Dead Mount Death Play Opening Theme Released

Dead Mount Death Play Opening Theme Released

Dead Mount Death Play is a fantasy, supernatural series that is currently airing. The first episode aired on April 11th, and revealed the opening theme.

A special announcement was made on the official Twitter account (@DMDP_anime) with the release of a non-credit version. The opening theme song is titled “Nero” which is produced by Sou. The video is available to watch on YouTube.

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See the opening theme below:

Dead Mount Death Play is one of the most anticipated anime series to air this season, the fans are happy and the opening theme is an absolute banger. Not to mention the animation is top-tier, the first episode was enough to make me a fan.

Death Mount Death Play Key Visual and Cast

Dead Mount Death Play Opening Theme Revealed
Credit: Twitter via @DMDP_anime

You could say the key visual contains the entire cast of the show, featuring the main characters Polka Shinoyama, Misaki Sakimiya, Takumi Kuruya, Koryuuto Ichinose, and Saki Aikawa.

The list of cast members voicing the main cast includes Yuuki Sakakihara as Polka Shinoyama (Corpse God), Inori Minase as Misaki Sakimiya, and Yuuma Uchida as Takumi Kuruya.

The additional supporting cast includes Takeshi Kusao as Lugrid Edith, Haruka Shiraishi as Saki Aikawa, Rumi Ookubo as Izuna Ajijou, and Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kouzaburou Arase.

The Plot of Dead Mount Death Play

In a far-distance realm, a legendary battle takes place as the savior of the world fights against a corpse god necromancer. And as the dust settles and the outcome becomes clear. The corpse god shoots his last gambit – reincarnation magic. Upon his death, he wakes up inside the body of a young boy named Polka Shinoyama. Who could’ve expected the outcome to turn out like this?

Polka Shinoyama is hunted by a group of murderers as she struggles to understand the world around him. He ultimately regains the ability to see ghosts of the dead and harness their power to cast magic spells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Corpse God reincarnate himself in the body of Polka Shinoyama?

The Corpse God felt that his end was near, during his fight against Shagrua Edith. He cast a reincarnation spell to avoid dying at his hand.

Why was Misaki Sakiyama hunting down Polka Shinoyama?

Misaki is a member of a retriever group that offers murder and body retrieval services. Someone placed a hit on Polka Shinoyama and Misaki was in charge of taking him out.

Source: Official Twitter

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