Hell’s Paradise Anime New Character Visuals Revealed

Hell's Paradise Anime New Character Visuals Revealed

Hell’s paradise is an action fantasy series set to premiere in the Spring of 2023. It will air on April 1st, 2023, with MAPPA Studio in charge of the production.

The franchise recently revealed additional characters, along with their cast members and character designs. This news was first shared on their Twitter account and later updated on the official website as well.

The franchise has already released a new key visual and a 2nd Promotional Video featuring the Opening theme song, “W RK” by millennium parade.

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See the key visual below:

Hell's Paradise Anime New Character Visuals Revealed
Credit: Twitter via @NetflixAnime

The key visual features almost the entire cast of the series, with Gabimaru at the bottom using his fists and everyone else holding a sharp weapon.

The updated list of cast members includes Chiaki Kobayashi and Yumiri Hanamori voicing the main characters, Gabimaru and Sagiri Yamada Asaemon.

Additional supporting characters include Rie Takahashi as Yuzuriha, Chikahiro Kobayashi as Shion Asaemon, Ryouhei Kimura as Choubei Aza, and Aoi Ichikawa as Fuchi Asaemon.

The recently revealed cast members include Furukawa Shin as Yamada Gatekeeper, Junichi Toki as Yamada Saint, and Volcano Ota as Asaemon Genji.

Hell’s Paradise 2nd Promotional Video

Very strong demon slayer vibes from this one; this show is truly going to be at the top this spring. Not only are the character designs impressive, but the animation also seems fluid and incredible. Not to mention, the action scenes in this show are simply amazing, and the banger music perfectly holds it all together.

We also see a bit of the actual plot and the interactions between the characters. Spring can’t be here faster.

Hell’s Paradise New Characters

Yamada Asahi Gatekeeper watches over Sagiri and protects her. He is incredibly strong and will play an important role in the jungle. He serves to protect his clan and has strong morals.

Yamada Asaemon Saint is perhaps the smartest of all of the executioners. He is a smart person who focuses on his rational thinking to get out of trouble.

Asaemon Genji serves as the watchman for Mogome Makiya. He respects the customs of the samurai and sticks by them at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the additional characters introduced in the series?

The three additional characters introduced are executioners. They all serve an important role in maintaining the traditions and rules of the clan.

Why did Gabimaru accept the task to go at the forbidden island?

Gabimaru accepted the task on the condition that he would be set free after it and that he would be allowed to return back to his wife.

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