I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince Anime Announces Premiere Date, Additional Voice Cast Members

Nothing makes fans happier than the announcement of a TV anime adaptation of their favourite light novel series. I was Reincarnated As The 7th Prince So I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability Anime will hit the screens on April 1, 2024.

Animation Studio Tsumugi Akita Animation Lab has done a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. The theme and setting match perfectly with the imagination of light novel readers. 

Along with this announcement the higher ups introduced some additional characters and their voice actors. A total of 4 new characters are visible in the key visuals and teasers!

I Was Reincarnated As The 7th Prince Anime Additional Voice Cast

I was Reincarnated As The 7th Prince key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

  • Shun Horie voices Alber
  • Yuya Hirose voices Dian
  • Akane Kumada voices Alieze
  • Eriko Matsui voices Shiro

Akane Kumada is absolutely a multitalented person, she is also the one who sang the ending theme song of the anime. The Secret of Happy (Happy no Hiketsu) is the ending theme song that will bless your ears soon! It will be out on May 29, so wait for it, as it’s our only option.

Crunchyroll Sama is there for us to stream the upcoming anime series. So stay tuned and be friends with Crunchyroll as soon as possible. 


The story revolves around the life of a commoner with a deep passion for magic. Unfortunately, magic was bound only to those who worked hard to master it and those with a bloodline connection. Though the commoner was a sorcerer, his pessimism prevented him from pursuing his dream. The universe had other plans for him as he was lucky enough to enjoy a second chance to live his dream life. This time, he experiences reincarnation and becomes the seventh prince of the Saloum Kingdom. To top it all off, the problem of having a bloodline was no longer an issue for him. The 7th Prince Lloyd will do anything to fulfil his dream to excel in magic!

Source: Crunchyroll

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