Delicious In Dungeon Anime Release Date | News | Trailer

Delicious In Dungeon Anime Release Date | News | Trailer

Are you wondering how is the flavor of monster meat? Can we eat giant mushroom from the body of monster? Or better, does giant scorpion has the same texture as a shrimp?

Those questions will have an answer in the upcoming adventure-gorumet anime, Delicious in Dungeon. The anime of four party members dive deep into the dungeon without rations and decide to eat anything that seems edible. Just like Laios said “To eat or be eaten, that is the question. There is no hierarchy here. Simply put, food is a privilege of being alive.”

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Below, we’ve gathered all the information related to the anime starting on release date, cast, and staff. Read on!

Delicious in Dungeon Trailer

The English subtitle of the PV was released by Netflix on July 2, 2023. Previously, Kadokawa also released the Japanese PV on May 25, 2023. The gap between versions is because the anime was present on Anime Expo 2023 on July 1, 2023.

The PV shows Laios with his party member, Marcille and Chilchuck, processing the dungeon monster into food ingredient. Somehow their effort comes to naught when Laios disgusted with the flavor. Fortunately, veteran gourmet comes to his party and teach them how to cook them.

There is plenty information from the PV such as cast, staff, and release date. We won’t have to wait that long because Delicious in Dungeon will premiere on January 2024. Netflix is also responsible for broadcast the series.

Delicious In Dungeon Anime Release Date | News | Trailer

Key Visual of Delicious in Dungeon – Source: @dun_meshi_anime

Not only PV, the key visual also revealed at the same time. It shows four party members enjoying monster hotpot beside the red dragon’s finger that, most likely, devour Laios’ sister. It also shows that the anime release date which is January 2024.

Delicious in Dungeon Cast and Staff

The list was released on May 25, 2023, along with the PV and character visual. Currently, there are only 4 main characters that have been revealed. They are:

  • Kumagai Kentarou as Laios Thorden
  • Senbongi Sayaka as Marcille Donato
  • Tomari Asuna as Chilchuck Tims
  • Naka Hiroshi as Senshi
Delicious In Dungeon Anime Release Date | News | Trailer

Senbongi Sayaka and Kumagai Kentarou on Anime Expo 2023 – Source: @dun_meshi_anime

Yoshihiro Miyajima (SSSS. Dynazenon Movie) is directing the anime at Trigger (Darling in the FranXX). Kimiki Ueno (Eternal Boys) will be in charge of the series composition while Naoki Takeda (Little Witch Academia) will draw the character design.

The music will be arranged by Yasunori Mitsuda (Black Butler). He is also a renowned composer who was responsible for arranging the background music of several popular games such as Final Fantasy V, Chrono Trigger, and Xenoblade.

Delicious in Dungeon Story

After the legendary Golden Kingdom sunk because of a mad magician. Its king emerges from the Earth and tells the world that whoever defeats the magician on the deepest floor will be eligible for the entire treasury of the Kingdom. From that point on, the adventurers swarm the dungeon like bees.

Laios, the leader of the party, also dive deep into the dungeon along with his party member. Unfortunately, a dragon wipes out his entire party and gulps down his sister. Despite losing his little sister, Laios and the other members successfully escape from the dungeon.

But, there is hope. As long as he can retrieve his little carcass, she can be revived. So, time is of the essence. Along with his remaining member, Marcille and Chilchuck, they dive once again into the dungeon.

But there is one concern. All of their supplies are already depleted. This time, they must rely on the dungeon for their supplement. Thus begin the journey of saving his sister by becoming the dungeon’s gourmet!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Delicious in Dungeon release?

The anime will bereleased on January 2024.

Which studio works on Delicious in Dungeon?

Trigger will work on the anime.

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