Top 30 Best Short Anime Series Of All Time

best short anime series of all time

Hello friends! I am back again with a banger set of anime worthy of being called the best short anime series of all time. There are countless anime that one can watch, but unfortunately, most of them are very long. 

So, those of you who quickly want to binge-watch or do not have enough time to spend on 300 or 500 episodes, consider watching the following. All of them give us an unforgettable experience, so make sure you watch all the thirty anime mentioned below.

Let’s not wait anymore to discuss our favourite anime; here we begin!

30. School Babysitters

School Babysitters best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Calling it an underrated anime wouldn’t be a lie, though. Yet, School babysitters had introduced an idea worth noticing. The story revolves around two brothers after they have lost their parents. Ryuuichi, the older one, is responsible for his kid brother Kotarou.

After a chance meeting with Youko Morinimiya, the president of an exclusive academy, their life takes a sharp turn. They get to have a roof and a peaceful place to live. However, Ryuuichi has to become the school’s babysitter.

Hence, he laid the foundation of the babysitting club where the children of the said school’s teachers enjoy their time. As time passes, the clubs get more eager people to become babysitters. It is a soft anime with a slow pace of development yet fully entertaining. 

29. Barakamon

Barakamon best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Barakamon is a piece of art. It is not only because this short anime series is based on Calligraphy, an art form. But also because it shows how an environment helps a person to grow and develop themselves. 

The story starts with an arrogant, over confident, smart and handsome Calligrapher, Handa. He has been hailed all his life as a genius. So his self esteem was quite high. However, one day when one of his pieces is complimented as “unoriginal” by his peers, his arrogance takes over him. 

To get him to straighten his behavior he is punished on an island far from the lively city. The people there know no restraint. There is no concept of personal life and being alone isn’t even a choice. Hence, Handa is in to polish his Calligraphy skills by learning the true meaning of things he neve knew. 

28. Edens Zero

Edens Zero best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

If the art gives you the Fairy Tail vibes and you think that this anime is quite the rip-off of a Fairy Tale, then you are neither wrong nor right. Eden Zero is the work of Hero Mashima, and in reality, this anime became more loved than Fairy Tail.

It is the exact same characters with only slight differences. Yet, they are more entertaining and intriguing at the same time. Edens Zero is a vast anime with high potential and has all aspects that Fairy Tale didn’t. 

The story is about a magical adventure of people who are worlds apart. 

They come together by fate and decide to discover the miracles of nature. It included meeting the goddess Mother, deemed to be the controller. However, they discover much more than they vouched for.

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27. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

If I have to vote, then Nozaki Kun is the best short anime series of all time. Uncontrollable laughter, butterflies in your stomach and a highly entertaining time are promised if you go through this one. 

If your love confession is rejected, it might be sad, but what happens to the cheerful and loving Chiyo is shocking and humorous. Getting her love letter signed by Nozaki Kun, aka her love interest, was the biggest shock of her life.

To her surprise, she found out that the manly and stoic guy Nozaki is actually the mangaka of her favorite romance manga. However, this situation is quite contradictory. Chiyo strives to help Nozaki in his work with the hope that someday he may notice her feelings. But a solid guy like him would easily get an idea of her feelings!

26. Katanagatari 

Katanagatari best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

An anime with a fine concept is the best definition for Katanagatari. As the name explains, if you know enough Japanese, then it is all about swords. For a short anime, Katanagatari is surely short but enjoyable. 

Set in the Edo times of Japan, the story begins with Shichika. 

He is a sword wielder but with a unique style where his body turns into an unbreakable sword. He enjoys a quiet life with his sister but is stirred when an energetic and goal-oriented Togame enters their life. Her goal is to collect the 12 greatest swords. 

However, this adventure is filled with politics, strong opponents and powerful enemies. Hence the duo embarks on the journey to fulfill the goal. They grow closer as people with emotions and end up discovering much more than they ever imagined. 

25. Special A

Special A best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Hikari Hanazono is your talented female lead who loves being on the top in academic activities or others. She was enjoying her reputation till Kei, a boy from her school, started replacing her. For Hikari, replacing Kei became an obsession, and she started working hard but winning from him felt impossible. 

Doesn’t matter how brilliant Hikari is; she is incompletely unaware of Kei’s feelings for her. What do you think how will she react after knowing that his rival loves her more than anything in the world? Apart from romance and comedy, you can expect some interesting things from the anime, which makes it the best short anime series of all time.

24. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Yona is your beautiful princess with gorgeous red hair who never fails to capture anyone’s attention. She is cheerful and knows only one thing: she loves her cousin Soo-Won. Her best friend Bodyguard, Hak, loves teasing her and watching them on the screen is a visual treat. 

One day, her happy life remains no more the same when Soo-Won murders her father for the throne. The murderer doesn’t stop there but tries his best to capture and threaten Yona. Thanks to Hak, who arrives on time and risks his life, he protects his princess and best friend. He takes her to his village, where they hide her identity for safety. You can expect action, mystery and a fantastical touch to this beautiful anime. There is so much more for you to explore, so start binge-watching!

23. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

In Chise’s life, there was nothing to be happy about, and the only hope left for her was to get sold to a good buyer. Yes, she was about to be auctioned, and the poor girl just wanted to have a place filled with kind people. Thanks to God, Elias Ainsworth, the Magus, bought her. 

Though mysterious, Elias changed the girl’s life. Elias introduced her to a land filled with fantastical creatures, and she experienced a life she never could have imagined. If you choose to watch it for romance, my friend, you need to have patience since there are a lot of ups and downs in their relationship! Though, there is no doubt that it’s worth watching and the best short anime series of all time.

22. Rent A Girlfriend

Rent A Girlfriend best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Kazuya is the main character who gets heartbroken when her girlfriend breaks up. Trying to move on, he tries to rent a girlfriend through a dating app, leading him to meet Chizuru. After their meetup, he gives a poor rating despite Chizuru being sweet to him all that time. 

This angers the cute girl, and she ends up confronting him. Meanwhile, the boy’s grandmother is hospitalized. Now, the duo are in a situation where they must fake their relationship in front of their family. With time, they don’t realize when they get attached to each other. This is a must-watch anime for everyone looking for the best short anime series of all time. 

21. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Have you ever seen boys making hina dolls? Don’t worry; Wakana Gojou is all set to surprise you with his talents. Unfortunately, fearing humiliation, the boy tries to keep his skills a secret. The skills he got couldn’t remain hidden for a long time as his classmate Marin found out about his secret.

Marin is a lively girl who loves cosplaying her favorite characters in her leisure time. What better option for Marin than Gojou to help her prepare her cosplay outfits? The duo starts working together, and as they say, girls and boys can’t remain friends for longer, so they end up feeling for each other. 

20. No Game, No Life

No Game, No Life best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime centers on two siblings, Sora and Shiro, who share mutual interests. They are famous gamers who have earned a reputation in the online world of games. One day, they get a message from an unknown person but guess what? They didn’t know that the sender was not an ordinary man and had the power to change their life.

The action leads them to enter Disboard, a completely different world ruled by Tet. Tet was the one who called them here. Therefore, he explains the rules and regulations of surviving in Disboard.

Don’t mistake this place as an ordinary world, as it differs from one’s imagination. Things get interesting when the siblings meet Stephanie, who is struggling to regain her father’s stone. So, Sora and Shiro decide to make her life a little easier! No Game No Life is one of the best short anime series of all time because it offers so much in just 12 episodes!

19. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Ganta is a sweet boy who can’t even dream of hurting anyone. One incident turns his life into what he could never have imagined. While he was taking a class, a red man appeared out of the window and, in a glimpse, killed everyone there, leaving Ganta alive. 

He transferred some mysterious powers to him and left. When Ganta opened his eyes in the hospital, he was surprised to learn he was accused of murdering his schoolmates. Unfortunately, the boy couldn’t prove his innocence and was imprisoned in the deadliest place, Deadman Wonderland. 

The prison is a mystery in itself, and it isn’t ordinary at all. The higher-ups use the prisoners as a tool to entertain the audience. To know who the Red Man is, start binge-watching it! Won’t lie; it’s one of the best short  anime series of all time. 

18. Death Parade 

Death Parade best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one offers episodic stories with different characters in each episode. Though there is one character who appears in each episode, and he is the bartender known as Decim. The twist is the bar is not a place where everyone can enter. 

In fact, it’s a kind of limbo where only dead people enter, and after the decisions, they go to either heaven or hell. Decim makes people play different games, and based on these games, he makes a decision.

Watching the people play the games and confessing their wrongdoings will hopefully push you toward the edge of your seats. Do watch Death Parade for a different experience, especially when you are looking for the best short anime series of all time.

17. Horimiya

Horimiya best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one has just 13 episodes, and all are filled with entertainment, making it the best short anime series of all time. It’s the story of two opposites who get attracted to each other. Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura are the two characters we follow throughout the anime. 

Kyouko is apparently a perfect student with beauty and brains, whereas Izumi appears to be a boring introvert. The twist is that none of them are showing their true personalities to the world. Kyouko is so busy with her housework that she hardly gets time for herself. 

On the other hand, Izumi is definitely not a boring boy. He has piercings and tattoos, giving the impression of a delinquent. Guess what? The two become good friends with each other…but wait! Do they know about each other’s hidden personalities? I am leaving this to you, so have a good watch!

16. Puella Magi: Madoka Magica

Puella Magi: Madoka Magica best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one is a story overflowing with magic. It may be short, but it is worth the time. The story introduces regular middle school girls from different backgrounds. Their life was pretty much ordinary until one day, 

Homura Akemi, the new transfer student who is a magical girl, enters their lives.

After Madoka and Sayaka encounter Kyuubey, they are in awe. The girls are offered to become magical girls as they seem to be charmed by Homura.  However, Homura herself is against this all. Why does Homura not want anyone else to become a magical girl, and what is the truth of Kyuubey? Watch this emotional and dramatic anime with lots more in it and discover the secrets behind the pretty faces. 

15. Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

One thing is for sure anime is undeniably for all ages and has a wide range of all genres. Usagi Drop is one soft and calming anime that proves it. The anime introduces a strangely unique father-daughter duo. 

Daikichi is enjoying his bachelor life until one day, he finds that his grandfather left an illegitimate daughter. 

To his surprise, the young shy, and not-so-confident girl named Rin is all alone in this world now. Daikichi decides to make a decision that will change his life entirely. He adopts Rin, and the duo starts their life as two unknowns. However, as they live together, they discover the true meaning of a family and what familial love feels like. Usagi Drop is truly a healing anime with much more to it.

14. Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Doesn't Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

It may be short with a few episodes but it has a lot of fanservice so if you are looking for cute and adorable girls then it is for you. As its name suggests, the anime is about bunny girls. However, the anime introduces a very unique and strange concept of puberty syndrome. 

No one believes in this hypothetical problem. Yet, Sakuta, the handsome high school boy has first hand experience with this. Hence, he can very much identify one with puberty syndrome. This leads him to a bunny girl walking in the library who happens to be his school mate and a child actress named Mai. 

Now the challenge is to make Mai understand about the syndrome and help her cure it. But if it were just her then things wouldn’t be interesting. Try this one because you will get harem vibes from it. 

13. Toilet bound Hanako Kun

Toilet bound Hanako Kun best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Urban legends are always interesting regardless of the place. Japanese schools have a knack for them. Among them is a tale of Hanako San and the famous Kamome Academy has its own version.

If a desperate wish is called out loud then Hanako San will grant that wish if and only if summoned. No one has ever succeeded and yet we have Yashiro. She is a cute, innocent and charming girl who wants to have her crush have the same feelings for her like she does. 

Her desperate wish actually summons the rumored Hanako San but there is a catch. This Hanako San is actually a Hanako kun, it’s a boy. The two are now bound by fate. They face many hurdles as the boundary between the reality and spiritual world disappears. It isn’t scary but it has a supernatural touch so expect more from it. 

12. Black Prince And Wolf Girl

Black Prince And Wolf Girl best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

You will love this sweet romance anime if you like cold male leads who love bullying others. Erika is a naive yet sweet girl who fears her friends will leave her if they learn she lacks a boyfriend. Therefore, the innocent girl comes up with a wrong plan of clicking a random guy on the street. 

As expected, the naive girl shows the picture to her friends, claiming that the boy is her boyfriend. Her friends were not shocked by the fact that she had a handsome boyfriend but were surprised because the boy (Sata) was a popular student at the school. 

Yes, Erika never knew that the boy studies in her school and is popular among girls. To save her reputation, Erika begs Sata to fake their relationship, and he agrees. Hold on, hold on! Sata was not the kind of a guy who would agree easily; he agreed on the condition that Erika would have to act like his DOG! Now Erika is forced to obey him anytime, anywhere. Watch to learn how the romance develops between the two.

11. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

All romance lovers can get happy because Kamisama Kiss is filled with the perfect amount of romance, comedy, and drama. Trust me or not, I can bet you won’t be able to watch it without laughing tears! It starts with a girl named Nanami, who worries about finding shelter as her father’s debt has left her shelterless. 

Fate played its part, and she helped a man who, in return, sent her to his house. Nanami was more than glad to find a place to live, but she didn’t realize what the house had in store for her.

Namai got the shelter in the form of a shrine and family in the form of spirits (XD). Yes, nothing ordinary was happening to her because she was a substitute God, all thanks to the man she helped. If you think that a god’s life is easy, let this anime prove you wrong!

10. Angels Of Death

Angels Of Death best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

So, fellas, nothing can entertain you better than Angels Of Death if you are looking for a thrilling masterpiece. The story begins by introducing us to a girl named Rachel, who is being treated by a doctor. Things seem mysterious for the first few episodes, but they start making sense with time. 

The doctor turns out to be a psychopath trying to kill her. While trying to run from the doctor, she steps into a different floor which leads her to Zack. PLOT TWIST: Zack is an even bigger PSYCHO! The story becomes intriguing when Rachel asks him to kill her, surprising Zack. 

Zack wanted to kill her, but not like that; he had his own rules. So, they finally came up with an idea. It was decided that he would grant her wish only if she helped him get out of the building. Each floor has one psycho, and if one dares to enter another floor, they must be ready to die. It’s the best watch for those who are not afraid to watch thrillers!

9. Another

Another best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

I am sure many of you like to watch horror anime, and if you are one, then watch Another as soon as possible. The story begins with Kouichi Sakakibara entering high school, where he gets attracted to a mysterious girl named Mei Misaki. 

She warns him to stay away whenever he tries to talk to her. Kuoichi’s curiosity increases, and he starts asking about her from his classmates. To his surprise, none of them was ready to talk about her, and worst, some claimed that there was no such girl with that name and appearance. 

Things went pretty smoothly until some students tried to tell Kuoichi about the girl. As soon as they started telling, they died without uttering a word. Now what’s the girl’s mystery, and why are people dying? The anime is short, and you can easily find your answers by binge-watching.

8. Erased

Erased best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the most underrated and the best short anime series of all time. Satoru Fujinuma is a 29-year-old mangaka living quite peacefully before he found his mother murdered. The worst happened when police took him away, accusing him of the murder. 

Miraculously, at the same moment, he found himself back in the past, where he was just a kid. The plus point was he remembered everything and now knew what the future would be like.

So, he takes advantage of this opportunity and tries to save his childhood friends who were murdered. The story becomes interesting, and we learn that there is a link between the murderer of his friends and the murderer of his mother. Erased brings the best story, fine characters, and the perfect thrill. 

7. The Devil Is A Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

The story begins with the introduction of a demon lord and his intentions to rule the world. A war starts between the demon army and the humans, and the demon was forced out of the world thanks to the hero. What the demon lord didn’t realize was that his life is going to change completely. 

He entered the human world where he completely lost his magical powers. They were fading day by day, and he soon realized that he is NOTHING without his powers. No one would have believed that he is a demon lord, especially the people who never believed in magic. 

What do you expect from a demon lord without powers? He had no choice except to work as ordinary people and start working as a part timer.  So, there you go, that’s how he started understanding human nature and developed love for them. Thus he was no more a villain but the story is incomplete without a villain, isn’t it? So, get ready to meet the overpowered characters in this anime!

6. The Irregular At Magic High School

The Irregular At Magic High School best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Miyuki and Tatsuya are the two gorgeous siblings who join an elite magic academy. Miyuki’s test results were good, so she was separated from Tatsuya. The students started underestimating Tatsuya, and he kept his identity and skills hidden. 

However, he couldn’t hide his magical skills for long, and students were shocked to see them. This anime is strongly recommended to those who enjoy watching shows with overpowered characters. The story is well-paced with an engaging plot. 

5. The Misfit In The Demon King Academy

The Misfit In The Demon King Academy best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

It is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and intriguing anime you will find today. You may have heard about heroes sacrificing for peace. However, this one has a plot twist right from the start.

Anos, the strongest demon king with the strongest magic, decides to sacrifice himself for a greater cause. 

Yet his hopes and dreams of a peaceful future are shattered when he reborn ages after his decision.

He finds himself stranded in a place called Demon Academy, where he has to prove that he is the Demon King. Not only that, but no one knows the true demon king. They only believe the false image people created. In such a place, Anos has to change his status of a misfit. But who knows what will come out of it!

4. Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

If anyone gets the Harry Potter vibes, then just vibe along. You aren’t the only one. Classroom of the Elite is seriously one thoroughly maintained anime. There are all sorts of characters, some who are transparent, some that are confused and some who know better to hide among rumors. 

Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a dream school for the elite. Four sections from A-D ranked by their scores. To gain scores, there is no limit to things. All you need is to have a brain that can give you a master plan. 

Seems like class D has a student named Kyotaka, who is deemed the dumbest. However, with his picks of a selfless and confident Suzune and a social geek Kushida, he is to turn the tables. His only goal is to lead the school; for that, his class D, the worst, has to become the best. Just a heads up, you will also get the antagonist vibes from Kyotaka but decide for yourself. 

3. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Being an anime freak, it is unfathomable to imagine that you did not watch or heard about this anime. Easily, Assassination Classroom is one of the most popular and most-watched anime of 2015. 

Kunugigaoka Middle School has a class that is deemed worthless and has never been reckoned with. Yet, the government has chosen them to kill the mastermind and the greatest villain Earth has ever faced. It feels fishy!

The oversized, yellow octopus-like Koro Sensei, who is blindingly cute, is class E’s target. They discovered that killing him was a fantasy for fools. Along the way, the students discover that Koro Sensei has been nothing but kind and light to them. Against an arsenal of weapons and all trickery, Koro Sensei stands tall. Try this one for laughter, emotional development, and guidance from Koro Sensei himself. 

2. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

You want to discover yourself then this one will help you much. Violet Evergarden is a slow paced but the best short anime series of all time that is healing to an extent. The story is set in a post war era where things are in the process of building. Everything that fell apart during the war is now getting back to how it used to be. Among them, there was a girl named Violet who was born to kill her enemies. 

However, left alone after the war she is trying to find a reason to continue. Fate leads her to the work of an Auto Memory Doll that puts feelings and thoughts to words. Inspired by this act Violet sets out to heal many and become a voice for many. Little did she know that it would lead to her self discovery.

1. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone best short anime series of all time
Credit: IMDb

Not gonna lie; Kotaro Lives Alone is one of the most underrated anime of all time. The amount of entertainment this offers is beyond comparison. It’s impossible to watch this anime without feeling any emotions. 

The fact that it revolves around a four-year-old and how he manages everything all alone will leave you in awe. The first episode introduces us to Kotaro, who rents an apartment and gifts his neighbors tissue boxes as a token of friendship. 

The neighbors get surprised to see a kid living alone, so they start looking after him. The 10 episodes of the anime show a close relationship between the neighbors and the sweet boy. The story is not complicated, but learning the reason for Kotaro living alone will surely bring you to tears. Trust me or not, this one is the best short anime series of all time.

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Which anime have the most fans?

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Who is the strongest anime character?

There are many strongest anime characters, and it depends upon different perspectives. Tough Goku, Naruto, Saitama, and Luffy ar considered the strongest anime characters,


This marks the end of our list of Top 30 Best Short Anime Series of All Time. They include all genres with a variety of characters and a bunch of awesome stories to enjoy. I bet you have a number of anime that are much shorter and are more amazing. And like always I am eager to know because I want to add them to my watch list. 

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