Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga – Review

“Even If You Slit My Mouth” is like a quirky mix of rom-com and horror, starring Miroku as the leading lady. But here’s the twist: she’s actually a “Kuchisake-onna Legend” aka the “slit-mouthed woman” from Japanese folklore. It’s like your favourite urban legend meets a love story with a spooky edge. Here’s the Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga – Review

Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga

The lore of the Kuchisake-onna Legend varies a bit, but usually, she’s portrayed as a stunning, pale woman with flowing black hair who often hides her face behind a mask or veil. Her creepy trademark move involves asking unsuspecting folks a chilling question: “Am I beautiful?” If they dare to answer “no,” well, let’s just say it doesn’t end well for them. (Remember that one battle scene in Jujutsu Kaisen with Toji? Ye Her.)

The slit-mouth woman’s origins are shrouded in different tales. From being an unfaithful wife punished by her husband to a victim of jealousy who suffered mutilation. As for surviving her attacks, the strategies differ: some swear by specific responses to her questions. While others rely on distractions or even resort to bribery with money or sweets to escape unscathed.

Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga – Review

“Even If You Slit My Mouth” kicks off with Miroku, our slit-mouthed protagonist, and her contract fiancĂ©, Sano Kouichi. They strike a deal: Miroku has to spook Koichi successfully during their trial cohabitation period, or she’ll have to marry him to stay alive (because as a ghost/urban legend, she vanishes when people stop fearing or acknowledging her). This marriage offers protection, given the Sano family’s expertise in managing superstitions and wielding a special power through words.

Miroku aims to scare Sano Kouichi to return to her hobby of spooking folks without disappearing. But Koichi has his own agenda: winning Miroku’s heart for a blissful marriage. They’ve got a year to outwit each other and achieve their goals.

Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga

It’s a delightful twist on familiar urban legends that many readers will instantly recognize, yet the story remains fresh and captivating. While the plot leans more towards romantic comedy than horror, there’s still a hint of supernatural intrigue. Unlike the original lore, where the focus might be on causing harm. Our main character here simply enjoys the thrill of scaring people.

If you’re not too squeamish or easily spooked, you’ll find this supernatural tale quite enjoyable. The author’s creative use of Japanese folklore and urban legends adds a layer of fun and uniqueness to the characters. They come alive with their own quirky personalities, blending their original traits with fresh, comedic spins.

For fans of urban legends and mythology, “Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga” offers a delightful journey. And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with all the references—the story often provides background or mentions the origins. So it makes it easy to dive into some outside research if you’re curious.

The Age-Gap Factor

In “Even If You Slit My Mouth Manga,” there’s an unavoidable age gap between the main characters: Koichi, who starts off at 17, and Miroku, who is a ghost and thus ageless. As she’s been famous for her scaring tactics back in 1979 during the Showa period. Despite meeting Koichi when he was much younger, Miroku has been around for much longer. Not aging a day since she’s technically a supernatural being.

Although age gaps can be a touchy subject, especially in manga, this one doesn’t come off as inappropriate or discomforting. It’s actually handled quite gracefully.

“Even If You Slit My Mouth” features other relationships with similar age gaps, all involving supernatural creatures and humans, as well as one between two humans in a side story. If age gaps tend to bother you regardless of context, it might be something to keep in mind.

The age gaps disturbing mainly because of the supernatural elements woven throughout the story. The author only specifies Koichi’s age, leaving the ages of other characters ambiguous. Additionally, the relationships portrayed are wholesome and devoid of any inappropriate behaviour. While the characters may express desires, it’s done in a lighthearted manner, often for comedic effect. Plus, Koichi ages as the plot progresses, which adds another layer of complexity to their dynamic.

Despite its eerie origins and occasional spine-tingling moments, “Even If You Slit My Mouth” is surprisingly heartwarming and adorable. This manga, with its blend of horror-inspired elements and slow-burn romance, is perfect for recommending during the spooky season. Amidst the creepy vibes and tragic tales, it’s a delightful journey filled with charming characters and plenty of laughs!

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How many chapters is even if you slit my mouth?

11 volumes and 80 chapters

Where can I read even if you slit my mouth?

You can read even if you slit my mouth on MANGA Plus MAX

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