Witch on the Holy Night Anime Movie Reveals New Teaser Trailer

Witch on the Holy Night

Witch on the Holy Night is one of the most popular anime video games created by the well-known gaming studio Type Moon. They are about to release their first anime adaptation and also release a new teaser video for it. Witch on the Holy Night first released their video game series on Nintendo Switch and Play Station in December 2022.

Now, they recently made the biggest development and released the same video game series for Windows users on December 14, 2023. The game is getting a good response from anime fans for its incredible action sequences and captivating visuals.

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Moreover, its also became one of the most popular Type-moon games and is currently the most hyped up anime game with graphics that challenge others. As a result, they were also eagerly waiting for the Witch on the Holy Night anime film to witness its epic story. So, let’s get straight to this informative news and find out about this upcoming anime movie adaptation.

Witch on the Holy Night New Teaser

Witch on the Holy Night Second Teaser Video

On December 31, 2023, the officials released the second teaser video for the film on the Aniplex YouTube channel. The official trailer features spectacular scenic views and high-quality visuals that make it highly captivating and spectacular.

Moreover, it also features two main characters in the film, Aoko Aozaki and Alice Kuonji. The trailer already crossed more than 732k views just within 2 days of its release. These numbers indicate how exciting;y fans were waiting for this upcoming anime film.

However, the officials have not said anything about the Japanese release date for the film. As soon as we get any further information regarding its release date, we will immediately share it with you.

Cast and Staff of Witches in the Holy Night Anime Film

Cast of the film
Source: Witch on the Holy Night Official Website

The Witch on the Holy Night anime film is written by Kinoko Nasu, a popular game creator who wrote scripts for several popular series. Some of his best-written works are Fate Stay Night, Fate Grand Order, Tsuhikime, and The Garden of Sinners.

Moreover, Ufotable Studio, one of the best animation studios that produces plenty of high-quality anime, will produce this upcoming anime film. This successful studio produced several popular anime films are Demon Slayer, Mugen Train, Silent Voice, Violet Evergarden, Tamako Love Story, and many more.

On the other hand, the officials have not yet revealed the voice cast for the film. However, we got the list of major characters in the film thanks to the game’s original story.

Here are the major characters of the Witch on the Holy Night anime film:

  • Aoko Aozaki is a normal high school student who just began learning sorcery and magical abilities.
  • Alice Kuonji is a born witch who is blessed with incredible magical powers.
  • Shizuki Sojuro is a normal high school boy who is living in the same mansion as Alice Kuonji.
  • Tobimaru Tsukiji is a classmate of Aoko Aozaki and also president of the student council.
  • Kumari Kinshika is another friend of Aoko Aozaki and the treasurer of the student council.
  • Yoshisuke Kinomi is a classmate of Sojuro as well as his fellow co-worker at a part-time job.

In the Witch on the Holy Night, Haruka Tomatsu provides the voice for Aoko Aozaki and Kana Hanazawa provides the voice for Alice Kuonji. However, the officials can’t confirm that they will also provide their voice in their upcoming film.

Plot of the Witch on the Holy Night Anime Film

Witch on the Holy Night anime film
Source: Witch on the Holy Night Official Trailer

Witch on the Holy Night is one of the best upcoming fantasy anime films to watch. It is set in a city called Misaki, where an old mansion is rumored to be the home of a witch. The movie mainly centers on protagonist named Aoko Aozaki who left her ordinary life.

Now, she comes to live in the old mansion, where she meets a witch named Alice Kuonji who is a co-female protagonist. Mysterious intruders interrupt Aoko as she begins to learn magic from Alice. Later in the series, Shizuki Sojuro also unexpectedly comes to the same mansion to live.

After that, they all begin investigating the secret of mysterious intruders. If you are a fan of the Fate franchise, then you should definitely watch this upcoming anime film.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative news to be useful and learned about Witch on the Holy Night anime film. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and upcoming anime releases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the major genres of the film?

Witch on the Holy Night comes under the mystery and supernatural genres. It is based on the visual novel Witch (a type of light novel) of the same name, written by Kinoko Nasu.

2. What are the top three anime series of the Fate franchise to watch?

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate Stay Night, and Fate Zero are the top three anime series of the franchise. With the release of this upcoming anime film, Witch on the Holy Night also shared universe with Fate franchise and comes under broader Type-Moon universe.

3. What are some of the best anime to watch?

Ufotable is one of the most successful studios who is known for its beautiful art style and high-quality animation. You can watch their popular yet all time favorite series, such as Demon Slayer, God Eater, Garden of Sinners, and Fate Stay Night.

Source: Official Website

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