long to become famous, and he soon started getting recognized. It’s all about his life struggles and how his life changes when he refuses to give up even after a lot of hardships!

Source: Crunchyroll 

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