30 Best Anime Couples Of All Time

There are some couples that leave a permanent mark on Otaku. Their chemistry, bond, and way of dealing with each other make everyone fall in love. Sometimes, these couples set the standard so high that we become extremely picky in choosing our partners. We have enlisted 30 Best Anime Couples of all time.

However, the love for anime couples can never fade away. They have exceptional beauty, charm, and, of course, perfection. I will enlist the best anime couples of all time on your popular demands. 

Just hold your heart firmly because there are high chances that you’ll lose control over it. Let’s jump into the world of love with our favorite characters.  

30. Shikamaru and Temari (Naruto)

Shikamaru and Temari best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Relationships in which wives are dominant are very rare to see. Temari and Shikamaru’s relationship is one of the best and the most entertaining ones on the list. Temari was a strong and iron-willed lady, and it was soothing to see her losing her heart to the geniuses of Shikamaru.

They started to become closer after a battle between them. Both of them assisting each other in multiple fights was worth watching. People adore this couple because of their unique bonding. Temari is very blunt and prudent, while Shikamaru is simply the opposite. 

29. Yato and Iki Hiyori (Noragami)

Yato and Iki Hiyori best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Noragami has been a wonderful anime, and all thanks to Yato and Ikki for making the screen time worthwhile. Kindness and selflessness emanate from her. Iki won’t think twice when it comes to saving others. The way she saved Yato from an accident proves it all. 

Yato is lazy and playful but is pure-hearted. Opposites attract, and this is best described in Noragami. Their relationship develops throughout the series. The duo helps each other to achieve their goals. They have almost all the qualities that will entertain you. 

Apart from their personalities, the duo complements each other the best in terms of looks. Therefore, both of them make a perfect couple.

28. Ryu Yamada and Urara Shiraishi (Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches)

Ryu Yamada and Urara Shiraishi Best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Each couple is special in its own way. The best are those who help others grow and bring each other out of the darkness. Such is the story of our next couple. Urara was living a hard life coping with people’s fake faces. She was more like an introverted person who had difficulties trusting people. 

Things changed when She swapped bodies with Ryu Yamada. The duo started getting close to each other, and Ryu managed to bring Urara out of her darkness. She started opening up to Ryu and started expressing her emotions easily. 

27. Lelouch and C.C (Code Geass)

Lelouch and C.C Best anime couples of all time
Credit: Code Geass Anime

Certain couples make us wish to see them more and more. C.C is a bold, strong, and level-headed girl who is very stubborn despite the fact that she hates stubbornness. Though the duo doesn’t share much screen time as a couple, it is the best. This is also why people demand more of them. 

Lelouch likes to tease her for her unique personality and cute stubbornness. Lelouch himself is very iron-willed, intelligent, and strong, which makes their couple a powerful couple. This one is unique, unlike cliche anime couples where the females are delicate. 

26. Kaname Kuran and Yuki (Vampire Knight)

Kaname Kuran and Yuki best anime couples of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Their couple was one of the most shipped anime couples. The story is based on a love triangle in which Yuki ends up with Zero, not Kaname. However, watching Kaname and Yuki together was nothing less than a blessing.

Kaname is one of the most beautiful vampires you’ll ever see. Despite getting attention from everywhere, he only thinks about Yuki. While Yuki also had her memories crowded with Kaname only. They blessed the fans with the best screen time.

There are multiple scenarios in the manga and anime in which Kaname goes out of the way for her. He sets the perfect example of true love, making fans emotional. All thanks to Plot’s twists and turns, things changed drastically, and at the end of the day, Yuki ended up with Zero. :'(

This was the saddest thing to witness for those who shipped Kaname and Yuki. However, this one is bound to be among the best anime couples of all time. 

25. Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Kyo Sohma is a complicated person, and Tohru Honda is a simple girl. Their relationship doesn’t start on good terms. Kyo had tried to stay away from her, and he used to disregard every effort made by her.

Eventually, Tohru earns his friendship and starts loving him with time. She wanted to stay with him and remove all his pain and suffering. Not just that, Tohru opened to him the way she never opened to anyone else. 

However, it wasn’t easy for her to gain the same love in response from Kyo. It takes time, but Kyo finally realizes her feelings for her. He became her only confidante. The best love stories are the ones that seem impossible yet let you hope more. Kyo and Tohru’s chemistry is undoubtedly perfect, full of pure love and feelings. 

24. Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Tamaki is a narcissistic man who thinks that the world revolves around him. Believe it or not, that is a reality, and he admits it. He effortlessly manages to grab everyone’s attention with his gorgeous looks. While on the other hand, Haruhi is a nerd who appears like a boy.

It’s hard for anyone to think of her as a girl at first glance. The best part is that Tamaki took a long time to learn that Haruhi is a girl. Their cute chemistry is loved and adored globally. Their bond becomes more intriguing after Tamaki learns her secret.

He becomes possessive about her and gets jealous easily when any boy approaches her. Watching the two opposites fall in love is a great thing to witness. Haruhi and Tamaki’s couple is one of the most loved and best anime couples. 

23. Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima (Special A)

Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-fandom

We all admire couples where the boy is usually cold but opens up with his love. It’s nearly impossible not to admire such a couple. This is one of the main reasons why this couple enjoys a huge fandom. Kei is very confident, and one hardly finds him stressed. 

However, whenever someone gets closer to Hikari, it triggers his stress. The six-year-old Kei had his heart pounding for Hikari from that time onwards. He was a prodigy, and Hikari used to lose to her. This hurt her ego, and she tried, again and again, every time to defeat him but failed. Her courage and will to never give up made him fall for her deeply in love. 

On the other hand, Hikari wants to defeat him so badly that she is not ready to begin her relationship with him. Their cute banter is not adored in the anime community but in the manga community. 

22. Satomi Murano and Shinichi Izuno (Parasyte)

Satomi Murano and Shinichi Izuno best anime couples of all time
Credit: Crunhcyroll

Satomi and Shinichi’s chemistry makes the anime worth watching. Action anime is incomplete without romance. Parasyte has it all: love, romance, action, and thrill. Shinichi’s life changes drastically after Migi’s (parasite) entry into his life.

He becomes unsympathetic from a caring and nice guy. Satomi starts finding him different, and he unwillingly steps away from her because of her safety. We all know it’s not easy to stay away from your love. The same was the case for Shinichi. Despite losing everything, he never lost his feelings for her. Do we have any reasons to hate this couple? NAH!

21. Tomoe and Nanami (Kamisama Kiss)

Tomoe and Nanami Best anime couples of all time
Credit: IMDb

Tomoe and Nanami set some commendable standards for the rom-com category. Nanami’s hard life flips completely when she becomes a substitute god. In the shrine, she meets Tomoe, her fox familiar. 

Just like a fox, he was sharp-minded and a little proud. He was not ready to accept Nanami as her master, but the girl forced him into a contract. The duo starts developing feelings for each other slowly. Their banter, arguments, and fights were the most entertaining in the anime.

Couples who make you laugh are one of the best, right?

20. Hak and Yona (Yona Of The Dawn)

Hak and Yona best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

AH! The next one is a mature, naughty, funny, childish, and lovely couple. Hak’s love for Yona will make you crave true love. Hak was Yona’s childhood buddy and bodyguard. He had feelings for her, but Yona used to love her cousin. 

Unfortunately, she experiences the worst scenario when her lover murders her father. From that moment onwards, we see Hak sacrificing himself for her in each way possible. He looks after her, helps her, gives her shelter, and protects her. Their chemistry is worth watching and full of precious moments.

19. Ko and Futaba (Blue Spring Ride)

Ko and Futaba Best anime couples of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Futaba used to love Kou when he was younger and kind. However, in high school, she is shocked to see him as rude, aggressive, and different. Later, Futaba learns that he became like this after his mother’s death.

Things change for Kou when he starts opening up around Futaba. It is a beautiful journey to witness where Futaba falls in love with him again and brings him out of the darkness. Blue Spring Ride’s couple gained popularity for their gorgeousness and understanding of each other.

18. Saito and Louise (The Familiar Of Zero)

Saito and Louise best anime couples of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Saito is a pretty cliché in their relationship. The boy doesn’t like her getting closer to other men, and he instantly gets jealous. On the other hand, Louise is unlike typical girls; he used to assault and treat him like a slave. 

Their chemistry took time to develop, and initially, it wasn’t easy for her to fall in love with Saito. She turned from hating him to loving him, which is a soothing sight. It’s not like Louise doesn’t get jealous; she also shows jealousy when other girls are around Saito. Such traits make them both very cliche in their relationship.

17. Ryoma and Izumi (Love Stage)

Ryoma and Izumi best anime couples of all time
Credit: IMDb

The Ryoma and Izumi couple is one of the most popular couples. Ryoma is our male lead who fell in love with Izumi in childhood. He was in love with her for many years and finally met her after a long wait of 10 years. 

Unfortunately, he learns Izumi isn’t a girl but a boy. At first, he is furious but later realizes his love for him. Within no time, they begin their relationship and start dating. This couple is admired for its uniqueness and exceptional love chemistry. Anyone who loves BL would love to see their screen time.

16. Haru and Shizuku (My Little Monster)

Haru and Shizuku
Credit: Netflix

Talking about cute bonds, Haru and Shizuku won’t let anyone take their spot. High school couples have an exceptional fandom, and this couple proves it right. Haru was more like a delinquent who hardly attended school. 

Therefore the teachers send Shizuku to hand over some reading to him. Shizuku intrigued him, and he started catching feelings for her. It took time for Shizuku to understand her feelings, but eventually, she agreed that she was in love with her. 

It was hard for Shizuku because she was a little cold-hearted girl whose life revolved around books only. This was all because of the absence of her mother in her life. We all need someone who completes us, and this couple completes each other in every way.

15. Vegeta and Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Vegeta and Bulma
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

No one needs an introduction for this couple; this is one of the most popular anime couples. Not just as a couple but also as one of the most popular anime characters of all time. Their chemistry went from hatred to love. Vegeta entered the anime as an antagonist who wanted to destroy the earth. Therefore, Bulma only had negative feelings for him, including fear. 

Their chemistry developed with the ups and downs of the anime when Bulma started dreaming about him. At first, Vegeta didn’t show any feelings for her. Still, everything changed when he switched from an antagonist to the main character. Their bond and screen time added charm and entertainment to the Dragon Ball series.

14. Lawrence and Holo (Spice And Wolf)

Lawrence and Holo
Credit: Anime-Planet

Lawrence was a hardworking merchant with only one life goal: to start his own business. Fate decided to add love to his life with the entry of Holo in his life. Holo wasn’t an ordinary girl but a wolf spirit. 

She wanted to return to her hometown, and our handsome merchant decided to help her. Holo accompanied him on his travels, and love sparkled between them in no time. The innocence of Holo and Lawrence was much praised by both the viewers and readers. 

13. Kurisu and Okabe (Steins;Gate)

Kurisu and Okabe
Credit: IMDb

The duo is a genius who shares a love for science. In fact, this was just one of the things that attracted them to each other. Though both are smart, no one can beat Kurisu regarding intelligence. 

Just like any other couple, they are willing to go beyond the limits for each other. They played their parts best to make Steins; Gate one of the most popular series. The aspect of time travel enhanced their love chemistry in the best way possible. Watching Okabe traveling through different timelines to find Kurisu was fantastic.

To top it all off, they both are heavenly gorgeous, which makes them the most beautiful anime couple of all time! Don’t believe me? Look for yourself!

12. Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach)

Ichigo and Orihime
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

A polite girl and a daring boy make the best combo, doesn’t it? The more Orihime is delicate, the more Ichigo is strong. It doesn’t mean that Orihime is weak; she is very strong but delicate at the same time. 

They started as friends, but different situations made them develop strong feelings for each other. As the anime mostly focuses on action, their moments are very rare. Still, their chemistry is heartwarming. 

The way Ichigo gets stressed when something happens to Orihime is beautiful. This was well proved when Ulquiorra abducted her, and Ichigo went out of control to the extent of killing him. Ichigo and Orihime portray the true meaning of care and love in their unique way.

11. Sata Kyouya and Erika (Black Prince and Wolf Girl)

Sata Kyouya and Erika
Credit: IMDb

Imagine a bully falling in love with his victim? A huge fan base loves seeing high school love stories with such chemistry. Erica and Sata’s chemistry is worth watching. Sata used to love teasing her, and the girl first showed dislike but eventually couldn’t stop her heart from beating for him. 

She started looking after him, which made him realize her feelings for him. It was not easy for our handsome boy to understand his feelings and get into a relationship. However, it was soothing to watch them confess to each other.

10. Usui Takumi and Misaki (Maid-Sama)

Usui Takumi and Misaki
Credit: IMDb

Boys who are handsome, cheerful, and love to tease others have an exceptional fandom. Usui Takumi has it all. On the other hand, Misaki is a headstrong girl who knows how to face the hardships of life. 

She was studying on a scholarship and was hiding the fact that she was working as a maid. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Usui found her secret, and from there began the cute banter and chemistry between the two. 

Audiences praised the way Usui used to tease her and care for her at the same time. He has helped her in different ways, and his presence proved to be wholesome for Misaki. They simply completed each other. Having someone who understands you better is a blessing, and Maid-Sama portrays it beautifully.  

9. Ken Kaneki and Touka (Tokyo Ghoul)

Ken Kaneki and Touka
Credit: IMDb

It’s difficult for the one who has been betrayed to find love again. Ken’s life was just the same till he met Touka. They started on bad terms but eventually turned out to be best lovers. Love stories that are simple and don’t involve complexities are no fun to watch. 

It took them a few months to understand what lies within the heart. Their relationship progressed slowly; first, they became friends and then lovers. The plot made their chemistry even more amusing, especially when Kaneki lost his memories but still felt a close connection with her.

Fans loved seeing them going to limits for each other without worrying about their lives!

8. Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Kirito and Asuna best anime couples of all time
Credit: IMDb

Action love stories have a different fanbase. The main leads started with only one goal: to win the game. Eventually, the duo started developing feelings for each other like in any other love story. They share multiple moments that make the fans’ hearts go crazy. 

The thing that made everyone go insane was Asuna cooking for Kirito. After confessing their love for each other, their chemistry became even more charming. The fact that they can’t bear the thought of one of them dying is amusing.

Asuna and Kirito were so deeply in love that they only thought about each other’s safety. Is there anything better than action love stories? For me, nothing is!

7. Tatsumi and Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

Tatsumi and Mine
Credit: Akame Ga Kill anime

Tatsumi and Mine are one of the sweetest couples on this list. There are many moments in the anime that will make you shed tears. They used to love each other so much that one ended up sacrificing one’s life. 

The anime doesn’t end well as Mine dies saving Tatsumi. However, nothing to be sad about, the manga has a happy ending, and they both live as a happily married couple. Incomplete love stories hurt more than anything else, and Mine and Tatsumi prove it the best. 

This is also one of the reasons why people adore this beautiful couple. It’s because they crave to watch them together.

6. Kakeru and Koharu (Norn9)

Kakeru and Koharu
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Imagine a naive and innocent girl paired with a handsome and sharp-minded boy. What a lovely couple, indeed! Koharu was simply the definition of a simple and innocent girl. Kakeru, on the other hand, loved teasing her. However, Koharu is so naive that she accepts his jokes, which makes him feel bad.

There are multiple moments when they care for each other and protect each other. A perfect relationship combines sweet and sour moments, and this anime couple has a perfect balance. 

Many admire them for their complementing personalities, sweet chemistry, and breathtaking looks.

5. Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga (Toradora)

Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Couples who are chosen by fate are undoubtedly special. Toradora has that couple, and they are polar opposites. Taiga is known for her short-tempered nature, while Ryuuji is level-headed. They have the same feelings but for the other’s best friend. 

To impress their crushes, the duo join hands and start planning for their goal. However, little did they know that they would end up falling for each other. Each incident brought them closer, just a treatment for the eyes. 

You will find them at the epitome of perfection. The way Ryuuji understands Taiga and helps her is commendable.

4. Meliodas and Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas and Elizabeth
Credit: Crunchyroll

Innocent and polite girls have a different fanbase. Just imagine such a girl falling in love with demon kings! Thinking about such a couple gives me goosebumps. People admire this couple for countless reasons. 

Meliodas is a true lover who has endured heartbreak, pain, and sufferings in his love life. Life was never easy on him; still, he continued to love Elizabeth more than his life. Love without pain is impossible, and this couple creates the best love story.

3. Tomoyo Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Tomoyo Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Clannad couple is one of the most popular anime couples of this decade. The couple falls in love with each other, and after some ups and downs, they get married. Watching them as a couple was the favorite thing of Clannad fans. However, the Clannad after the story had broken many hearts. 

Nagisa dies during childbirth which shatters Tomoyo inside out. Tomoya’s suffering doesn’t end there… It was just the beginning. People admire this couple for their sweet and cute moments and feelings toward each other. Love stories that make you cry easily leave an everlasting impression on you. And this one is no different than the rest.

2. Eren and Mikasa (Attack On Titan)

Eren and Mikasa
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Undoubtedly one of the purest, sad, and most complex love stories ever. Eren and Mikasa make one of the most popular and loved anime couples of all time. There are many moments in the anime where one is forced to cry no matter what. 

The duo started as childhood friends and stood with each other through thick and thin. Especially Mikasa, who was willing to get killed or to be killed for Eren. Things changed with the story’s progress and when Eren became an anti-hero.

Eren wanted to bring an end to everything, and yet Mikasa wanted the opposite. Both loved each other deeply, but their ideologies were most important to them. None of them wanted to hurt each other, but they weren’t wrong either. 

Attack On Titan has earned massive popularity and love worldwide, and EreMika also has a massive fan following around the globe.

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1. Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

Naruto and Hinata
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

This couple needs no introduction; they are the face of the best anime couples. Naruhina has set a high standard, and watching their cute and sweet chemistry is just a treat for the eyes. The Naruto series gives the fans everything they desire. There is action, friendship, hatred, romance, and whatnot.

Naruto has forever been a naughty kid who used to have feelings for Sakura. However, Hinata, the lady, had him in her heart right from the beginning. When everyone used to hate him, she was the only one who felt the same pain as him. Watching her stand for Naruto every time was the best anime moment. 

With the story’s progress, we see Hinata and Naruto getting closer. Their moments, especially in the final war, were heartwarming. Though Masashi Kishimoto hasn’t focused on their moments in the anime, Naruto movies are full of them. Fans wanted to see Naruhina moments, and all thanks to them, Masashi was forced to entertain us.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most shipped couple in anime?

NaruHina (Naruto and Hinata) is the most shipped anime couple of all time.

What is the cutest anime couple?

Misaki and Usui, Temari and Shikamaru, and Orihime and Ichigo are one of the sweetest and cutest anime couples of all time.

What is the most liked romance anime?

There are many but Maid Sama, InuYasha and Clannad are the most popular.


So, my sweet buddies, this was all for today. As promised, I brought you an intriguing topic on your popular demands. Therefore, do your part by updating me with your thoughts on this list.

You can add the best anime couple of all time according to your preferences. I also want to watch more couples like you, as I am a huge fan of them. I’ll be back soon, take care and lots of love, bye! For more anime news, stay connected.

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