30 Best Soccer Anime To Watch

Greetings, my sports lovers! This post is dedicated to all my friends who love sports, especially Soccer. Today, I will list the 30 best soccer anime to watch. Soccer has many fans, whether in the real world or in the anime world. 

Sports anime offer more creativity as it involves imagination which is why they are adored globally. There are countless soccer anime that will push you to the edge of your seat with their mind-boggling creativity. 

Let’s begin our list of soccer anime, which I hope you’ll be entertained watching. Kick off the new year with some Soccer KICKS!

30. Kick Off 2002

Kick Off 2002
Credit: YouTube (Plaisir)

This anime was released in 2002 and was mainly produced for FIFA 2002. It’s a 26-episode anime full of story and pleasure. The plot revolves around two main characters. Like every other anime, this also highlights the friendship between the teammates, the ups and downs and the struggles to win the match.

If you like old soccer anime, then you’ll love this one. Not gonna lie; this one is not the best to watch, but it’s not bad, either. You can watch it if you want to spend your time and relax. Overall it’s a good anime.

29. Doraemon: Goal Goal Goal

Doraemon: Goal Goal Goal
Credit: Wiki Fandom

One often wants to feel nostalgic watching one’s favorite cartoons from childhood. If you are one of them, you should watch this epic anime. It’s a short movie that offers unlimited fun and excitement with laughter. 

Watching Doraemon and other favorite characters playing FIFA CUP 2002 is pleasing. There aren’t any major plot twists or storylines but simply Soccer. It’s a light-hearted, fun short anime movie for all ages.

28. Kazou and Yasu Hero Tanjou

Kazou and Yasu Hero Tanjou
Credit: YouTube (Garlic Goblin Ziusudra)

This anime is liked for many reasons. The first reason is how it has portrayed the lives of top players named Kazuyoshi Miura and Yasutoshi. It’s a biography with many real-life events highlighted, giving it a realistic touch.

It’s a short anime movie, so you can easily watch it. Kazuyoshi Miura is a famous Japanese Soccer player and is considered a legend by many. What’s a better option than watching the biography of soccer legends? Isn’t it great? 

27. Fantasista Stella

Fantasista Stella
Credit: Crunchyroll

Like cliche soccer anime, this one also offers unlimited entertainment. The plot revolves around Teppei and his teammate, who share the dream of winning the FIFA WC 2014. In this anime, you’ll love watching the characters on the pitch and how tensions develop between them. 

The anime has a lot to offer, with pretty decent animation and plot. The plot isn’t detailed because it’s only a 3 episode anime. It’s a good one to watch if you want to binge-watch. Those who love Soccer should not miss this mini-anime! 

26. One Piece: Yume No Soccer Ou! 

One Piece: Yume No Soccer Ou!
Credit: IMDb

If you are a One Piece fan and love Soccer, this is your day, my friend. This anime movie will entertain you through and through because you’ll see your favorite characters on the pitch playing Soccer. Luffy and his team aim to become the soccer king, and trust me, it’s a movie worth watching. 

The movie is simply full of entertainment and fun. It’s a short movie, but you’ll enjoy every second of it. The anime begins with the penalty shootouts, where the best players take their chances and hit the goal. You’ll have to compromise on the animation because it’s old. Otherwise, everything is all set. 

25. The Winds Of Victory

The Winds Of Victory
Credit: Anime Planet

Many adore you when you are a talented player, and many despise you as well. Those who get jealous are always ready to find an opportunity to bring down the best players. The same happens with Yuta, a talented soccer player, and others who want to bring him down. 

Kenji is jealous of him, and to stop Yuta, he injures his leg. Kenji thought that Yuta would stop playing and will fail to contribute to the team, but he was surprised to see him still contributing to his team.

Watching the passion in Yuta made Kenji realize his mistake. He learned the true meaning of loving Soccer. I hope you will like this one so have a good watch. 

24. Goal Field Hunter 

Goal Field Hunter 
Credit: IMDb

Though this is a cliche story, it’s not bad, either. The anime follows the life of Hikaru, who wishes to become the best soccer player after meeting a legend on the soccer field. Hikaru just wants to achieve his goal of being the best soccer player. 

His journey is challenging, and so many ups and downs come his way, but he handles them easily. He has a cheerful personality and a different view of life, which intrigues his character. If you want to watch a simple yet entertaining sports anime, watch this one. 

23. Dragon League 

Dragon League
Credit: IMDb

This is a very different story with a touch of fantasy, adventure, and comedy. The plot revolves around Amon and his son Tokio. The duo moves to a different country and witnesses the parade of the country’s best soccer team. Amon challenges the team’s captain, Leon, for a match and he accepts. 

After winning the match, Leon turns Amon into a miniature dragon due to losing the match. This makes Tokio worried as he was witnessing the fight. To bring his father back to human form, he challenges Leon himself. 

The plot later follows the struggles of Tokio to be the best soccer player to beat Leon and to turn his father into a human again. 


22. Ganbare Kickers

Ganbare Kickers
Credit: IMDb

This anime is about a school soccer team and its ups and downs. The Kicker team was going down the hill with continuous defeats. There was no hope of improvement before Gregor entered their school.

Gregor has everything that a player needs to have. He is full of motivation, courage, optimism and Soccer skills. The best thing about Ganbare Kickers is that it’s a complete package. It’s absolutely amusing to watch the team having fun together.

There is only one problem, though, Ganbare Kickers is a pretty old anime released in 1986. So you’ll have to bear with the animation quality and pacing.

21. Hungry Hearts: Wild Strikers

Hungry Hearts: Wild Strikers
Credit: IMDb

Having famous and skilled Soccer players in your family is a blessing only if people don’t compare you with them. Unfortunately, Kyousuke is always compared with his brother regarding Soccer. No matter how good he plays, no one considers him better than his brother. 

Due to his life experiences, Kyousuke discards Soccer from his life entirely, especially after entering high school. However, things always go differently than we want, right? The same happened to him, and fate played its part in bringing him back to sports. 

Kyousuke’s talent was recognized by his school’s soccer players, who wanted to see him back on the pitch. Our MC vows to become the world’s best player after stepping on the pitch.

20. Shoot

Credit: IMDb

High school soccer anime has a different fanbase. We see excellent soccer skills, rivalry, friendship, and bonding with the team. The plot revolves around Atsushi, the captain and Tsuji, who is unlike others and apparently has no interest in his school’s soccer team.

It also highlights the role of each player and their importance. How the death of a certain player can disturb everything. 

It is intriguing to watch the team handle difficult situations and how some players react to them. Some become selfish, and some become selfless. It’s a good anime to watch if you want to pass your time. Unfortunately, Shoot doesn’t offer more than expectations. 

19. Victory Kickoff

Victory Kickoff
Credit: IMDb

Similar to other cliche sports stories, this anime revolves around a boy named Shou who is passionate about Soccer. Still, it was challenging for him to play. His team was disbanded because there weren’t enough team players. 

Therefore, the story follows his journey of building his team by bringing in the right players. A female professional soccer player helps him accomplish his dream. So my Soccer lovers! Shou is here to teach you a lot of valuable lessons. 

The way the MC highlights the importance of unity and teamwork is worth Oscar-winning. Secondly, being the main character doesn’t mean you are born talented or full of skills. The main character is an average player with average skills; still, he plays a massive role and sets an example of teamwork. 

Victory Kickoff is unlike cliche anime as it highlights that every player has a unique role in the team, irrespective of their soccer skills.

18. Soccer Fever

Soccer Fever
Credit: MAL

It’s an old anime that is history based, where the audiences are blessed to see the great WC games. The best part of the anime is it follows the games of the legends Pele, Muller Gard, Franz Beckenbauer, etc. 

This is a different and unique soccer anime with a unique idea. Though it’s a little old and doesn’t offer great animations and story pacing, it’s a great anime to watch, especially if you enjoy Soccer. It’s always good to learn something new. 

17. Moero! Top Striker

Moero! Top Striker
Credit: IMDb

The story revolves around a 13-year-old boy named Hikaru Kicker. He is a soccer prodigy, all thanks to his love for Soccer from when he was just a baby. He was lucky enough to be part of one of Italy’s strongest soccer teams. 

However, Hikaru doesn’t stay there for longer and instead joins another weak team for the sake of his friend. The plot then takes a pretty expected turn, where we see the MC struggling to improve and help the team reach the top place. 

After multiple losses, their team finally succeeds after defeating the strongest soccer team. Hikaru’s life is full of ups and downs. The way it teaches that one should be capable enough to bring the best out of his team is remarkable. I hope you will like this soccer anime. 

16. Forza! Hidemaru

Forza! Hidemaru
Credit: Amazon UK

Now this one brings a unique idea of animals playing Soccer. This is a perfect soccer anime if you are looking for entertainment. It’s for all ages and a great source of enjoyment. Watching foxes, bunnies, dogs, and almost all other animals playing Soccer together, is amusing. 

It’s a short anime with just 26 episodes, making it easier to watch. If you want to experience Soccer in a different light, then Forza Hidemaru is the best to watch. 

15. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

This anime highlights the life of an 11-year-old kid named Tsubasa, who is madly obsessed with Soccer. For him, Soccer is his life, and he is willing to do anything to become the best player. He was the best player in his town, but everything became a bit challenging after migrating to a new city. 

He was not the only best soccer player in the city, but there were many prodigies. Therefore, he struggled to make his name in the city by surpassing its top soccer players. As expected, our MC makes many rivals and friends, all of whom are essential in bringing the best out of him. I am sure you’ll enjoy watching the struggles of Tsubasa for being the best player. 

14. Whistle

Whistle best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

Many like Whistle because it revolves around a kid who loves Soccer but lacks the right skills. Despite being a poor player, Shou never loses hope and continues to struggle. Things change for him when he joins an elite school. 

Still, unfortunately, he was not that talented to attain a good position on the soccer team. Therefore, he transfers to a new school where life gives him another chance to prove himself. The new school environment was good as Shou made multiple friends there. 

All thanks to his friends and family for helping Shou, he started evolving as a soccer player. Watching Shou’s journey to becoming the best soccer player from scratch is simply pleasing. 

13. The Knight In The Area

The Knight In The Area best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of two brothers named Kakeru and Suguru, who are in love with Soccer. Suguru became a star in the field of Soccer in no time, while Kakeru couldn’t achieve his dream. Despite struggling his best, he couldn’t become part of the national team. 

The challenges only make him stronger, and Kakeru trains day and night to become the best. He is helped by his friend Nana who is famous as a little witch for her remarkable soccer skills.

Nana doesn’t hesitate to teach Kakeru the right skills to evolve as a player. It’s a great anime that beautifully portrays the importance of the right friends in one’s life. 

12. Akakichi No Eleven

Akakichi No Eleven best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

Shingo Tamai and Ohira are the two friends who struggle to keep up with their school’s soccer team. In their school, Soccer is more like a combat sport, and his captain Matsuki leaves no chance to make things challenging. 

To avoid getting targeted by Matsuki’s team, the duo creates a team and starts playing. Later, the plot highlights the difficulties and hurdles in the lives of Shingo and Ohira. Apart from sports, a lot of drama in the story will keep you engaged with the anime throughout.

There are many ups and downs in the lives of soccer players, and this anime highlights them all. 

11. Giant Killing

Giant Killing best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

Giant Killing highlights the lives of ETU (East Tokyo United) players. The team is currently unlucky and going down the hill. Despite every try and struggle, it is losing and being neglected by fans and supporters. 

Many new team players and coaches were hired but all in vain. After multiple defeats and struggles, things finally change with the entry of an eccentric new coach named Takeshi Tatsumi.

He has a background story, and there are reasons why people treat him as a traitor. There are multiple reasons behind his tough character. His training is one of the most challenging things to tolerate, and that’s why he is the only one capable of bringing the best out of ETU. 

The anime develops tensions and thrills in its viewers; therefore, get ready to move at the edge of your seats. 

10. Days

Days best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the best soccer anime on the list, and I hope you will enjoy watching it. It revolves around two boys named Jin and Tsukushi. Tsukushi has no skills in Soccer, while Jin is a born genius when it comes to Soccer. 

Days like the name suggests, are not solely about Soccer but about soccer players’ days and nights. It is about their lives, their fears, and a lot more. Days has good art and animation with equally likable characters and a plot. 

Days is a good soccer anime that will keep you entangled throughout the end. You’ll also enjoy it because it emphasizes friendship over anything else. Besides, you can expect a light drama in it as well. 

9. Clean Freak Aoyama Kun

Clean Freak Aoyama Kun best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

The name of the anime doesn’t hint that it’s a soccer anime, which makes it interesting. As the name suggests, this anime is about the clean freak Aoyama Kun and his Soccer. The more cleanliness he wants, the more he encounters dirt. 

He tries his best to avoid physical contact with others to stay clean. However, when it comes to Soccer, he proves even himself wrong as he would not hesitate to get dirty if Soccer demands him to be. 

This anime is more like a comedy anime. If you want to see some challenging and thrilling soccer games, this is not the one. However, if you want to laugh amidst watching Soccer, it’s one of the best soccer anime. 

8. Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Farewell, My Dear Cramer best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

There are very few anime made focusing on the women’s soccer team. Farewell is one of the few anime that revolves around women’s Soccer. Because of the not-so-good reputation of the women’s team, very few schools support them. Nozomi Onda is our main character, who is a soccer prodigy. 

She has played for the boy’s soccer club and believes company matters the most. Nozomi believes that playing with female players won’t help her grow. Therefore, she likes to compete with prodigies. 

Like any other soccer anime, this one also focuses on the ups and downs in the main characters’ lives. She has many rivals and friends, and all play a significant role in making her the best soccer player. If you want to see something different and unique, you should watch Farewell, My Dear Cramer. 

7. Aoashi

Aoashi best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

There are a few players on which the whole team counts. They are the ones who increase their chances of winning no matter what, and Ashito is one such player. He is a self-centered player and a prodigy.

None can match his skills and unpredictability on the pitch. However, he has a few weaknesses; he is short-tempered and impulsive. Thus, his opponent uses his weakness as their strength, and he falls prey to it, resulting in getting out of the game.

Unfortunately, his team loses the match and gets eliminated from the tournament. Later, Ashito is approached by a renowned coach to participate in tryouts where he plays with multiple talented players. The experiences makes him learn from his mistakes and he eventually grow as a person and player. Aoashi offers creativity, lessons, fun, and much more. 

6. Off-side

Off-side best soccer anime
Credit: MAL

Goro Kumagaya is the protagonist, a professional goalkeeper who dreams of being a part of an elite school in terms of Soccer. However, he ends up becoming a part of a lowly-ranked school. There he meets multiple talented and skilled players who share the same dream with him to be the best. 

Along with them, Goro struggles to become the best to challenge the elite clubs. Many situations make Goro realize his true potential as an ace striker. Just imagine a goalkeeper filled with talent! Is that great? 

5. Blue Legend Shoot

Blue Legend Shoot best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Toshihiko, who is inspired by his idol Kubo. He follows in his footsteps and joins the same school his idol was a part of. Things starts to go out of expectations when his coach Kubo turns ill and fails to join the team. 

To top it off, Toshihiko is a freshman and freshmen are not allowed to be a part of the soccer team. Meanwhile, he requests his buddies to join the club as they were once a famous trio in the soccer club. Unfortunately, they also refuse for personal reasons. 

Many things go out of expectation, and when our boy is on the verge of losing hope, he meets a girl named Kazumi. The girl knew him from childhood and wanted to see the trio playing together.

Therefore, she vows to bring the MC back on the pitch along with his buddies. It’s an overall good anime with a good plot. As it’s an old anime, don’t expect something astounding. 

4. Eye Shield 21

Eye Shield 21 best soccer anime
Credit: IMDb

Sena Kobayakawa is the main character who is a victim of bullying. Everyone bullies him because of his short height and stature. Bad experiences with people teach him ways to avoid the crowd.

Sena’s life changed completely when captain Hiruma of the school’s soccer team found potential in him. He takes the boy to his soccer team but wants to keep Sena’s identity hidden.

Therefore, Sena used to wear Eye Shield during matches. The eye shield is not an ordinary one, but it increases the Speed similar to that of light. Sena learns a lot as a soccer player. Before joining the team, he was under confident and shy, but all thanks to Hiruma, he started believing in himself. 

3. Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stone
Credit: IMDb

Inazuma Eleven has different parts, each with a different main character and story. This is a good thing about this anime. It offers diversity. The plot revolves around Tenma Matsukaze and his adventures.

He realizes everything has changed when he returns to school after teaching Soccer all over Japan. The school has no soccer club, and no one is interested in participating in the game.

Tenma gets shocked to see the behavior of everyone, but there is a twist. Some evil people are behind all this. The leader of route agents has eradicated the memories and passion of Soccer from everyone. Guess what? Their next target is Tenma. Luckily Tenma is saved by a mysterious boy, and with his help, he looks for their evil motives. 

2. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven
Credit: IMDb

Inazuma Eleven is one of the best soccer anime of the last decade. Nothing can beat this anime because it provides the perfect amount of entertainment. The anime follows Mamoru’s life, which revolves around Soccer only. 

The more he loves Soccer, the more difficult it gets for him to play. However, he never loses hope and overcomes each hurdle with courage and grace. He doesn’t have a team, to begin with. 

Therefore, he builds everything from scratch to add the right players to his team to participate in the matches. After finally building a team, the plot highlights the players’ efforts to be the best. The way they rise from being the weakest team to the best soccer team is simply mind-blowing. 

P. S let me give you some friendly advice, watch it in the daytime because this anime will force you to play Soccer. It easily develops passion for soccer in the viewers.

1. Blue Lock

Blue Lock
Credit: IMDb

Blue Lock is one of the best soccer anime, full of thrills, entertainment and lovable characters. It’s unlike cliche anime and is highly unpredictable. Yuichi Isagi is one of the best strikers and doesn’t hesitate to pass the ball. However, sometimes it’s good to avoid assisting in a goal. 

Yuichi regrets assisting the goal and considers himself responsible for the team’s loss. Disheartened and tense, he returns home and finds an invitation. It was an invitation from Japan Football Union. 

Yuichi was surprised to learn that he was among the very few selected ones invited to join the Blue Lock project. Blue Lock is not an easy project, and with the best players around, it’s challenging to be a winner. 

The winner will become a star striker for the national soccer team. All the selected players have one dream: to become the winner, which is why it’s one of the most thrilling anime.


Who is the best football player in anime?

Captain Tsubasa is considered the best soccer player in the anime world.

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So my sports fans I hope you enjoyed reading the list of best soccer anime. The list was full of old and new soccer anime therefore, you have a variety from which you can easily watch any of your choice.

All of them have something good in them. Though the old anime lacks animation quality, they are still worth watching. Don’t forget to share your views after watching them!

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