The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: Gets an Anime Adaptation


The TV anime adaptation of the light novel series “The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior” (Higeki no Genkyou to Naru Saikyou Gedou Last Boss Joou wa Tami no Tame ni Tsukushimasu) will premiere in July 2023.

Furthermore, the news also revealed the main cast, production information, and a teaser image and video.

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What’s the Plot in the Series?

Pride, the Royal Ivy, discovers her rebirth as the evil queen and final boss of an Otome game when she is just eight years old. With boss-level abilities, a razor-sharp wit, and authority over the realm, she assumes the role of the crown princess in her new existence.

She determined to wreak dismay and devastation throughout the country. What kind of nasty future is it, you ask?

So to save as many people as she can, Princess Pride decides to abandon her absurd villainous scheme and safeguard the male love interests instead. Will her kingdom come to love this ultimate boss in the end?

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Teaser and Trailer

The teaser introduces the show’s central characters and depicts Pride striving to be the best queen to prevent disaster and make everyone happy. She realizes that she can alter the game’s plot in this reality.

Besides the production team posted the following teaser trailer to the MBS YouTube channel:

The teaser image of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen from Studio OLM is seen here:

the most heretical last boss queen
Credit: Studio OLM

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Cast and Staff

Norio Nitta is directing the anime at the OLM Team Yoshioka studio, with Deko Akao overseeing the series composition, and Hitomi Kono creating the characters.

Hanae Nakamura, Tatsuhiko Saiki, Kanade Sakuma, and Junko Nakajima are composing the soundtrack. And they have collaborated on “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom”.

For the main cast :

  • Ai Fairouz (Power in Chainsaw Man) as Pride, the crown princess of the kingdom.
  • Maaya Uchida (Shinobu Miyake in Urusei Yatsura 2022) as Steyr, Pride’s stepbrother.
  • Haruka Tomatsu (Gintoki Sataka in Gintama°) as Tiara, the kingdom’s second princess.

Tenichi is currently serializing the original story on the Shsetsuka ni Nar website as of April 2018. Starting with the first book in June 2019, Ichijinsha published the narrative in print editions with drawings by Suzunosuke.

In March 2020, Matsuura began publishing a manga version of the novels on the Zero-Sum Online website.

If you’ve read this novel, you’ll love this series. If not, don’t worry; the anime adaptation of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen will cover you. Until now, only this information has been disclosed. If there are any more updates, we’ll provide them here soon.

Meanwhile, you can visit the official The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior anime website for more details on the show.


In conclusion, the anticipation for “The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen” anime is palpable, and fans are eagerly awaiting this exciting update to the anime world. The unique premise, coupled with a talented production team and cast, sets the stage for an anime experience like no other.

Stay tuned for this royal rebirth, as it promises to be a journey worth embarking on, providing a fresh and captivating update to the anime landscape. Keep an eye out for further anime updates, and prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen.”

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is the release date of “The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen” anime?

The anime is set to premiere in July 2023.

Q2: Where can I watch the anime when it premieres?

Details about the streaming platform will be announced closer to the premiere date.

Q3: Is the anime faithful to the original light novel?

Yes, the adaptation aims to stay true to the essence of the light novel.

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