30 Top Anime For 11 Year Olds

Today, I brought some exciting recommendations for my sweet little Otaku. This post is all about the 30 top anime for 11 year olds. All of them are watch-worthy as they are full of entertainment.

Anime has always made sure to make the time worthwhile. The period of childhood is one of the most significant parts of our lives, where we learn things and experiment a lot. Most such experiences become our strongest memories.

Therefore, making good memories is crucial, especially if you spend your time on entertainment. To make your childhood special, I have brought a special anime list for my junior Japanese anime fans! Don’t worry; you’ll hopefully begin watching any one anime after the end of this list. So let’s begin with our work!

30. Beyblade

Beyblade best anime for 11 year olds
Credit: IMDb

Let’s start our list of 30 top anime with Beyblade. If games or sports fascinate you, then I am sure you’ll enjoy watching Beyblade. Ginka Hagane is our protagonist and a Beyblader on a mission to avenge his father’s death. Watching him defeat the toughest of opponents with ease is heart-winning. 

Being the best Beyblader is his dream which simply makes the anime entertaining. The anime is full of enticing action sequences along with mystery and drama. There are multiple series of Beyblade with different protagonists and stories. Therefore, you can watch any of them!

29. School Babysitters

School Babysitters best anime for 11-year-old
Credit: IMDb

Ryuuchi’s life turns upside down after losing his parents in a tragic accident. He is left alone with his younger brother and is now responsible for looking after him. Ryuuchi has no idea how to look after kids, but destiny makes sure to make him an expert babysitter.

He is offered a job as a babysitter, and he agrees only because it gives him shelter in return. Ryuuchi’s circumstances forced him to accept the offer, and he started working as a babysitter. Watching the boy looking after her multiple toddlers will amuse you. This anime is full of comedic events that will force you to laugh. The childcare theme has made the anime exciting to watch.

28. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia Best anime for 11 year olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

The main character Akko wishes to be a witch just like her idol, Chariot. Therefore, she tries her level best to follow her footprints. Unfortunately, her family background is not associated with this field. Therefore, she has to struggle a lot to master magic.

Watching her standing firmly against the odds and hardships just to fulfill her dream of becoming a witch is mesmerizing. I am sure her adventures will keep you entertained throughout. Those who like magic and action can consider this one to watch! Not just for kids, but this one is for everyone who are searching for 30 top anime.

27. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball best anime for 11-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

We are all very familiar with this spellbinding anime, and I know many of you are already fans of Goku! Be it any Dragon Ball z or any part, the anime sure has given us countless memories. Thanks to this anime, its characters have become the most memorable characters for us. Dragon Ball entertains the viewers with strong characters, mystery, mind-blowing action, and whatnot. The story is all about the mystery of the seven dragon balls. 

Heroes and villains struggle to find the dragon ball and then collect it to fulfill their wishes. Their greed forces the characters to fight, whereas the good ones try to stop the bad ones from their evil motives. With each passing episode, the anime gets more intriguing. 

Watching Goku and the main characters standing against OP villains and then remarkably leveling up to their level to defeat them is mind-boggling! If action and overpowered characters excite you, then you should not miss this one!

26. Tamako Market

Tamako Market best anime for 11-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

How can we forget adding this one to our list of 30 top anime? Tamako Market is one of the sweetest anime for 11-year-olds. It follows the life of a simple and innocent girl named Tamako. She spends her day working for the family business of baking mochis. Her simple life gets a little more intriguing with the entry of a talking bird who falls in love with the taste of Mochis.

He started living in their town, spending his time eating mochis.The bird was on a mission to find a perfect bride for his country’s prince. Are you getting the hints? Yes, there are a lot of chances that he may recommend Tamako as a bride.

However, don’t be quick to judge. The author has made sure to add some twists! Tamako’s friend is in line to be her life partner!

25. Eon Kid

Eon Kid best anime for 11-year-olds
Credit: Eon Kid Anime

This anime has made the childhood of many memorable! I consider myself the luckiest to watch Eon Kid in my childhood, so I recommend this to all kids! The story’s protagonist is Marty, a kid with a sense of justice. He will do anything but never let evil win. 

His life changed drastically when he came across a mysterious Iron fist that bestowed him superhuman powers. Many villains who wish to go to any limits to achieve their evil motives enter the story. Marty, with his loyal friends’ help, tries his best to protect people and stop the antagonist. If you have watched E-on Kid, then your childhood is the best. It has all the qualities to be on this list of 30 top anime.

24. Bakugan

Bakugan best anime for 11-Year-Olds
Credit: IMDb

Bakugan is one of the best action anime on this list of 30 top anime for 11-year-olds. Dan is the main protagonist whose life becomes adventurous with the sudden entry of Bakugan. One day, a sudden rain of Bakugan cards changes everything. These cards were able to call powerful creatures (Bakugan). 

People took the Bakugan for fun and started participating in tournaments. Soon the card holders jumped into tournaments where they used to compete for their Bakugan with others. Little did they know that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. 

How did the Bakugan enter the world, and what are their motives? These are mysteries that will force you to watch this one. So get ready to be entertained by this beautiful anime!

23. Poco’s Udon World

Poco's Udon World best anime for 11-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

Let’s add a little sweetness and cuteness to this list of 30 top anime. The story revolves around Souta Tawara and his adventures. When he returns to his hometown to cherish his childhood memories, he meets a mysterious boy. Not knowing who he is, Souta tries to comfort him with food and nurture. 

However, he is surprised to learn that the kid is a shapeshifting raccoon, not an ordinary kid. Poco’s Udon World highlights their cute chemistry and how Souta looks after the boy with love. This refreshing anime highlights the importance of family and how family members play a significant role in making life beautiful. 

22. B Daman

B Daman best anime for 11-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

B Daman is similar to Beyblade in multiple ways. The anime revolves around the B Damans, similar to marble launching machines. Those who use them are termed B Daman players. Like any game contest, the B Daman players compete with each other in tournaments (B DaBattles) to earn the title of best.

Yamato is our sweet and cute little protagonist who is raised by cats. Things in her life began to change when he found himself attracted to a B Daman. Little did he know that this machine wasn’t an ordinary one. It is super entertaining to see Yamato being a B Daman player and shocking others with his skills and personality!

21. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura
Credit: Crunchyroll

The story begins when a 10-year-old girl named Sakura happens to find the mysterious Clow cards. While casually playing with them, she undoes their seal, and the cards get scattered. Well, if you think the cards were just like any other ordinary cards, then my lord, you are wrong. 

The cards are powerful enough to destroy the world. To stop the chaos, a beast named Kero enters the story and orders Sakura to collect all the cards back. Don’t you think it’s a way too massive responsibility for a 10-year-old to carry? Considering this anime among the 30 top anime is worth it!

20. Digimon Savers

Digimon Savers
Credit: IMDb

It’s time to add an anime with cute characters on this list of 30 top anime. How many of you imagine scenarios where some aliens or mysterious creatures enter the world? If you are the one who imagines such stuff, then you’ll love Digimon as it holds the same idea. The anime is about Digimon, the mysterious creatures who enter the world and disturb its peace. 

Masaru is our excellent protagonist who adds charm to the anime. The plot becomes intriguing when he befriends a cute Digimon and sets out on an adventure to protect the world.

He is tasked with a mission to find the problem the Digimon are creating and the reason behind their entry into their world. The best thing to admire in this anime is the spellbinding chemistry between Masaru and his Digimon friend! 

19. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven
Credit: IMDb

Do you like watching soccer, or do you wish to be a soccer player? If your answer is yes, then you can’t miss the chance to watch this commendable anime. Inazuma Eleven has introduced soccer with a unique concept. 

Mamoru is our talented hero who wishes to become the best football player. To build his team, he wishes to add Shuuya, a football prodigy, to his team. However, adding him is difficult because Shuuya has left playing for personal reasons. Trust me or not but you’ll be amazed to see the matches in this one as they are full of creativity, action, and POWERS!

18. Naruto

Source: Naruto anime

If you want to call yourself an otaku, you can’t miss this one. Doesn’t matter if you have watched thousands of anime; if you haven’t watched Naruto, you have watched Nothing! Naruto has everything that one wishes to see in his favorite anime. 

It is full of lessons that one fails to learn on its own. Naruto Uzumaki is the main character whose parents die protecting the world by selling an evil nine-tailed fox inside him. From that moment onwards, Naruto has been hated even though he is not responsible for anything. 

He lived a lonely life until he joined the academy, where he met precious people. Iruka Sensei was the first person who relieved him and made him feel like a family. Each episode of Naruto brings something new, and it’s a journey of Naruto changing people on and off the screen. There are mysteries, suspense, mind-blowing action sequences, and much more. 

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17. Daa Daa Daa

Daa Daa Daa
Credit: IMDb

The plot is as funny as its name sounds, and trust me, you’ll feel refreshed while watching this one. This is one of the best anime for 11-year-olds, full of comedy and drama. The story is about Miryuu, an 8th grader whose parents leave her alone to work at NASA. 

Mr. Saionji looked after her along with his son Kanata. After some time, Mr. Saionji moved out of the country, leaving the kids alone. The kids’ life became adventures afterward when an alien and his pet entered their lives out of the blue.

To top it off, the alien treated the duo as his parents. Not knowing what to do and how to solve this problem, Miryuu and Kanata find themselves entangled in trouble.

16. Dinosaur King

Dinosaur King
Credit: IMDb

This anime is full of fantasy and adventure, where friends save the world from evil. The story revolves around Max, Reg and Zoe. When Max’s father takes him and his friend Reg to South Africa for a mission, they find themselves entangled with problems.

The kids come across some magical stones printed with Dinosaur images, making them twitch the dinosaur. The dinosaurs seek their help and protection from an evil Dr. Z. The Dr. is on a mission to hunt down the dinosaurs and to achieve his goal, he has traveled back in the past. 

Now the trio vows to stop Dr. Z from achieving his evil motives and to protect the dinosaurs. If you like mysteries, fantasy, and adventures, you’ll enjoy the anime throughout!

15. Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the best anime for 11-year-olds, and trust me, you’ll wish to rewatch it even in your teens. Dragon Tales revolves around two kids and their intriguing adventures in the world of dragons. Their life changes when they find a dragon scale that can take them to the dragon world. There they befriend cute dragons that treat the kids as their family. Each episode is full of new and spellbinding adventures, and one is forced to watch it till the last second.

The charm of this anime will enchant you, and you’ll fall in love with its loveable characters. This shall not be missed if you want to experience laughter, fun, and much more!

14. Pokemon

Credit: IMDb

A few popular anime took decades to end and made sure to entertain multiple generations. Pokemon is one such anime that made the childhood of many memorable! Like the name suggests, it revolves around Pokemon and their adventures. 

Ash is the main character who lives his life trying to fulfill his aim to become the best Pokemon trainer.The anime makes sure to entertain the viewers with mind-blowing action, adventure, and thrill.There are pokemon tournaments where different pokemon trainers compete with their Pokemon. 

However, Ash’s dream was not easy to achieve; therefore, it took decades for the anime to end. Each passing episode brings some new troubles for Ash, sometimes in the form of Team Rocket and sometimes in the form of new characters.

13. Haikyuu

Source: Haikyuu anime

Do you like Volleyball? Doesn’t matter if your answer is NO because this anime will make sure to change it to YES! Haikyuu is one of the most remarkable sports anime that forces its viewers to the edge of their seats.

Hinata is a young, sweet and short boy who wishes to be the best Volleyball player. Due to his height, no one considers him worthy, but Hinata makes sure to make everyone regret their opinions. The story becomes intriguing when he joins a new sports club along with a genius and talented player, Tobio Kageyama. 

Both of them have their own problems and wish to overcome them. At first, the duo doesn’t get along well, but on the command of the higher-ups, they are forced to work together. Trust me, their duo is one of the best in volleyball history. 

Haikyuu is filled with thrilling and exciting events, and each tournament is watch-worthy!

12. Chibi Devil

Chibi Devil
Credit: Crunchyroll

The anime’s primary focus is on Sawada and her adventures. She is a 14-year-old who doesn’t believe in the existence of devils and gods. Well, the universe constantly tests the person with things they don’t believe will ever happen to them. 

The same happens with Sawada when a chibi Devil enters his life. The devil treats her like his mama. Sawada found herself surrounded by troubles, and the first one was dealing with this cute little devil. 

11. Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Maruko Chan
Credit: IMDb

This anime is a must-watch for kids, and it’s considered the best anime for 11-year-olds. This is because it highlights the beauty of the littlest things in life and how they play an important part in making life worth living. 

The anime follows Maruko Chan and her daily routine, where she spends time with friends and family. The anime is a simple story without any twists and complications! Almost all of its characters are likable, and they will instantly steal your attention!

10. Mojako

Credit: IMDb

Has the thought of befriending aliens ever crossed your mind? If yes, then you will definitely enjoy watching Mojako. Sorao was just an ordinary boy whose life changed when he met two aliens. The aliens were wandering here and there in search of shelter.

As expected, Sorao helped the aliens with everything he could. His involvement with the aliens taught him that different alien tribes are searching for treasure. Therefore, you can expect some adventures and mysteries. Let’s keep it a secret about the one who’ll find the treasure. Otherwise, there would be no fun watching the anime without any suspense.

9. Little Baldy Hagemaru

Little Baldy Hagemaru
Credit: IMDb

As the name of the anime hints, the anime is full of entertainment. The anime’s primary focus is on Hagemaru and his family, known for being misers. They will do anything but never spend money, not even on the most important things.

The anime is the best for 11-year-olds if they want some simple and refreshing anime to watch. The story is simple, and each episode focuses on the lifestyle of Hagemaru and how he deals with people!

8. Shin Chan

Shin Chan
Credit: IMDb

Shin Chan is a popular name when it comes to 30 top anime for kids. I am sure that many of you must have already watched it. Shin Chan is the main character. The anime highlights his daily life, where he entertains people with mischievousness. 

He always does things that one could never imagine. For example, he will swiftly forget that he has to find someone while playing hide and seek. His way of dealing with problems is unpredictable, hilarious, and enjoyable! This is the best anime to watch if you want to experience a ride full of laughter!

7. Power Puff Girls

Power Puff Girls
Credit: IMDb

The anime revolves around three sisters, Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles. Each of them is different in terms of personality and attitude. One thing is shared between them: they will do anything to stop evil minds and maintain the city’s peace.

As a result of an experiment, they were bestowed with superpowers. Each episode is full of adventure, action and new trouble that the Power Puff Girls must overcome. It’s one of the most entertaining among 30 top anime for kids to watch about magical girls!

6. Mirumo

Credit: IMDb

The anime is full of kawaii characters, and one finds its heart to keep their hearts in place because of their charm. Kaede is a shy girl whose life becomes a fairy tale when she finds a mysterious note in a cocoa cup. After reading the note, a fairy named Mirumo appeared and asked for her wish. 

Kaede wished to date his handsome classmate. Meanwhile, the plot follows the life of Mirumo and his problems. Kaede helps him sort out his problems. The anime will bind you with its adorable characters. So don’t miss the chance to watch this one. 

5. Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori
Credit: Crunchyroll

The story follows the adventure of our cute little Ninja named Hattori. Don’t mistake him for an ordinary ninja; he is so skilled that you will be baffled to see him in action. He is usually on a mission to stop the evil Koga ninja. Hattori’s friends accompany him on his adventures. The anime is full of comedy and entertainment, so each child finds it amusing to watch. There is a lot to look for in the anime and a lot to learn from our hero Hattori. The story is simple yet intriguing, and I hope you’ll find yourself glued to the anime right from the beginning. 

4. Doraemon

Credit: Crunchyroll

If you are 11 and haven’t watched this anime, you are missing a big thing in your childhood. The story revolves around Nobita and a robot named Doraemon. Nobita’s life was full of troubles. Therefore, his descendants from the future send Doraemon for his help. The way Doraemon solves his problem and helps in times of need is watch-worthy. In fact, their bond is the reason why people enjoy watching anime. The anime follows the daily life of Nobita, where he always finds himself messed up with problems. All thanks to Doraemon for helping him so that his future descendant can live a better life.¬†

3. Astro Boy

Astro Boy
Credit: Crunchyoll

The list of 30 top anime is incomplete without Astro Boy! Astro Boy is an old anime that perfectly fits the saying “Old is gold .”The story is about a robot named Atom, a superhero who stands against evil to protect humanity. Despite being a robot, his intelligence is equal to a human. 

He understands right and wrong and will go against the odds for the right things. The anime easily connects with the audience by creating a bond with the MC. Watching Atom move from one buyer to another and finally find the one who cherishes him is emotional to see, making the plot spellbinding. 

Atom dreams of a peaceful world where Robots and Humans can live together, working for the betterment of the world. 

2. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone
credit: IMDb

This anime is about a 4-year-old’s life and how he deals with everything alone. Yes, you heard it right! The kid lives alone in a rented house where he manages everything, including bills, house chores, and studying. The anime’s main idea attracted a huge audience, and it’s the main reason behind its popularity. The anime will make sure to bring tears to your eyes by making you laugh and cry many times. Watching Kotaro living alone grabs the attention of his neighbors, who treat him like his family. Kotaro lives alone in fear of his abusive father, and his neighbors help him hide well. There are a lot of moments where you’ll wish to hug Kotaro. This is all thanks to the author who connected the audience by creating a bond swiftly with Kotaro!¬†Trust me or not, but it’s the best anime on this list of 30 top anime.

1. Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon
Credit: IMDb

This is a masterpiece that not only the 11-year-olds but all the Otaku must watch. The anime brings in the concept of using shadow powers. There are only seven genuine shadow users; the rest are artificially created by evil minds. Shu is the main character who is unbeknownst to his shadow powers. Things change when he meets with Zola and Jiro.

They are the true shadow users who meet Shu out of the blue. Zola’s words make Shu realize his dream to protect the world, which forces his shadow powers out of him. Shu shocked himself and everyone by revealing that he holds the power of the Blue Dragon. The mightiest and most powerful among all the shadows.

Zola takes Shu to train him to control his shadow powers. The anime is full of adventures and some great action sequences. I can bet that this one will win your hearts!  Not many of us are familiar with this masterpiece anime, therefore watch it ASAP. Indeed it’s worthy to be on the top of this list of 30 top anime for kids.


u003cstrongu003eShould I let my 11-year-old watch anime?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, there are a number of anime that teach life lessons and positive things. Many anime are explicitly made for kids. There is nothing wrong with watching age-appropriate anime.

u003cstrongu003eWhy do kids love anime?u003c/strongu003e

Kids love anime for several reasons because anime brings their imaginations to reality.

What is the big 3 anime?

One piece, Naruto, and Bleach are the big 3 anime.


My sweet little Otaku fellas, I am done recommending the 30 top anime for 11-year-olds. I hope you found the recommendation watch worthy. If you watched any of the anime mentioned above, feel free to share your opinions. I will wait for your comments to read about your watching experiences. Let’s end our discussion here; I will be back again with your favorite topic! See Ya!

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