Top 10 Best Demon Anime Of All Time

Greetings, everybody. I hope you enjoy your time watching anime. On your popular demands, I am here to recommend the best demon anime of all time. Demon characters have a separate fan base as they carry a swag that impresses anyone effortlessly.

The term “Demon” is very common, as many of us have been forever fighting with our inner demons. Apparently, when we imagine this word, we think of negative beings, right? Thanks to the Japanese, who have given us a new perspective about them. 

They have introduced demons in a way that doesn’t sound that scary now. No matter if the demon characters are the protagonist or antagonist, they intrigue us the most. 

Demon anime offers fantasy, action, thrill, impressive characters, and a lot more. If you seek fun and entertainment, then you need to give all the anime mentioned below a shot. So, let’s begin with the list already.

10. Dororo

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

Dororo is an emotional anime where we follow two characters, Hyakkimaru and Dororo. Hyakkimaru was abandoned soon after his birth because he was amputated. His father made a deal with the demons that he would sacrifice his son if they fulfilled his wish, and they did. 

Thus, as a result of the wish, when our MC was born, he was miraculously breathing without any organs. After getting abandoned by his father, the boy was raised by a doctor who taught him everything he could. 

After reaching a certain age, the boy decided to take revenge on the demons to get back his body parts. He was accompanied by a sweet little kid named Dororo!

9. Blue Exorcist

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

We follow two worlds: the world of humans and the world of demons. It’s not easy for demons to enter the human realm, and the only way is to possess a human body. The demon lord wanted to take over the Human world but couldn’t find a suitable body to possess.

Thus, he made a plan and sent his boy to the world in the hopes of one day becoming successful. The boy, aka Rin Okamura, was raised by an ordinary human who instilled good morals in him. Rin could distinguish between right and wrong and vowed to protect the human world from the terror of demons. Out of expectations, the demon lord had to fight against his son to achieve his goal. 

8. InuYasha

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

Kagome’s 15th birthday changes everything in her life. She finds herself in an era where demons are trying their best to capture her. Actually, they were after the jewel she had. Apparently, the Shikon jewel could grant them enormous amounts of power; thus, everyone wanted to have it first. 

Poor girl found herself in a mess, but thanks to InuYasha, our handsome boy who made her life easy. He helped her escape from the demons and fought off all of them. The story picked the beat when the jewel broke, and its pieces were scattered everywhere. 

InuYasha offers everything, from romance to action and from suspense to adventure!

7. The Devil Is A Part Timer

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

This deserves to be on the list of best demon anime, as it is a complete package. It offers a lot more than expected, and in a few episodes, one finds oneself amused. The anime introduces us to the evil Demon Lord Satan, whose only aim is to rule the world. Thus, he initiated a war between humans and demons with him getting defeated as a result.

He escaped through a portal and landed directly on Earth. Plot twist? He couldn’t use his powers there and was now a powerless human. Earth’s challenges taught him to live like ordinary people, and he soon found a job as a part-timer.

Satan was enjoying his time as a normal individual and even felt the pain of humans. He was no longer a villain. However, the story needs a villain, so an overpowered villain enters Earth, challenging him. How can Satan fight him if he can’t use his powers? You’ll get to know it once you watch the anime.

6. Black Butler

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

Ciel was living a horrible life, getting abused by people after losing his parents. He had no choice except to make a deal with a demon named Sebastian. However, this was one of the best decisions of his life as Sebastian became his loyal butler. 

He would not only manage the daily house chores but also take care of Ciel like none. If anyone dares to hurt Ciel, he will have to face the anger of Sebastian. Well, with Sebastian by his side, it’s not easy to hurt Ciel.

There is mystery, action, entertainment, and a lot more that it offers!

5. Misfit Of Demon King Academy

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

Anos Voldigoad was an overpowered demon, and everyone used to fear his name. He was fed up with the constant wars happening between his race and the humans. Thus, he left the world only to return to a time where he could enjoy a peaceful time.

100s of decades later, he was born again. Soon after his arrival, he entered the Demon King Academy. You heard it right; it just took him some hours to grow up. Anos observed that people don’t have the correct idea of him, and things are not right. 

He decides to unveil the mystery while fighting off people who decide to be a hurdle in his way. Indeed, it’s one of the best demon anime of all time.

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4. Seven Deadly Sins

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

SDS is not only the best demon anime but also one of the best shounen anime out there. The story centers around the seven characters who are labeled as the Seven Deadly Sins. They wanted to protect the world from the evil motives of the knight. 

Unfortunately, they were the ones who ended up being the bad guys in the eyes of others. These heroes then scattered and started their journey on their own paths. Elizabeth is the female lead who requests Meliodas, one of the SDS, to help her save her kingdom. 

The boy agrees and starts his mission to find his friends who could help him in making this mission a success. There is mystery, action, romance, and a lot more that will entertain you through and through!

3. Naruto

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

It’s so good that we don’t need to say it’s the best demon anime of all time because we all know it. There is so much Naruto offers that it’s impossible to not love it. Naruto is the main character who was avoided by everyone because they feared the demon fox sealed inside him.

However, our boy vowed to win the love of people, and he did it. The story continues with the entry of overpowered villains. The majority of the villains came to promote peace in their own unique ways, and that’s what makes the whole anime Oscar-winning. The anime is filled with numerous twists and mysteries that will keep you captivated from start to finish Give Naruto a chance to win your heart

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

Jjk has to be the best demon anime of all time. I mean, just look at the animation quality, the characters, the plot, and above all, the thrill that it offers. This is a must-watch anime for all the anime lovers out there.

Yuji Itadori used to live a very simple life, but everything changed for him after his grandpa’s death. He found himself in a mess surrounded by some cursed energies. In the attempt to protect his friends and Megumi, a jujutsu sorcerer, he ended up becoming a vessel. 

Not just an ordinary vessel, but inside him, Sukuna was awakened. Surprisingly, he could still control his body; thus, it was decided that Gojo would kill him once he engulfed all the fingers. The action and fun this anime offers are beyond everything. It’s so good that you can’t skip watching it!

  1. Demon Slayer
best demon anime

Credit: IMDb

Do you think the list would have been complete without Demon Slayer in it? No, right? Demon Slayer has portrayed demons as negative characters. However, it has also proved the fact that not all demons are bad.

This story of siblings Tanjiro and Nezuko will keep you spellbound till the very end. Bloodthirsty demons snatched the smiles from the siblings’ faces in a glimpse. The MC lost his family to their thirst, and Nezuko lost her humanity. 

However, unlike other demons, the girl vowed to never let the demon’s thirst take over her. We follow Tanjiro’s journey of becoming a demon slayer. He works hard and becomes strong only to slay the demons to protect others from the monsters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest demon god in anime?

There are many, but Anos Voladigoad, Sadou, Kurama, and Sukuna are popularly known as the strongest.

Why are demons good in anime?

They are good because they offer diversity and allow one to see demons from different perspectives.


All these demon anime are known for entertaining people at their peak. Watch them out one by one, and let me know if you enjoyed them or not. Let me know how many of you have watched it already?!

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