A Girl and Her Guard Dog Upcoming Anime

I am back again with exhilarating news. Romance lovers, get ready to get a high dose of romance! Everyone’s favorite Japanese manga series is getting an anime adaptation. It’s none other than A Girl And Her Guard Dog Anime .

The manga started winning hearts in 2019. It made fans so happy that they couldn’t resist watching it on screens. Finally, after a long wait, it has been confirmed that the Guard Dog Anime will be out soon. 

A Girl And Her Guard Dog Anime’s source material will be the manga. The story is loved for its charming character designs, spicy chemistry, and intense interactions. Hopefully, this one will make its name among the best romance anime.

What’s The Official Release Date Of A Girl And Her Guard Dog Anime?


The official channel teased the fans with a short 1st trailer hinting that it will get a release. Along with the producers, Anime TV officially announced the anime release. 

Guard Dog Anime Schedule for 2023

Though it’s been said the animation production has been started, no exact release date has been announced. All we can say is that the Guard Dog anime will be on our screens in 2023. You can expect to watch it in fall 2023 as the work has just started. 

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About Guard Dog Anime

According to the manga, the Guard Dog anime’s story revolves around an orphan. Our heroine is Fifteen-Year-Old Isaku Senagaki. Her life had been a mess after she lost her parents. Thanks to her Yakuza Boss grandfather, who took her responsibility. However, all she wanted was to live a normal life. 

The mafia background made it impossible for her to make friends at school and find true love. Innocent Isaku vows to change her life by starting fresh in high school. Contradictory to her expectations, this time as well, it seemed impossible. Why? Because Keiya Uto, her 26-year-old bodyguard, joined the school to look after her. 

No matter how much she wants to avoid him, his charming personality always finds a way to make her heart flutter. It’s an Age-Gap romance as the main leads have a difference of almost 10 years. Yes, it’s a School Life romance with a main lead GENERATION gap! 

A Girl And Her Guard Dog Anime Production

The anime is the work of Project 9, and per predictions, Crunchyroll will be responsible for its broadcast. Pony Canyon studios will produce this upcoming romantic comedy. Though the official trailer isn’t up yet, you can expect exceptional animation quality from Project 9. 

It’s the same company that produced The Angel Next Door. In fact, they are behind the production of Higehiro and many other popular shows. No extra details regarding the voice cast anime seasons have been discussed officially. 


All we can do is wait for the higher-ups to make more announcements. As the anime is in its production phase, you can expect some more teasers sooner than later. However, one thing’s for sure: A Girl And Her Guard Dog anime will be a BANGER! So, let’s wait together to watch the endearing characters to make our hearts flutter. 


Q1. What is the age gap in A Girl and Her Guard Dog?

Almost ten years since the girl is around 16 and the boy is 26.

Q2. Where can I watch Girl and her guard dog anime?

Everyone can watch this gripping romantic comedy on Crunchyroll.

Q3. How many episodes does a girl and her guard dog have?

Though it’s not yet been confirmed, the anime is expected to have 12 or 13 episodes.

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