Undead Unluck To Get An Anime Adaptation

Undead Unluck
Credit: Studio David Productions

Only a few days after the rumor of an “Undead Unlucky” anime adaptation first appeared, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine verified the information. It has been reported that the anime adaptation of Shonen Jump’s Undead Unluck will debut sometime in 2023, thus fans of the series are finally feeling that sense of excitement.

The undead are the newest craze; zombies are a thing of the past. What distinguishes them from one another? The undead are attractive immortals, whereas zombies are brain-dead beasts.

So What’s the Plot in Manga?

Since January 20, 2020, the original Undead Unluck manga has been published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The English translation of the series is available on Manga Plus and Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app. The series is described as follows by Viz Media:

In her favorite shojo manga, passionate romance is all Fuuko craves. Unfortunately, her “Unluck” power prevents that. But just as Fuuko reaches her lowest point, Andy literally sweeps her off her feet!

Now that Andy is trying to figure out how to start a stroke of lousy luck big enough to kill him for real, she has become his reluctant test subject. However, Andy’s preparations for burial are put on hold when the couple learns a covert group is after them.

Trailer, Key Visuals, and Studio?

An anime version of Undead Unluck has been approved for release in 2023. The series is animated by the David Productions studio, as was previously mentioned.

I have great expectations for Undead Unluck because David Productions has produced several fantastic television shows, like Fire Force and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. You can see Andy performing some chaotic things with his undead body in this announcement video.

It will take a while until a decent trailer can be produced, as you may have already suspected. You can still catch a peek of Undead Unluck’s absurd story in the video. Next, we have a fresh image of Andy and Fuuko, his latest victim/friend.

Undead Unluck
Credit: Crunchyroll

Additionally, Yoshifumi Tozuka, a manga artist, has released another lovely artwork.

Undead Unluck
Credit: Yoshifumi Tozuka

An entertaining action comedy with lots of funny sequences is called “Undead Unluck.” To live in this cruel world, an unfortunate girl and a perverse immortal will work together. Although Andy only wants to pass away soon, can bring with Fuuka change his perspective on life?

What Should We Expect From this Anime Adaptation?

Even though they did a fantastic job with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fire Force is perhaps the show that will provide viewers the most insight into what to anticipate from Undead Unluck. Given the topic of the source material, Fire Force’s brilliant colors, amazing, fast-paced action, and fluid animation are likely to be featured in Undead Unluck as well.

Like the protagonists in Fire Force, Andy and the other Negators each have their own distinct combat styles. Because David Production has previously shown they can manage it, the team will be able to choose the best technique to handle the animation for each character.

Over 100 chapters of Undead Unluck have currently been released and have been bundled into single volumes. This indicates that the amount of material available for the anime adaptation will be ample.

Given that Fire Force’s third season is already in production and that each of its two prior seasons featured 24 episodes, it seems probable that the first half of next year will be devoted to it, with the second half being set aside for Undead Unluck.

So What do you guys think of this anime adaptation? Let us know in the comments.

1. What’s the release date of this Anime?

As we discussed it is confirmed that anime is in production and the studio confirms that anime will be released sometime in 2023 but still the date is hideous we can just wait for the release date to be announced.

2. Where to read Undead Unluck Manga?

You can read it on Viz or Manga plus.

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