‘Detective Conan’ Collabs with McDonald’s for 2 New Commercials

McDonald’s Japan is renowned for its collaborations with beloved anime franchises like Pokémon, and this spring, it’s teaming up with Detective Conan for an exciting collaboration. Recently unveiled on McDonald’s Japanese X account, formerly known as Twitter, the collaboration features a series of commercials starring familiar characters such as Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Heiji Hattori, and Hiroshi Agasa. Additionally, cameo appearances are made by Kogoro Mori, Ran Mori, Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima, and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya. These commercials introduce two new limited-time menu items: Chicken Tatsuta sandwiches and Yūrinchii Cheese Chicken Tatsuta sandwiches, both boasting unique flavors.

detective conan

The commercials offer a brief glimpse into a mystery surrounding these delectable offerings, with the characters embarking on a quest to uncover their secrets. McDonald’s Japan has uploaded both 30-second and 15-second versions of the commercial on its YouTube channel, allowing fans to enjoy the excitement at their leisure.

In a surprising twist, a separate 15-second commercial features the infamous thief Kaito Kid sending a daring challenge to Conan, teasing his intent to steal the Rice Chicken Tatsuta and Rice Yūrinchii Cheese Chicken Tatsuta sandwiches. Notably, McDonald’s has recently introduced limited-edition sandwiches featuring bun-shaped rice cakes instead of traditional bread buns, lightly fried for a unique twist.

To add to the excitement, McDonald’s Japan X is running a one-day campaign offering 100 lucky individuals a 1,000-yen McDonald’s card. However, this promotion is exclusive to residents of Japan. So, if you’re eager to uncover mysteries akin to Conan and his gang, it seems a trip to Japan might be in order.

The 27th movie of the Detective Conan series is set to premiere in Japan on April 12, with an unprecedented screening in 515 cinemas nationwide, making it the largest theatrical release in the franchise’s history.

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Source: McDonald’s Japan (Twitter)

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