Dr. Stone: New World Will Stream On Crunchyroll In April

The third season of Dr. Stone titled Dr. Stone: New World will debut in April 2023. Then to the delight of the audience, it was revealed that Crunchyroll would be going to broadcast the show.

At Jump Festa earlier this year, the series’ future season was announced. Once the program’s second season is released, viewers are excitedly anticipating the third season, which will soon be released.

According to reports, the events of the Source of the Petrification Saga will be shown in Dr. Stone season 3. As a result, as the debut date approaches, anticipation and enthusiasm are growing.

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Dr. Stone: New World Recent Promo Video and Key Visual

During the Dr. STONE stage at Jump Festa 2023, a brand-new teaser for the third season was unveiled, teasing the adventures of Senku and his pals as they go to the next world.

Dr. Stone: New World Will Stream On Crunchyroll In April
Credit: Dr. Stone: New World | Jump Festa 2023

Along with the video, Maaya Sakamoto, who played Mari Illustrious Makinami in Evangelion, made it known that he will be entering the franchise as Francois, Ryusui’s butler in the days before petrification was discovered.

Dr. Stone: New World Plot

Dr. Stone explores how 3,700 years seemed to pass in a moment in the first two seasons and the special episode of the show, where contemporary society was paralyzed by an enigmatic light coming from the sky.

Senku Ishigami is the first to awaken, and he seems to have been awake the entire time, counting down the minutes until he set off on his mission to restore humanity. Tsukasa is unfortunately revived, and despite his noble intentions about Senku’s goal, he hates adults because of his upbringing.

Senku stumbles into the village built by his father, who was in space at the time of the catastrophe, established after escaping Tsukasa’s grip. After defeating Tsukasa and securing the Revival Fluid cave, he comes upon Hyoga, who wants to control the new world.

Tsukasa aids him in defeating him, but not before suffering damage. In an effort to save Tsukasa and learn the cause of the petrification that destroyed civilization, Senku constructs a ship and sets sail into the unknown.

Dr. Stone: New World Everything We Know So Far

The shonen anime Dr. Stone is based on a manga series created by South Korean artist Boichi and written by Riichiro Inagaki. The popularity of the series has increased and generated a lot of attention from viewers all around the world thanks to the anime adaptation.

The third season of the science fiction anime series, which comprises two seasons and one TV special, will soon begin. The following season’s plot will develop as a straight continuation of the second season and will transport the characters to a treasure island while adding new characters to the group.

Not only that, but recently Dr. Stone: New World promotional video debuted at the Jump Festa 2023 Super Stage event. The release date for the third season of Dr. Stone was confirmed in the accompanying trailer and will premiere in April 2023.

And as for the fan’s confirmation, Crunchyroll will stream season 3 of Dr. Stone. Crunchyroll has all the previous episodes available for viewers to catch up on before the third season debuts.

The anime will nevertheless be in the news following its debut as viewers eagerly await its Crunchyroll streaming. It is a Sony Group Corporation-owned over-the-top streaming subscription service for American content.

So are you guys a fan of Dr. Stone Anime Series? If Yes then just a little more wait and the third season will make its debut online until then you can watch the past 2 seasons and share your thoughts in the comments.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Will there be past characters in Dr. Stone Season 3?

All of the previous characters from the first two seasons won’t be present in the third season because of the changed environment. Yet practically all of the main characters will be back.

2. Will the English Dub cast remain the same in Dr. Stone New World?

As English dubs typically take time and are published after the anime’s premiere, we are unaware of the dubbing voice actors.

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