The 10 Best Romantic Comedy Anime To Watch

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Romantic Comedy Anime has a separate fanbase. People love to watch them and feel the butterflies in their stomachs while laughing every minute. It’s simply a perfect dose to lift the moods and to feel happy. Countless rom-coms in the anime world have spellbound the audience effortlessly. 

If watching romantic comedies is your thing, you must watch all the anime mentioned below. They are all filled with love, drama, humor, and more. Let’s get to our list of the best romantic comedy anime.

10. Ore Monogatari

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

This is one of the most entertaining romantic comedy anime there is to watch. It intrigues the viewers with a sweet love story of an utterly cute Takeo Gouda. The boy is muscular and apparently lacks the ideal beauty standards in girls’ eyes. 

However, he has a Diamond heart, which matters the most. Unfortunately, no one sees his heart and always despises him for his looks. Above everything else, Makoto, his closest friend, becomes the center of the girls’ focus due to his captivating appearance. It doesn’t make him jealous, but the problem is the girl he likes might be in love with Makoto.  

9. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Chiyo Sakura is the cute female lead who has lost her heart to Nozaki Kun. Instead of keeping her feelings to her heart, the brave girl confesses. Guess what? She does, but the reaction to her confession is nothing predictable. 

It turns out that Nozaki holds a popular reputation among females, and getting a confession is normal for him. He hands her his signed autograph, taking her confession as a common fan encounter.

Nozaki is a famous mangaka, and fate plays its part in making the girl his manga assistant. It’s the best romantic comedy anime for all of you to binge watch.

8. Kaguya Sama: Love is War

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Miyuki and Kaguya have earned quite a reputation that lights up the entire school. As Student Representatives, they perform their duties well. Their everyday interactions have led everyone to enthusiastically root for them as a couple.

However, their love life is not simple, as none wishes to throw their ego out of the window. They love each other but not more than themselves, creating a war of love between them. The two plan to make the other lose and confess, but it’s not a piece of cake. 

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7. Romantic Killer

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Anzu Hoshino is not a typical girl fantasizing about romance but a girl who loves to chill. She will die playing video games and eating her favourite chocolates rather than falling in love. Well, life tests you with the things you hate, so the same goes for her.

A 3D Otome game changed her life completely when a wizard stepped out of the screen and forced her to find love in real life. A series of fairy tale incidents occur in her life, and she ends up meeting the charming Tsukasa.

Anzu plays it hard to get since she isn’t interested in love. However, it turns out that her life is more like a harem now as pretty boys keep approaching her. The story offers fun and much more, making it a perfect romantic comedy anime.

6. Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

How many times have you thought of yourself as a superhero from a different dimension? Don’t fret; you are not alone, as everyone has once dreamt of himself as a special being. But in this anime, a person having these thoughts isn’t considered normal.

In fact, they have labelled this condition as a disease called Chunibyo. Yuuta is our male lead who suffered from this condition, which often embarrassed him. Now, having come to this realization, he hopes to start over by enrolling in a new school.

Unfortunately, his past keeps popping up when he sees his classmate, Rikka, suffering from Chunibyo. He tries to avoid her but gets involved with her every time. With many comedic encounters, things become interesting with a touch of romance. Do watch it if you’re looking for the best romantic comedy anime.

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5. Komi Can’t Communicate

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Hitohito is an adorable and kind-hearted young boy who desires a peaceful life and seeks to stay away from any complications. With this thought in mind, he joins the school. Unfortunately, things go south when he sits next to Komi, a girl deemed as beautiful.

Now, everyone wants him to get a side to make their moves on the girl. Komi suffers from a problem that hinders her ability to communicate effectively. Thus, she never speaks to anyone to hide her communication disorder. 

Upon learning about her secret, Hitohito made the choice to aid her in overcoming it. The duo share a sweet bond, which makes the whole story intriguing.

4. Ouran High School Host Club

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Haruhi Fujioka, a tomboy and diligent student, earns a scholarship to an exclusive school. Unbeknownst to her, a group of boys is popular in the school as a host club. Her encounter with them doesn’t seem welcoming as she breaks a valuable.

The handsome members ask her to join their Host Club to pay the price, not knowing that Haruhi is a girl. Now, she must entertain female students and do her job nicely until the price is covered. Her chemistry with Tamaki, the club’s handsome member, makes the anime worth watching. Get ready to laugh and feel butterflies in your stomach.

3. Toradora

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Toradora flawlessly illustrates that making judgments based on appearances is incorrect. The handsome Ryuji Takasu is actually a sweet and caring boy. However, people hesitate to be close to him because of his delinquent looks.

On the other hand, Taiga is the female lead who looks adorable but is actually very scary. The duo would never have been friends if fate didn’t play its part. They both have affection for each other’s closest friends. So the two decide to help each other win their love unbeknownst to what life has in store for them. The unexpected love encounters make them fall for each other hard.

2. Kamisama Kiss

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Nanami has been living a messy life because of her father’s debts, which left her homeless and wandering the streets. She didn’t stop helping others in such extreme distress as she saved a man from being chased by a dog.

The man is impressed, and after listening to her story, he sends her to his house. Nanami, having nowhere to go, happily goes to the given address only to find that the place is a shrine occupied with spirits.

In reality, the man was a deity who appointed Nanami as a substitute god. The problem is being a god is nowhere close to a fairy tale, but actually requires one to do house chores and listen to people’s countless wishes.

There, she meets her fox familiar, Tomoe, who never wanted to form a contract with her. However, the girl’s efforts and hard work finally made her form a contract with him, which started with a kiss. Their love encounter makes the anime spellbinding.

1. Maid Sama

best romantic comedy anime to watch

Credit: IMDb

Our sweet Misaki is a diligent and no-nonsense young woman. She bears the weight of maintaining order in a school dominated by male students, striking fear into everyone. Her packed schedule leaves no room for matters of the heart.

Yes, Love has no place in her life as she’s perpetually occupied with her duties. She is a scholarship student but secretly does a part time job. On the other hand, the handsome prince of the school, Usui Takumi, learns about her secrets of working as a maid. He is such a teaser that he loves teasing her.

Having no choice, the girl agrees to do what he asks if he keeps her secret secure. Each passing day brings them closer enough that they can’t live without each other. Trust me or not but Maid-Sama is the king of romantic comedy anime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch romantic anime?

There are many platforms where one can watch romantic anime. Some of the most popular ones are Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

What is a cute romantic anime on Netflix?

There are multiple cute romantic anime on Netflix. Some of the are Komi Can’t Communicate, Toradora, and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki kun


Romantic Comedy anime are the best ones to watch to lift your mood. If you ever feel down, just give them a chance to make you smile!

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