25 Best Romance Anime On Netflix To Watch

Romance is a popular genre, and nothing can beat anime in terms of it. All thanks to OTT networks by providing the best romance anime on netflix. Romance is a genre that combines well with almost every other genre. 

Many are fans of fantasy romance, action romance, and rom-coms. Sit back and relax as we will enlist best shoujo anime on Netflix. It’s time for you to grab your favorite popcorn and start binge-watching the recommended shows! 

25. Fireworks

Fireworks best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Norimichi Shimada has a particular liking for fireworks; therefore, he plans to watch fireworks along with his friends. Norimichi likes Nazuna, but she asked another friend instead. Our MC wished for a second chance, and miraculously, he returned in time. All thanks to the mysterious marble that helped him.

This time, he made sure to grab the chance to date Nazuna. Many problems come their way but Norimichi uses the marble to rewind time. The element of time travel makes the story spell-binding throughout. 

This anime is undoubtedly good but not the best in terms of animation and story. For your time pass, this one will be recommended. However, if you want something extraordinary, this one may not fall into that category. 

24. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins best romance anime on netflix
Credit: Seven Deadly Sins anime

I bet many of you are already familiar with top-tier shounen anime. Adventure, intrigue, entertainment, and romance are core to this anime. It doesn’t solely revolve around romance, though it’s just a part of it. Therefore, you can’t expect the series to be full of romance.

Meliodas is famous as a sin of wrath feared by people. Unless you don’t know the consequences of making Meliodas angry, there is no way you will mess with him. Meliodas has stopped growing for a reason and have a child-like appearance. His looks play a significant role in making the story intriguing. 

The plot is similar to any other typical shounen anime where the team of heroes keeps getting disturbed by OP antagonists. Alongside action and adventure, the author beautifully portrays romance. Not only Meliodas and Elizabeth but many secondary love stories will break your heart and make you cry. It highlights pure love which is rare to find. 

23. Parasyte

Parasyte best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

Parasyte became one of the most-watched anime with utmost popularity in the previous decade. Romance is undoubtedly not a focus in this one, but a strange bond between an alien and a human is surely worth the watch.

Therefore, it’s solely for those who like action-romance. Shinichi Izumi is our protagonist whose chemistry with his friend Satomi is worth seeing. Watching them developing romantic feelings for each other is pleasing. Plus, it’s the best recommendation for anyone who enjoys light-hearted romance.

Shinichi’s life changes after an alien attack. Some aliens in the form of parasites attack the earth to gain control. They plan to reside inside the human brain. When a parasite enters Shinichi’s body, he fails to gain control over the brain. Instead, he becomes a part of Shinichi’s hand.

With time, Shinichi and the parasite become good friends and vows to save their motherland.

22. The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

This anime is for all those who enjoy watching harem, comedy, and romance. Fuutarou Uesugi is living a tough life with poor financial conditions. Due to his father’s debt, the family finds it hard to make ends meet. 

All thanks to his attitude that keeps people away from him. Therefore, the poor boy doesn’t enjoy the blessing of having a friend. One day, he finds himself entangled in an argument with a girl over a minor issue.

Later, fate gives him a chance to settle his terrible life. He gets an offer to tutor a rich man’s daughter. He couldn’t say no to the golden opportunity; therefore, he went for the job. To his surprise, he became the tutor of the only one, Itsuki Nakano. Just so you can remember, she is the headstrong girl who took part in the argument against him.

The best part begins when he learns that Itsuki isn’t the only girl he has to tolerate. He had to tutor her three more sisters! To top it off, they were quintuplets. It was not easy to tutor the four girls all at once! Watching our boy handling the quintuplets will amuse you, so have a good watch as it is an essential part of best romance anime on Netflix list.

21. Scum’s Wish

Scum's Wish best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Hanabi and Mugi, the broken-hearted in love! Hanabi used to love her childhood buddy and homeroom teacher Narumi for a long time. Unfortunately, Narumi gets interested in Akane, a music teacher. 

On the other hand, Mugi used to have strong feelings for Akane. Both Hanabi and Mugi were in a similar situation where they were heartbroken. The duo decided to become a couple to help each other with their loneliness.

Apparently, everyone considers them a perfect couple, but there is no sense of true feelings. However, you will be the judge of their true feelings. Overall it’s a good story full of emotions and love!

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20. Teasing Master Takagi San

Teasing Master Takagi San best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

A story that is rare and so relatable that many of you will find yourself imagining and living it. Nishikata and Takagi are best buddies. Takagi knows her so well that she knows how Nishikata will react to different situations. 

She is more like a teaser who loves teasing him by using her knowledge about him. People want such friends who understand them, but our MC was kinda guilty having her. Their bond is praising, and it’s fun to see their daily banter.

Don’t worry; Nishikata is also looking for a perfect moment to take revenge. Whenever he’ll find a chance, Takagi will regret her actions!

19. Romantic Killer

Romantic Killer best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Love usually happens to those who least expect it. Anzu Hoshino is nothing different when it comes to love. Unlike typical girls her age, she doesn’t bother thinking about romance or love. Her only activities are playing games, spending time with her cat, and thinking about eating chocolates.

A 3D Otome Game turns her life upside down. Contrary to her expectations, a mysterious wizard Riri comes out of the screen. This was the beginning of experiencing love in her real life. 

The game was real; what she imagined to play inside the screen now was playing in real life. She did her best to avoid romance, but surprisingly she became a magnet for it. All thanks to Riri, she meets a handsome hunk named Tsukasa Kazuki. 

As I said, Anzu wasn’t like other girls, so she swiftly avoided the boy. The question is: until when? To find out more about Anzu’s love experiences, get ready to watch it on Netflix.

18. Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai Best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of two high schoolers, Sakuta Azusagawa and Mai Sakurajima. Mai is a girl suffering from a sporadic syndrome called puberty syndrome. This condition results in Mai becoming invisible. It is as if no one is aware of her presence. Despite wearing a bunny girl outfit, no one could see her.

Things start to get interesting when Sakuta sees her wandering near the library. Sakuta was the sole person who could see the bunny girl. When Mai found that he could see her, it intrigued her. Within no time, the duo became friends. Sakuta decided to help the damsel in distress by finding a way to cure her syndrome.

Both the leads are polar opposites, and it only adds to their chemistry. The anime is full of entertainment, comedy, and romance. So, I am sure you are gonna love watching this one as it is among the best romance anime on Netflix. Good Luck!

17. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can't Communicate best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Netflix

It’s a very entertaining story, and the comedy element in this romance anime is super lit. I am sure you will experience waves of laughter from time to time. Komi is the female protagonist who suffers from a communication disorder.

No matter how much she likes socializing, her disorder refrains her from mixing with others. She is undoubtedly a beauty to be adored, and that is one reason everyone is dying to befriend her. Hitohito Tadano is our MC, who joins the school, and finds his seat beside Komi. Watching him near Komi makes everyone jealous. 

After a series of events, our boy learns her weakness. Tadano now knows Komi’s communication disorder and her wish to make 100 friends. Things start to get entertaining when the male MC decides to help her accomplish her goal. 

Their cute bond is worth watching. The main idea of the show will effortlessly keep you glued throughout. It’s undoubtedly one of the best romance anime on Netflix to watch.

16. Horimiya

Horimiya best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Is there anything better than high school romance? Nah! It has an exceptional charm! Horimiya follows the life of two high schoolers, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. The characters are mysterious yet intriguing, and they are masters at hiding their true selves. 

As a student, Hori is in the good books of the teachers and a responsible sister at her home. She hides the fact that she looks after her younger brother. Plus, she manages house chores in a way they don’t affect her school life. 

On the other hand, Izumi is a nerd fond of Japanese culture, like us Otaku. He is the exact opposite of how he appears in school. If someone meets him outside the school, no one could say he is the same, Izumi. 

In reality, he is a cool kid who wears earrings, and his back and shoulder are filled with tattoos. Fate brings them closer, and they soon become good friends. Watching them share their real sides is a treat for the eyes. 

However, whether they have recognized their hidden sides is a mystery that I am leaving for you to discover! Of course, I can’t spoil the suspense for you. (XD)

15. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Romance with a touch of drama and supernatural is always entertaining to watch. This one is the anime that will make you fall deeply in love. Tohru Honda’s life becomes miserable after a family tragedy leaves her orphaned and homeless. 

The plot progresses, and we see the Sohma family helping and giving her shelter in their place. Surprisingly, she meets Yuki, famous as a handsome prince in her school, and his cousin Kyou. Both the cousins were not on good terms with each other. During one of their fights, she steps in to sort the matter. That was when she learned that the Sohma family isn’t ordinary human beings.

When they are touched by the opposite gender, they switch into animals of the Chinese zodiac. Sounds interesting, right? So what’s with this wait? Hurry up and start binge-watching!

14. Rosario Vampire

Rosario Vampire best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Tsukune Aono was just an ordinary student struggling to get college admission. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it, and his parents forced him to join Youkai Academy. Little did our boy know that it was not the ordinary academy.

Apparently, the academy was just like another cliche one. However, it was full of monsters who tried to fit in with humans. Tsukune gets baffled by the beauty of a girl named Moka Akashiya. He was finding different ways to befriend the girl, unbeknownst to the fact that she was a vampire.

Tsukune’s life changes entirely with multiple adventures, twists, and turns!

13. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

We always feel happy when related to a famous celebrity or a movie’s character. However, not everyone feels comfortable. Sawako’s life was no less than misery because she resembled an evil fictional character. 

Despite being sweet and kind, people used to despise her, and she lacked friends in school. Her life started to lighten up when she found her classmate Shouta attractive. She has always admired being like him, cheerful and prominent. Multiple events and incidents bring the duo closer. 

The way their chemistry is presented is exceptionally charming and sweet. It’s impossible not to admire the enticing plot!

12. Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Sama Love Is War best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

It’s another excellent rom-com that made its name among the most popular anime of this decade. Kaguya and Miyuki hold the position of the most famous students in their school. Many consider both a couple, but they aren’t on good terms. 

Although each holds feelings for the other, they deny confessing first. They have initiated a war in love. No matter how intense the emotions, neither would admit it first. Their rivalry is worth watching, and honestly, it does get annoying at times! 

The reason that is keeping them from confessing is their ego! No one wants to hurt their ego. Therefore, they plan to force each other to kneel down, but it seems complicated. Overall it’s a good romance anime on Netflix with great animation and a spell-binding plot.

11. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

Haruhi Fujioka is unlike any of your typical romance anime girls. One can easily mistake her for a boy because of her boy-cut hair and style. As a student, she is a nerd, and one will usually find her with books.

Destiny leads her toward the school’s most popular host when she stumbles across a music room. The boys are well-known among the girls across the entire school. Interestingly, they mistook Haruhi for a boy. Things get more entertaining when Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase. Our poor girl had to work for the club in return for paying the price.

That’s how Haruhi’s simple life changed and took a 90’s turn! The show has comedy, romance, and much more to look for!

10. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

Heads up! This one is a heartfelt and emotional romance anime, and your tears will flow endlessly. Violet is an innocent and naive girl whose life wasn’t fair. People used her as a tool, and she never questioned them. She wasn’t good at feeling people’s emotions!

Post-war, she started working as an auto-memory doll when things were settling. The job helped her become aware of people’s feelings, which proved helpful for her. Her encounter with Gilbert changed her life completely. Violet Evergarden Has all the romance in it to feature in best romance anime on Netflix.

He was the one who forced her to find the meaning behind the three most beautiful words, I LOVE YOU! Watching Violet understand the true meaning of these words is worth watching! Besides, the anime’s characters and story add extra charm to everything.

9. Toradora

Toradora best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

We often judge people by their appearances, which always differ from our opinions. Toradora beautifully portrays it. Ryuuji Takasu looks like a delinquent but is a very kind and friendly boy. He is someone who doesn’t hesitate to do house chores, and in fact, he likes them.

On the other hand, Taiga Aisaka is our female lead who looks like a cutie but is opposite her looks. Though she has a sweet side, no one knows about that. Taiga and Ryuuji are polar opposites, and you will witness their lives. Fate brings them closer, and the duo learns about each other. 

Things get entertaining when Taiga reveals her feelings for Ryuuji’s best friend. Moreover, Ryuuji says that he likes Taiga’s best friend! Watching the two opposites develop feelings for each other is enjoyable, right?

8. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

SAO is a romance fantasy with a lot of action piled up and a strong story that holds its grounds. However, the love chemistry between the main lead is just a treatment for the eyes. It’s the story of Kirito, who gets trapped inside a VR game. He was not the only one trapped; several people were there.

Genuinely it was a game of life or death where one step would drop you at the gates of hell. Unlike cliche games, if one dies here, one will die for real. Amidst all this chaos, he didn’t lose hope and made multiple friends during his journey. Asuna was one of them. Trust me, nothing can beat watching romance alongside thrilling action sequences! You will not regret watching this beautiful action-romance anime!

7. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

It’s another action-romance anime. Though we don’t see romance that prominent in the anime, watching Ken and Touka as a couple is pleasing. There are heartbreaks, betrayal, and romance. Ken Kaneki experienced heartbreak from the girl she admired. She revealed herself as a ghoul and changed Ken’s life completely.

After the incident, Ken opened his eyes as a half-ghoul. His life became more challenging and demanding each day. Coping with his body changes and adjusting to ghoul society was no less than hell. He went from being innocent to a badass guy in no time. 

You’ll enjoy watching Touka and Ken’s chemistry throughout the anime. Watching the broken-hearted MC falling in love is incredibly soothing!

6. My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

The anime presents a very unique idea and is loved for its uniqueness. This is the story of Wakana Gojou, a high schooler with a particular liking and talent for sewing clothes for dolls. He hides his kills because of society’s fear. 

On the other hand, Marin Kitagawa is the female lead who enjoys a cheerful life. She has been blessed with many friends, unlike Wakana. She spends her leisure time cosplaying but lack skills for sewing their outfits. Luckily, she learns about Wakana’s secret. 

The plot progresses, and we see Wankana helping her sew her outfits. As time passes by, their bonds strengthen, and they grow closer. It’s a fantastic anime full of romance, comedy, and decent twists.

5. Nana 

Nana best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Nana beautifully highlights the friendship bond between two female friends who are opposite. The plot revolves around Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki. Nana Komatsu wants to experience love, while Nana intends to have a successful career.

Both of them experienced heartbreaks in their love life. After a series of events, destiny brings both girls together. Both develop a great friendship in no time. They understand each other and their struggles. The girls needed support, and they found it. 

How their love life progresses and with whom they fall in love is suspenseful. Watch it ASAP to get to know more about the plot! I bet you’ll feel happy to watch this one! 

4. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

This anime highlights girls’ love and revolves around two girls, Yuu and Touko, who fall for each other. Yuu wanted to experience romance and was waiting for that moment patiently. However, when she received a proposal from her classmate, she couldn’t guess her feelings.

After joining high school, she saw a girl, Touko Nanami, rejecting someone’s proposal decently. Yuu liked the way she responded and went to seek her advice. Unexpected to her thoughts, she gets stunned when Touko confesses her love to her. This is an exciting story full of intriguing and entertaining events!

Without bloom into you the list of 25 best romance anime on Netflix will be incomplete.

3. My Little Monster

My Little Monster best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Shizuku Mizutani is a girl whose life revolves around studying only. She lacks friends because she fails to understand people’s emotions and feelings. Her life flipped completely after her interaction with Haru Yoshida. He was a delinquent who stopped attending school.

Haru, on his first encounter, expresses his feelings towards her. Since Shizuku lacks friends, she agrees to be his friend. They were similar as they didn’t understand each other’s feelings well. 

The duo starts spending time with each other and understanding each other. It’s amusing to see the pair understanding their emotions which helps them grow.

2. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: IMDb

Chiyo Sakura is head over heels for a boy named Umetarou Nozaki. After finally gathering the courage, she successfully confesses her love. Surprisingly, Nozaki hands his autograph to her. Later, it is revealed that Nozaki isn’t an ordinary boy but a famous mangaka. 

After a series of events, we see Chiyo working as a mangaka assistant for none other than Nozaki. This sparks her feelings even more; however, she can’t do anything about it. The anime is full of comedic incidents where you’ll often experience waves of laughter. 

1. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle best romance anime on Netflix
Credit: Crunchyroll

Talk about a fairy tale, and there you have it. Howl’s Moving castle is one of the oldest and the best romance anime that is fueled with magic and adventure. Sophie is our simple and sweet female protagonist who spends her time in her hat shop. She is a hard worker and lives a simple life. 

On the other hand, Howl is a wizard who enjoys popularity yet is feared by many. One day, Howl helped Sophie from trouble, and the incident proved life-changing for Sophie. A witch gets jealous, learning that Howl helped Sophie. Under her curse, our little Sophie turns into an old woman. 

She runs to live in the Howl’s moving castle to hide her appearance from her peers. Due to her appearance, Howl couldn’t recognize her and treated her as an old woman. With time, Howl starts developing feelings for her, making the curse fade away. The anime’s pacing is perfect, and it’s for everyone who likes magic fairy tales!

Howl’s Moving Caste tops the list of 25 best romance anime on Netflix. This list have some of mouth watering anime to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform is best for anime?

Apart from Netflix, there are many platforms where you can watch anime easily. They are Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime.

What is the biggest anime Platform?

Crunchyroll is considered one of the biggest anime platforms.


Okay, my loveliest fellas, I hope you enjoyed reading the list of best romance anime on Netflix. Though the mentioned Anime are available on Netflix, their availability varies from country to country. Therefore, I tried my best to provide you with decent anime readily available on Netflix. 

Don’t forget to update me about your recommendations; I’d like to hear you out!

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