Family BL Anime Tadaima, Okaeri Premieres April 8

Sasaki And Miyano Fans, start preparing for a grand PARTY! Their favourite director has returned for another BL anime series. Yes, we are talking about Tadaima, Okaeri! Let’s get ready for a sweet story this season. The anime is all ready to land on our screens on April 8, 2024. Add the date to your calendars and start the countdown!

About The Family BL Anime Takadaima, Okaeri

family bl anime

Credit: Crunchyroll

The upcoming masterpiece is the anime adaptation of the popular manga series. Ichi Ichikawa is a talented manga writer, and fans are over the moon to watch his work get recognition. 

Shinji Ishihira, the same director who won hearts with the anime Sasaki And Miyano, manages the direction at Studio DEEN. Yoshiko Nakamura and Mina Osawa are responsible for the series composition. Another great news is that you can watch the anime on Crunchyroll. The teaser trailers speak a lot about the story, as it’s full of emotions and sweet moments. All the character designs and characters are appealing, and the voice cast has done a splendid job!

The story revolves around Masaki Fujiyoshi and Hiromu. They look after their son Hikari, which is the source of happiness for the two. However, Masaki felt off as he thought he was a burden to his husband, Hiromu. The story is all about their lives’ ups and downs and how they deal with them!

Source: Crunchyroll

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