Hunter x Hunter Game Releases The First Official Trailer

After 25 years, Hunter x Hunter finally has a fighting game on the way. Looking back, this franchise always had bad luck in game adaptation. With numerous video games released, none of them even close to the word “hype”. But maybe this game can become their redemption.

So, what will this game entail? What format will this game have? How is the potential? Well, we will answer those questions below. Just keep reading!

Hunter X Hunter Game: Nen X Impact

Bushiroad Games just announced a new Hunter x Hunter game in the “Bushiroad New Year Grand Presentation 2024” event. They will work with a veteran fighting game developer Eighting for this project. 

For the record, Eighting developed popular fighting games in the past such as Bloody Roar and Marvel vs Capcom. So, the game might guaranteed to be good. But, will it be good enough? Well, Bushiroad just released a 30-second trailer for the game.

The short trailer reveals a 3v3 team format. Yet, there is a concern whether the upcoming game will turn out to be a classic anime fighting game like Dragon Ball FighterZ or an arena fighting game like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. Either way, the game still has a lot of potential.

For all we know, there are six playable characters so far in the game. Our four main protagonists series Gon Freecss, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio will, of course, join the game. Next, we have the notorious enemy Hisoka and the supposedly strongest hunter Netero.

Six Playable Characters
Six Playable Characters

Fortunately, there is a small detail that can be caught in the trailer. The outfit Netero wears in the trailer only appears in the Chimera Arc which is the last arc of the anime. It means that we will have a wide selection of characters spanning from the Hunter exam to the Chimera Ant.

We still don’t know if they will release a generous amount of character for the base game or if DLC walls are blocking. But, considering the character this series has, the Hunter x Hunter game should have at least 30+ different playable characters.

Past Hunter X Hunter Game

Many Hunter x Hunter games have been released so far. But, you may never heard of it because the NA version never comes out. Most of them applied classic JRPG mechanics like how most Japanese games back then. 

There are ten anime video games for consoles released so far spanning from 2000 to 2012. Meanwhile, six mobile games have been released since 2012. But, none of them survive to 2024.  Those games include:

  • Hunter x Hunter: Who Inherit Will (2000)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Hunter’s Genealogy (2000)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Phantom of Greed Island (2000)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Forbidden Treasures (2001)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Each One’s Determination (2001)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Altar of Dragon Vein (2001)
  • Hunter x Hunter: The Stolen Aura Stone (2001)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Operation All of My Friends!! (2003)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island (2003)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Wonder Adventure (2012)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Battle Collection (2012)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Battle All-Stars (2014)
  • Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt (2017)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure (2018)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Arena Battle (2020)
  • DeNA 2023 Hunter x Hunter Mobage (2023)

Even though they released a boatload of games throughout the years, none can be considered a success. The recent Hunter x Hunter Mobage by DeNA actually had the potential to be a good game because of its sheer mechanics and visuals. Yet, they shut down the game before they even went global.

Hunter x Hunter game
Hunter x Hunter Mobage

As of now, Hunter x Hunter still doesn’t have a game that can satisfy fans worldwide. Just for the record, the franchise has a wide selection of characters. Moreover, none of those characters still has hidden power at this point. Thus, the game will be successful if they make an honest 3D arena-based fighting game with a story like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

Current State of Hunter X Hunter and Its Future

Let’s be real, every manga fan waited for a new chapter of Hunter x Hunter up till now. However, that expectation might be a bit hard to accomplish. When Yoshihiro Togashi decided to release a new chapter of the series, Twitter became a riot. Finally, he continued the most hyped Dark Continent Arc.

Yet, before the ship crew even landed on the land, this popular manga went on hiatus once again. With Togashi’s illness getting worse, the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department published a letter that said that they consulted him and decided that the manga would not follow a weekly release format.

As of now, the manga is still on hiatus. But, Togachi tweeted that he already finished the 401 chapter that hasn’t been published yet. Moreover, he also announced that he planned four possible scenarios to end Hunter x Hunter in case he dies before the series finishes.

37th Volume Cover
37th Volume Cover

Well, for all its worth, we may wait for months or even years to read a new chapter of Hunter x Hunter. Maybe, he has an assistant who will take his baton and finish the manga like how Berserk does. Or worse, the manga will forever be in a state of hiatus without seeing the light.

On the bright side, the remake of Hunter x Hunter 2012 anime has ended beautifully without a hitch. Though the last episode hints about Dark Continent thanks to Gin, at least we can see how each character ends up after Chimera Ant Arc. If we wait for continuation, well as anime fans, you better prepare for years or even decades.


In the end, Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact will have a lot of potential to dig in. If Eighting and Bushiroad really put in their best work and take their time, this anime fighting game may become the best Hunter x Hunter game ever created.

Moreover, with the manga and anime series coming to a halt, maybe this game will be the only source of enjoyment for the fanbase. That’s why the expectation of this game is definitely higher than ever. But, for now, we can only hope for the best.

As of now, we only know that it will adapt to 3v3 combat which hasn’t been that rare for the past few years. However, we still don’t know how they will implement the whole gameplay. Will they implement a classic fighting game or an arena fighting game? Well, we just have to wait for future game, manga, and anime updates for the series in Animefleek.

What is the title of the newest Hunter x Hunter game?

The game is entitled Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact.

Who will develop Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact?

Eighting will develop the game, while Bushiroad will publish it.

When will Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact be released?

As of now, only the teaser trailer has been released. All of the game information is still TBA.

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