Ya Boy Kongming! Road To Summer Sonia Anime Unleashes Special Trailer

A theatrical anime compilation film based on Ya Boy Kongming! Road To Summer Sonia is on its way to hit the screens. It will be based on its TV anime that was released in 2022. The higher-ups recently released a special trailer highlighting the new song “Resonance.” 

The release is set, and it will hit the screen on March 1, 2024! It’s just a matter of a few days, and there we go! It’s the anime adaptation of the manga by the creators Yuto Yotsuba and Ryo Ogawa.

Ya Boy Kongming! Road To Summer Sonia

Credit: Crunchyroll

Everything from aesthetic visuals and quality to music and characters is on point in the two-minute trailer. The music fits exceptionally well with the visuals, perfectly displaying the right emotions. EIKO and Nanami Kuon performed the song beautifully. 96Neko and Lezel were responsible for providing their voices, respectively.

The trailer effortlessly highlights the cinematic aesthetics and the great direction, thanks to Shu Honma for directing the anime. Animation Studio P. Works is responsible for animation production, so high quality was pretty natural to expect. Genki Hikota and Avex Pictures are responsible for music and its production!

The story revolves around China’s greatest military strategist, Zhuge Kongming. During his last moments, he wonders how life would have been different. Instead of moving to the afterlife, he finds himself in a different body, i.e., another chance at life. His encounter with a struggling singer, Eiko Tsukimi, changes everything for him. He decides to use his skills and knowledge of his past life to help the young girl to achieve her goals. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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