30 Best Anime For 10 Year Olds

Hi, my sweet anime fans. I am back again to entertain my otaku friends. This time, I would be recommending anime to my 10-year-old buddies. This post is dedicated to all those searching for 30 best anime for 10-year-olds. 

There is a long list of recommendations, so prepare to choose your favorites. I will enlist anime from different genres, giving you various choices. Isn’t that great? Thank me later! (XD)

30. Beyblade

best anime for 10 year olds
Credit: IMDb

Beyblade revolves around Beybladers and how they compete with each other to be the best. Ginka Hagane is the main character who wishes to avenge his father’s death through a mysterious organization. He vows to become the strongest Beyblader to defeat his foes. 

The anime is full of mystery and action. One thing leads to another, and we see multiple twists unfolding, which puts Ginka into troubles. Beyblade is about action, drama, sports, comedy, friendship, suspense and much more.

29. Anpanman

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

Anpanman is full of comedy and fantasy. It is suitable for all ages, so your 10-year-old will enjoy watching it. A rare incident causes the baking dough to come to life. Intriguingly, the dough that came to life becomes no ordinary human but a superhero.

With the entry of Anpanman, we see him rivaling Baikinman. The anime follows the adventures of Anpanman, and it’s super fun to see him fighting against evil to protect the world. This one is the epitome of cuteness! We can not miss adding this anime to the list of 30 best anime.

28. Dragon Ball

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

Looking for 30 best anime? The anime industry is full of action anime, but nothing can beat Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball anime series has been the most loved in the Otaku world. Many of its fans are kids and youngsters. Dragon Ball has been entertaining the world for decades. Goku is a name that even non-anime fans are aware of.

The plot revolves around Goku and his adventures collecting the seven dragon balls. Those who collect the seven dragon balls can fulfill any one wish. However, the balls invites many evil minds to it.

Multiple overpowered villains enter Goku’s world and push him to his prime. With each powerful antagonist, we see Goku and the other main characters level up to defeat him. Those kids who crave to see real action, adventure, and OP characters should not miss this one. Dragon Ball undoubtedly offers much more than one expects. Indeed, it’s one of the most popular anime series.

27. Tamako Market

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

Tamako Market is a beautiful anime that follows the life of the adorable Tamako Chan. She has a family business of baking Mochis. Her life becomes more charming after her encounter with a talking bird.

He wanders in search for a bride not for himself but the country’s prince. During his stay there, he develops a liking for Mochi and becomes fat eating them. His love for Mochi creates trouble for him as flying becomes challenging because of his heavy weight.

Therefore, he decides to stay with Tamako until he sheds some pounds. On the other hand, we see Tamako’s friend Mochizou who wants to marry her. This anime offers a lot more than expected and is full of suspense. It gives the same vibes similar to any Barbie movie! Please add this beautiful masterpiece to your list of 30 best anime.

26. Little Witch Academia

Credit: Crunchyroll

This anime is suitable for all ages, so kids and everyone can be entertained watching this one. The anime follows the adventures of Atsuko, aka Akko. We know idols inspire us in a way that we are forced to follow in their footsteps. The same goes for Akko, as she wanted to be a mirror image of her idol Chariot!

Her idol has pushed her to enroll in a magic academy even though she has no magical background. She joins the academy and vows to become the best witch. However, her journey of learning magic doesn’t come easy and entangles her in hardships.

The way our young Akko deals with the odds is motivating and entertaining. There is a lot to be entertained by this anime… you’ll know once you start watching this one.

25. Eon Kid

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: Eon Kid

Eon Kid easily makes its name among the most entertaining science fiction anime. Marty is the main character whose life changes when he comes across a mysterious bionic arm (Iron Fist). The arm bestows him with superhuman abilities. 

Marty finds himself entangled in the war of good and evil. Marty’s journey from an ordinary boy to a hero is commendable. Apart from that, it’s amusing to see his loyal friend accompany him to dangers and threats.

The way Marty dares to go against the antagonist is inspiring. For kids, there is much to learn from Marty and his adventures and how he never fears standing against evil. It’s deserves to be added on this list of 30 best anime.

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24. Bakugan

best anime for 10-Year-Olds
Credit: IMDb

This one always makes me nostalgic, and 90s to 2000 kids can relate to this! Bakugan had never left a chance to entertain its viewers with commendable action sequences, characters, and suspense. 

The story revolves around Bakugan and its users. The story begins when people notice a mysterious rain of cards from the sky. These cards were not ordinary and were capable of summoning different creatures. These creatures were termed Bakugan! 

There started a game that was more of a competition where Bakugan users used to compete with others. With time, the plot intrigues the viewers with some twists and turns. The fights become mysterious and serious with the entry of some antagonists!

This is one of the 30 best anime for 10-year-olds who look for entertainment, action, and fantastic characters!

23. School Babysitters

best anime for 10-year-old
Credit: IMDb

The anime highlights the life of Ryuuichi Kashima. He loses his parents in a tragic plane crash and is forced to look after his younger brother. Luckily, the chairman of an academy offers them shelter and support.

However, he demands Ryuuichi to look after the babies as a perfect babysitter. Having no other choice, he agrees to do the babysitting job. Watching him babysitting as the anime focuses on comedy and drama is fun.

The entertaining childcare theme brings uniqueness and refreshment to the anime world. For Ryuuichi, looking after his toddler brother was a challenging task. Still, now he has to look after many others like him. I hope you’ll enjoy watching the show. Have a good watch! This anime has the most adorable characters among the 30 best anime on this list.

22. Poco’s Udon World 

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

Souta Tawara returns to his hometown, where in his family restaurant, he cherishes his past memories. There he meets a cute little boy and feeds the boy with food. However, soon he realizes that the boy is not an ordinary kid but a shape-shifting Tanuki.

When Souta learns that the boy has been living alone and a tough life till now, he takes him in. The anime focuses on their sweet relationship. The kid makes him remember his childhood and how he spent time with his family.

The anime is full of love, entertainment and fun. The anime theme includes childcare, and the genres include a slice of life and supernatural. This is one of the most entertaining anime for kids.

21. B Daman

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

The way this anime has portrayed marble shooting games is simply remarkable. It revolves around the marble launching machines. In this, we see the B Daman players competing against each other in B-DaBattles.

This is not an ordinary game, but it has some mysterious powers. The story’s main character is Yamato. He is a sweet boy who has grown up under the care of cats. His life changes when a B Daman machine hidden behind the restaurant’s wall attracts him.

However, our boy takes his time realizing that the machine isn’t ordinary but has the power to change the world. You’ll easily find likable characters, a story full of suspense and creative action sequences. I am sure my sweet little friends will love this anime. No worries if you don’t believe me…because you’ll know once you try watching it. 

20. Cardcaptor Sakura

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

The story’s protagonist is a 10-year-old Sakura. Her life changes drastically with the introduction of a mysterious book of cards. Unbeknownst to what the card game holds, she ends up scattering the card.

One thing leads to the other, and it is revealed that Sakura unintentionally had undone the seal of the Clow cards. These cards are threatening the world as they hold power to destroy it. These incidents also awaken a beast called Kero.

He gives Sakura the task of collecting all the cards back. This is not all; Sakura has to keep the task a secret amidst dealing with her daily life troubles. Enjoyment is guaranteed as Cardcaptor Sakura entangles the viewers by providing intriguing scenarios.

19. Digimon Savers

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

Digimon has brought a unique idea where we see some mysterious creatures called Digimon entering the human world. Masaru is the main character who befriends a cute Digimon. Masaru and his team are tasked with investigating the reason behind Digimon’s entry into the human world and the problems they are creating. 

The anime contains adventure, drama, action, comedy, and suspense. It’s a perfect fantasy anime not only for kids but for youngsters as well. There are multiple other series with the same name, and all of them are worth watching. Trust me, Digimon has the most compelling characters.

18. Inazuma Eleven

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

How many of you like football? Be glad because this anime will entertain you with immense creativity and action. You are wrong if you think this one will be an ordinary anime based on football. It uniquely portrays football. The kicks and goalkeeping seem more supernatural. 

Mamoru is our main character who wishes to be the best player. He begins his journey by finding ways to bring the soccer prodigy Shuuya back to the grounds of football. Shuuya has left pursuing his passion for specific reasons.

There is a lot of creativity in this anime, and it’s a good source of learning for the one who wishes to learn soccer. 

17. Naruto

best anime for 10-year-olds
Source: Naruto anime

Naruto is an anime that is for all ages. Naruto is like a teacher who will teach you the hardest lessons swiftly and beautifully! The best lessons include how to value bonds and friendships. The rest includes fighting against the odds, never giving up, loyalty, and the meaning of peace. 

Naruto is a young kid who lives a life lacking love and attention. He was so sensitive that he craved love and ended up being naughty. People used to avoid him because the nine-tailed fox was sealed inside him.

The fox was so evil that it brought havoc to humanity. Naruto’s parents sacrificed their lives to save the world and sealed them inside Naruto. The anime beautifully highlights Naruto’s journey, where he stands against the odds and turns evil into good.

The way he values his friendship and believes in changing the world is inspiring. Mere words can’t do justice to this epic masterpiece. All thanks to Masashi Kishimoto for his creativity and intellect changing our lives. 

16. Daa Daa Daa

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

This is a perfect anime for a 10-year-old. Your kid will love this one, and you’ll also roll on the floor watching this one. The plot revolves around Miyu, who is an 8 grader. Her life changed when her parents started working for NASA.

She was left alone with Mr. Saionji. Within a short time, Mr. Saionji also moves to India, leaving his son Kanata with Miyu. Things become complicated for the kids to manage. To top it off, life continues to bombard them with troubles.

The problems begin when an alien baby and his pet land in their house (XD). Things become even funnier when the alien considers Miyu and Kanata his parents. Daa Daa Daa, is so much fun watching that one wants to rewatch it.

15. Chibi Devil

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

Do you believe in devils? If not, then you are the same as Sawada Honoka. She is a 14-year-old shy girl who is an atheist and doesn’t believe in devils. Things change in her life when a devil baby enters her room.

The devil considers Sawada, his mama. Whether Sawada will start believing in devils is a twist you need to unfold. So without wasting more time, play this anime full of cuteness and kawaii characters. Chibi Devil will make you fall in love with the baby devil. He is simply the epitome of cuteness! 

14. Pokemon 

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: IMDb

Pokemon has been one of the longest-running anime, and viewers have grown up watching it. It follows the adventure of Ash Ketchum with his Pokemon. Ash wishes to become the best, but multiple troubles and hurdles stand in his way.

Sometimes the annoying team rocket comes in his way, and the other time some others. Watching the duo of Ash and Pikachu is amusing as they portray the perfect model of friendship, understanding and love.

There are adventures, comedy, fantasy, action, and much more. Don’t waste a second more and get to your screens to watch this epic masterpiece. 

13. Haikyuu

best anime for 10-year-olds
Source: Haikyuu anime

Is there anything better than sports? Sports are for all ages that instill passion, motivation, and interest in a person. Haikyuu is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of this decade. It never fails to offer mind-boggling creativity.

The anime is based on Volleyball. Hinata is the main character of short height, and people think he is unsuitable for sports. However, he uses his height to benefit him and becomes one of the best volleyball players.

The anime follows the journey of Hinata and another volleyball prodigy Tobio Kageyama. Each match will give you goosebumps and chills. Not just that, I bet you’ll wish to become a volleyball player as well. It’s best for everyone who wishes to learn the techniques of Volleyball. This is undoubtedly one of the best anime for kids. 

12. Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals

best anime for 10-year-olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

If you have already watched Naruto, then you’ll love to see the chibi versions of them. It is a perfect anime for kids to watch. The spin-off highlights the life of Rock Lee and how he evolves as a ninja despite lacking the required skills.

In this one, we follow the adventures of Lee that hone his skills and make him stand out in the crowd. You are wrong if you think these chibi versions won’t entertain you with action. You’ll enjoy the cutest action sequences in this one! The anime genre also includes comedy, offering viewers entertainment and unlimited fun. 

11. Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Makuro Chan
Credit: IMDb

This will steal your heart if you want something simple, adorable, and refreshing. This anime doesn’t have a proper plot, as it simply focuses on the daily life of Maruko Chan. It highlights the beauty of important things and how the littlest things make life worth living.

It is a good anime that teaches the lessons of adoring the simplest things in life. Maruko Chan’s character makes the anime charming. She is a cute chibi girl known for her short stature and kawaii looks.

We see her spending time with her school friends and family members, enjoying each day of her life. It is an excellent anime for the 10-year-old to learn lessons from. 

10. Mojakou

Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the life of a kid named Sorao. He was enjoying life as a typical kid until he befriended two aliens. The aliens were struggling to survive on earth. Therefore, Sorao decided to help them find a home.

Sorao learned that there is a conflict going on between the two alien tribes in search of a treasure. One thing leads the story to another, and we follow the adventures of Sorao and the aliens.

There is comedy, sci-fi and fantasy. I am sure you’ll be mesmerized watching the anime. If you liked Doraemon, you’d love this one as it has many similarities. 

9. Little Baldy Hagemaru

Little Baldy Hagemaru
Credit: IMDb

Saving money is a good thing but being a miser is not. The anime revolves around a family of misers. Hagemaru Hageda is the MC of the show. He is a fourth grader known for being a miser, thanks to her miser parents. 

The only thing they want to do is to save money. There is nothing complicated in the story as the plot follows the daily life of Hagemaru. Most of the time, you’ll watch how the MC spends his day in a school and how he deals with his friends and teachers. This is a simple yet refreshing anime to watch. I hope you’ll enjoy watching this one. 

8. Shin Chan

Shin Chan
Credit: IMDb

Can we forget adding Shin Chan to the list of 30 best anime? No, right? This is a must-watch anime for not only the 10-year-olds but all the Otaku out there. This one promises a ride full of laughter, fun and unlimited entertainment. The anime follows the shenanigans of five-year-old Shin Chan.

The kid is notorious for being mischievous. You’ll always find him doing things that one should not do. He will quickly forget to find his friend while playing hide and seek. That’s the kind of trouble he creates each day.

The funny thing is you can’t expect Shin Chan to learn from his mistakes quickly. However, how he helps his friends solve their problems will win your hearts. If you want to see something refreshing and full of comedy, then get ready to watch Shin Chan. 

7. Power Puff Girls

Power Puff girls

Power Puff Girls had made childhood of many memories. Watching the superhero girls eradicate crimes and maintain the country’s peace is amusing. The anime revolves around three girls named Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles.

The trio is different from each other and entertains the viewers with their enticing personalities. Each day brings new troubles and evils but ends with peaceful nights because of Power Puff Girls. It’s one of the best anime for 10-year-olds, especially those who love superheroes, action, comedy, and slice-of-life. 

6. Mirumo

Credit: IMDb

The anime revolves around a timid girl Kaede and cute chibi characters. Her life changes when she buys a cocoa cup from a mysterious shop. She finds a note that asks her to read the message aloud. When she did, she found a fairy, and Mirumo appeared in front of her. She asks the fairy to fulfill her wish of dating her handsome class fellow. 

Meanwhile, we see Mirumo entangled with the problems of his own world. Mirumo is the prince of his world, and it has been decided that he will have to marry Rimuru. The thought of marrying her scares him, and he escapes. Mirumo will become your favorite because it has all the qualities for winning hearts. Don’t forget to watch Mirumo otherwise your watchlist of 30 best anime would miss a lot.

5. Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori
Credit: IMDb

This one will easily entangle you with its charming characters and story. Hattori is not a typical kid but a ninja. He comes from the mountains to study in an ordinary school. He is a top-class ninja who is usually accompanied by his three friends.

They are usually threatened by an evil ninja named Koga Ninja. The anime highlights slice-of-life and comedy. It is an old anime but will bring the same charm even after decades. You will surely love watching Ninja Hattori winning your hearts with his simple yet entertaining actions! Indeed, it’s one of the 30 best anime for countless reasons.

4. Doraemon

Credit: Crunchyroll

Doraemon is one of the most memorable characters. Many of you must have been already aware of this name! Doraemon is one of the most popular and best anime for 10-year-olds. The plot revolves around Doraemon, a robot from the future and Nobita, a lazy kid.

Nobita descends from the future and sends Doraemon to him to help him in a way that his descendants can live a better life. Watching Doraemon help Nobita is amusing and heart-stealing.

It is full of comedic events where one is forced to laugh and enjoy. If you still haven’t watched Doraemon, you have missed an epic masterpiece. Therefore, take advantage of this chance to watch this beautiful anime full of comedy, laughter, and fantasy. Doraemon is a worthy entry on this list of 30 best anime.

3. Astro Boy

Astro Boy
Credit: Crunchyroll

Astro Boy is an iconic and top-class anime that proves that OLD IS GOLD. It highlights the life of Atom, a robot who fights against evil to protect humanity. He was created by professor Tenma in the memories of his late son.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t Stewart him well and sold him to a cruel buyer. Atom’s life wasn’t easy and full of hardships until he got a buyer who cherished him more than anything. Despite being a robot, he is far better than humans and possesses remarkable intelligence and strength.

He can very well distinguish between the good and the bad, which makes him unique. He dreams of a world where humans and robots can live peacefully and play their parts in the world’s progress together. Without Astro Boy, the list of 30 best anime is incomplete.

2. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro lives Alone
Credit: IMDb

This anime is one of the best among the best anime on Netflix. The main character will leave no chance to make you fall for him. He is just 4 years old and will teach you lessons you could have never imagined. Can we expect a kid living alone in a rented house to manage house chores and stuff? No, right? Kotaro proves everyone wrong who thinks kids can’t do anything. 

Is there anything better than an anime that will confuse you, whether to laugh or cry watching his cute action! There will be moments when you’ll be forced to shed tears and laugh simultaneously.

There is no complicated plot in the anime, and it simply highlights the struggles of a 4-year-old. The way his neighbors look after him is fascinating. Kotaro is so innocent that he doesn’t know how he gets the money to pay his rent.

However, it’s sad when the author reveals the source of his income in the last few episodes. I am sure you’ll lose your heart to this sweet little munchkin who will effortlessly bring a smile to your face. Among all the 30 best anime mentioned here, Kotaro lives Alone is an oscar winning masterpiece.

1. Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the best anime for 10-year-olds. It has everything that one wishes to see. Watch its first few episodes, and you’ll learn about this masterpiece. The anime is set in a world where a few chosen people are bestowed with shadow powers.

Shu is the MC of the show who is passionate about protecting the world. His life changes when she meets a mysterious girl named Zola and a boy named Jiro. With time, it’s revealed that they are the shadow users.

Zola asks a question to Shu, which ignites his passion, and he reveals himself as a shadow user. Everyone, including himself, is shocked to learn that he withholds the power of Blue Dragon. The strongest and evil among all! 

Zola takes him with her to train him to master his shadow powers and save the world from evil. There are countless action sequences that will blow your mind. The adventures, comedy, and characters will spellbind you right from the beginning!  Indeed, it’s the best among 30 best anime on this list.


Is anime for 9-year-olds?

There is a long list of anime for all ages, and you can easily find them on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Is anime meant for kids?

The world of anime is vast and is not restricted to any specific age. There are anime for all ages, and not all are suitable for kids to watch.


So, my cute little fellas, I hope you liked reading the list of 30 best anime for 10-year-olds. All of the mentioned above anime are suitable for kids. Watch any of your favorites from the list, and then update me regarding your experience. I’ll wait for your response! See ya! 

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