Top 20 Best Anime Openings of All Time

best anime openings

Anime intros and opening songs have a separate fandom. Japanese are exceptional not only for creating the best anime but also for anime music. I have watched countless anime, but in this list today, I’ll share the 20 best anime openings of all time. 

Anime openings are loved because they provide entertainment and insights into the story and characters. Sometimes, it contains a few spoilers and mind-boggling scenes from the anime later, which makes the audience curious. 

For longer anime, there is more than one opening song, such as Naruto and Dragon Ball. However, I’ll share the best opening song from each anime!

If you enjoy anime music videos and love to see the intros, trust me, you’ll find the entries below intriguing. So, here we begin!

20. Lilium (Elfen Lied)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Elfen Lied Opening Song

Kumiko Noma has sung this song, and the orchestra makes it out of this world. It’s a religious-themed song; its lyrics are taken from the Bible. Sounds great, right? Unlike the anime, which is bold, and thriller, the song makes one feel at peace. 

It’s a beautiful piece of art, and one can do nothing but praise the efforts of the singers and the music team. Similar to the anime, the song’s visuals are also a little bold, which hints a little about the story. 

19. I Want To Change The World (Inuyasha)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

If you ever thought of changing the world, well, then listen to this one of the best opening songs to get some motivation. Indeed, it’s the favorite song of the otaku who belong to Gen Z. 

The Japanese boy band V6 created this song, and they have done an excellent job at it.

 The animation quality may not be as good as today’s anime, but it was more than perfect at that time. The visuals in the song very ideally bring the desired emotions and make it easier to relate with the characters.

18. Uragiri no Yuuyake (Durarara)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Durarara Opening Song

Durarara has a list of characters, and the fact that all of them are connected makes the story compelling. This opening song skillfully highlights different characters with good visuals. The lyrics and music are simply addicting, and it’s difficult not to relisten it. 

The song, editing, and seamless transitions make it one of the best anime openings of all time. Durarara is indeed the best anime, with winsome characters and a spellbinding story. Apart from listening to the opening song, I highly recommend watching the anime.

17. Connect (Puella Magi)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Puella Magi Opening Song

Peulla Magi is a dark anime based on magical girls’ lives. It’s a short anime of 12 episodes, and each one of them is worth the watch. The first lines of the lyrics are so captivating that it becomes hard to skip this song.

To top it off, these lyrics give the listeners a ray of hope. It perfectly demonstrates the main character’s life and their miseries. Lastly, it’s an overall good song to listen to if you ever feel down, as it will lighten up your mood.

16. We Are (One Piece)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: crunchyroll Dubs

Undoubtedly, One Piece is one of the most-watched and longest-running anime. Almost everything about it is love, but this opening song has a separate fandom. Only One Piece fans know the beauty of this song, and only they know that it’s impossible to listen to it without singing along. 

Hiroshi Kitadani and Kohei Tanaka are the singer and composer of this song, respectively. Both of them are very well-known figures in the Japanese Music Industry.

15. (Noragami) Goya Wa Machiawase

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Crunchyroll Dubs

Noragami doesn’t only have great music and lyrics, but the idea and theme of the song are commendable. The lovers of this song sing it like a pro, as if they wrote the lyrics, despite not knowing the language. (XD). 

Many fans love it because Yato’s personality gives a badass vibe. In reality, he is different from what one understands from the opening. After all those years, fans remember this iconic opening thanks to Hello Sleepwalkers and Shutaro sensei.

14. Main theme song (Yu Gi Oh: Duel Monsters)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Only people from Gen Z are familiar with the charisma of this song. This one used to give goosebumps to the viewers effortlessly. It’s loved because it creates the perfect feels and emotions, thanks to its epic battle music. 

Wayne Sharp and John Siegler are the masterminds behind the song’s composition. The song kicks off with some amusing music, prominently Egyptian acoustics. After each second, it keeps getting better!

13. The Hero (One Punch Man)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: One Punch Man Opening Song

The band named Jam Project is behind the creation of this epic masterpiece. The song perfectly fits the action anime, and the way the lyrics match the scenes from the anime is commendable. The lyrics describe Saitama’s character and highlight how nothing can stop him from achieving his goals. 

It’s one of the best anime openings because of catchy music, motivating lyrics, and animation. Many otaku consider this one an underrated opening, so watch it and tell me in the comments if it’s underrated or not!

12. Oath (Fate/Zero)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Crunchyroll

Lisa is a great singer with countless fans, and she blessed our ears by singing this song for Fate/Zero. Almost all the themes of Fate/Zero are praiseworthy, but this one is simply amazing. Lisa’s melodious voice makes the overall vibes of the song lit. 

It has the perfect lyrics and the perfect visuals that suit each other the best. Fate/Zero is an anime known for its story, action, and seriousness, and this opening theme song gives the best idea about it. 

11. Crossing Field (Sword Art Online)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Sword Art Online Opening Song

The opening song of Sword Art Online is worth mentioning in this list of best opening songs of all time. This is because it brings a handful of memories to the listeners, and they effortlessly feel nostalgic. The song’s visuals give a great idea about the characters and the storyline.

Only a few anime songs make one remember their childhood, and it’s simply one of the best. Lisa, the famous Japanese singer, has sung this song and, like every time, has done an incredible job at it. 

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10. Gotta Catch Em All (Pokemon)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Many otaku and their kids grew up watching this show, and no matter the generation they belong to, this song is their favorite. The video shows Ash, Pikachu, and several Pokemon and their battles with each other. 

After all those years, this song still holds a special place in the hearts of Pokemon Lovers. The song’s lyrics and the visuals perfectly give an idea about the anime and its characters.

9. Hero’s Comeback (Naruto Shippuden Opening 1)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Everybody Stand Up!…and pay your respect to “Nobody Knows” for creating this masterpiece. I am sure many of you have already heard this song because it’s one of the best anime openings of all time. Believe me or not, I am writing this while listening to this song. It grabs attention in the very first second, and the time one realizes one is already in love. Those were the days when listening to the songs wasn’t one click away, and this one created hype.

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you’ll get addicted to this song. The lyrics, the style, the theme, and the character’s introduction everything about this one is phenomenal. If you still haven’t heard it, just listen to it NOW!

8. Home (Fruits Basket)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Asako Toki YouTube Channel

Fruits Basket is one of the most popular shows with a massive fandom. It’s known for its characters, story, and opening songs. The story is emotional enough to make the viewer cry, and the same goes for this song.

Asako Toki has done an incredible job performing this song. Home is the opening song of Fruits Basket Season 2. The lyrics fit perfectly with the anime scenes and the overall plot. If you still haven’t listened to it, please listen to it ASAP!

7. Rock The Dragon (Dragon Ball Z)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

If you have grown up watching anime, then I know that this song will make you nostalgic. It has the best visuals, the best lyrics, and the best music. The video has the major anime events and puts an emphasis on the fantasy and thriller elements. 

The scenes from the anime are spell-binding enough to force one to start watching the anime. No matter how old it gets, it’s still the favorite of many otaku, as the more it’s old, the more it’s gold!

6. Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Even if you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul, you must have heard this song at least once. It got so popular thanks to TK sensei for performing this song remarkably. It’s so heart-touching that the viewers can easily relate to Kaneki’s character. 

It has a sad feel, and the power of this song is that it can easily make one emotional. The world is full of sad people, and this song simply connects all of them. The fact that it is going to be 10 years since this song was released makes this one iconic. 

If you haven’t listened to this song yet, then mate, don’t waste this golden opportunity!

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5. Resonance (Soul Eater)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Crunchyroll Dubs

I am at a loss for words to describe the beauty of this opening song. The direction, the animation quality, the visuals, the lyrics, and the song is mind-blowing. The glimpse of characters, action sequences, and the Halloween theme make it remarkable. 

It’s one of the best anime openings on this list which has the perfect aesthetics and direction. Just have a watch, and comment below your experiences watching it!

4. Tank (Cowboy Bebop)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Crunchyroll Dubs

Cowboy Bebop is an iconic masterpiece and one of the best anime openings ever. It’s just one and a half minutes long, but trust me, these 90s seconds are worth it. The visuals, designs, and scenes are simply a piece of art. 

Just like the show, its opening song has a special place in the hearts of otaku even after so many years of its release. The beats suit best to the simple yet dope visuals!

3. The World (Death Note)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

This is absolutely one of the best opening songs in the history of anime. The list would have been incomplete without Death Note’s intro song. Death Note is known for its thriller, mystery, and fantastical elements, and the music fits the genre perfectly.

The visuals show L and Kira facing each other, which shows their stance in the story. Apart from that, the composers have done a great job of forcing the audience to watch the show. The opening song plays a significant role in making the anime popular, and this song proves it very well.

2. Again (FMA: Brotherhood)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: FMA: Brotherhood Opening Song

When we talk about the best anime openings of all time, we definitely can’t miss adding FMA: Brotherhood Opening 1 to this list. It’s impossible to not relisten this epic masterpiece. It tells so much about the overall story, the conflicts, the characters, and a lot more.

Just like the anime, it retains the science until the very last second. It is sung by the Japanese singer Yui, one of the best music artists. Listening to this song effortlessly brings back memories and makes one emotional.

1. Guren No Yumia (AOT)

best anime openings of all time

Credit: Crunchyroll Dubs

Trust me or not, it’s not easy to simply skip this song. You will get more goosebumps listening to this song than you will get watching the anime, and I am not kidding. If you focus on the lyrics, you’ll realize everything is connected. It perfectly links the story, which makes it commendable. 

Lined Horison, the Japanese band, has sung this song, and not gonna lie; they should get an Oscar for it. Everything is a masterpiece in itself- the theme, the style, the genre, and the visuals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to skip anime openings?

Well, it’s up to your choice. If you are a person who hates spoilers, then you should definitely skip the openings; otherwise, it’s good to watch them.

What is the most epic anime opening?

Guren No Yumiya, Unravel, and Tank are considered one of the most epic anime openings.


Here we are done with this great list of the best anime openings of all time. I would love to know which one of yours is favourite and why. Besides that, I am a huge fan of anime songs, so comment down some worth listening to. Let’s have a debate!

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