To Your Eternity Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

The To Your Eternity series is an absolute tear-jerker. It’s a tragic tale of an immortal being whose entire purpose is to soak up the world’s knowledge. The fans are excited for To Your Eternity season 2. Everyone Is Eagerly Wants To Know To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date.

The first season did end with a somewhat nice ending, Leaving clear insight into what to expect in future seasons. To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date is on October 23rd. The official Twitter account of the series released 3 teaser trailers and the official key visual.

So, let’s go over the details and everything we know before the season premiers.

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To Your Eternity Season 2 trailer

Official trailer via YouTube – To Your Eternity

The trailer showcased all the characters lost in the first season and how Fushi came close to giving up hope after losing everyone he was ever close to as To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date is on October 23rd. However, it seems Fushi soon finds a purpose for moving on. To preserve his memories and protect the world of Nokkers. If you enjoyed an underrated series like To Your Eternity, you’ll definitely enjoy browsing our top picks for the best underrated shows.

The trailer also showcased lots of new characters and wonderful new places. It seems Fushi will soon meet lots of new people and will continue his journey of creating bonds with people. You can read about the further additional cast member announcement to stay updated.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Key Visual

To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date
Official Keyvisual – Nep_Fumetsu Twitter

Why did the studio change?

It isn’t uncommon for a franchise to change its current animation studio to create profits further or improve the overall quality of the series. Which is more often disappointing; however, we have seen some quality improvements over the years.

Studio Drive is constantly making strides in the anime industry. Taking on a popular series as KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! And Seeing their trailer for the Konosuba Spinoff series. There is no doubt To Your Eternity second installment will look great.

Brain’s Base animated the first season of the series, which ran for 20 episodes. To Your Eternity sequel will have 20 episodes that will be airing on October 23rd.

There was no change in the staff except for Kiyoko Sayama acting as the director. Shinzo Fujita will be in charge of the series composition, Koji Yabuno for character designs, and Takeshi Takadera will be the sound director.

How much source material is left?

The first season of the series covered the story until volume 6, from chapter 1 (The final one) to chapter 54 (Echoes), and there are currently 18 volumes with over 150 chapters, not including a dozen chapters yet to be published.

Season 2 of the anime series will continue the story from volume 7, chapter 55 (Days of Boredom) to volume 12. There is enough source material to create a third season plus a movie.

Is To Your Eternity sad?

To Your Eternity can be a sad anime, as it deals with themes of death, loss, and grief. However, it is also a hopeful and heartwarming story, as Fushi learns to find meaning and joy in life, even in the face of adversity.


The second season of To Your Eternity season 2 will be released in the Fall of 2022 and will consist of 20 episodes. Visit our anime news headlines to stay updated.

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