Vampire Dormitory Anime Teaser Trailer Reveals Main Cast

Time for some vampire romance! 2024 is not coming slowly; it has started with a bang and will continue to surprise us till the end. Before the end of 2023, the announcement of the Vampire Dormitory anime adaptation ruled. 

From time to time, the higher-ups have entertained us with spine-chilling and heart-fluttering teasers and visuals. Anime fans were so excited about this that the edits started going viral on social media. Yes, this is the power of a vampire romance story that Ema Toyama has beautifully written. 

The manga is already a hit in the manga community, and Shoujo fans love it from the moon and back. Now, we are all waiting for the updates on the exact release date. Since there are no new updates regarding it, we can assume it will hit the screens in the middle or end of the year. Well, let’s just see!

Vampire Dormitory Anime Teaser Trailer & Details Cast

The main cast, animation studio details, staff members, and other information was highlighted last year. Studio Blanc, famous for producing Uramichi Oniisan, is responsible for bringing the story to life. 

Director Nobuyoshi Nagayama is all set to use his magical directional skills for the upcoming anime. I hope we all know him from his work on Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress. We have details about the character designer and many other staff members, as follows!

  • Touko Machida is famous for his work on AKame Ga Kill, Samurai Champloo, and many others. He has taken the lead for the screenplay.
  • Naomi Tsuruta is responsible for creating stunning character designs.
  • Vampire Dormitory Production Committee is overall handling the production of the anime.

By far, we have 2 main teaser trailers. The first one was just 40-second glimpses into the world of supernatural and fantasy. The other was a minute long which was enough to completely spellbind the viewers. 

The promotional video and teasers have remarkably highlighted the heart-pounding chemistry between the vampire and the sweet female lead. We can easily say this is going to be a notable entry in the world of shoujo anime. 

The visuals are high quality with the right essence of aesthetics, creativity, and decency. The feel of the anime was clearly felt and had impacted the way it should. 

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Vampire Dormitory Main Cast

vampire dormitory cast

Credit: Crunchyroll 

Manga readers usually await the details about the main cast. Why? Because while reading the manga, they unconsciously imagine the character’s voice. Therefore, they are eager to know if the voice actors match the character’s voice or not. 

Well, rest assured, the voice actors hired for the job are already famous for their fantastic talents. In fact, you must have already heard them in the trailer. They are doing perfectly! 

  • Kana Ichinose, the VA who has voiced Fern in Frieren, is voicing the FL Mito Yamamoto
  • Shunichi Toki, famous for his role “Sion” in The Legendary Hero Is Dead, is voicing Ruka Saotome
  • Lastly, Yuichiro Umehara, the one who voiced the popular Goblin Slayer, is voicing Ren Nikaido

That’s it, guys. For now, we have shared all the details that are officially out. 

Vampire Dormitory Plot

vampire dormitory visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

If you haven’t read the manga but are a shoujo lover, then I bet reading about the Vampire Romance must have intrigued you. So, let me enlighten you on the beautiful plot of the anime. The story highlights the messy and chaotic life of Mito Yamamoto, a girl who lives disguised as a boy. 

She has no one to call family or friends, so life is a little too dark for her. Her unexpected encounter with the handsome vampire changes her life for good. He wanted Mito to be in a contractual relationship with him where he could have her blood while she could stay with him in the boy’s dorm. 

Plot Twist: Ruka Saotome, the vampire, doesn’t have any idea that Mito is a GIRL!!! This is something that adds charm to the overall story that fans can’t wait to watch on screens. Mito must hide her identity, so every day is a new challenge. 

On the other hand, the vampire is an obsessive and possessive type, so you better be prepared for some epic chemistry. Watching the love blossom between the two would be nothing less than a visual treat.

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Fans’ Reaction

Fans are super excited and didn’t actually imagine that their favorite manga would get the anime adaptation. They are hoping that it should not disappoint them in any way and must meet their expectations. The manga reader enjoyed the romances between the main leads so they are eagerly waiting. All they are hoping for is a high-quality animation, a well-paced story, and a satisfied story.


Is Vampire Dormitory an anime?

Yes, the manga is currently being adapted into the anime

Is a vampire dormitory a romance?

Yes, it’s the romance that will easily give you butterflies

Who is the main character in the vampire dormitory?

Mito Yamamoto is the main female lead.

SOURCE: Crunchyroll


Well, this is it, guys! Keep in touch with AnimeFleek for more anime updates. The supernatural-themed romances are never outdated, and they entertain the fans equally as they used to do years ago. And they will continue to do the same in the future as well. We are never bored watching a vampire falling for an ordinary girl, and this is the scoop we are in for. Have a fantastic time waiting for more updates on this one!

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